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  1. Ganley summed up perfectly there Arthur.Only remember him scoring one try as well - literally carried over the line by his teammates - against Walney Central I think in a cup match.
  2. Spot on Dave. A nickname is not a marketable thing. If not the old Bears there must be something slick and marketable out there. More suggestions welcomed. Roughyeds just our pet name.
  3. Positive signing at last. Phew !!!!!!
  4. The silence on here is deafening.
  5. spot on Arty - by Oldham by RFL and by previous management. Situation most hurtful to those of us who witnessed the great teams of the fifties.
  6. why would they not stay / Vast majority not good enough for Champ. May as well get some winning pay - hopefully.
  7. Well thought through post - even if very depressing.
  8. Silence on here is deafening!!
  9. Taking 'the mick' describes what happened perfectly. You could see he was laughing at the pathetic attempts to stop him. he was allowed to do whatever he wanted and the others just fed off him. Yes, we need some creativity but we could have at least shown BM on Sunday that we could put bodies on the line and defend. Remember 'fortress Bower fold' being promised ? More like a sandcastle now and getting worse. As stated elsewhere, we may be seeing the end of a once great club and I don't see the way out. A great coach yes, but miracle worker?
  10. Defence is the worst problem.Players standing around whilst Bradford players just waltzed in. has BM resigned yet ??? Bradford missing several first choice players bur we made them look world beaters - which they aint. Can't see where wins could come from, no matter who is in charge.
  11. Brilliant positive move by CH - even though it may be too late.You never know where this could lead to. Hope some of the players are ready for a real ear-bashing and can respond positively to this. Oh to be a fly on the wall - or training pitch.Good luck all concerned.
  12. very unfortunate with at least 2 of the tries - BUT -clueless performance all round> vital points thrown away.
  13. please keep your answers short clifford
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