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  1. Good that you are not worried !! Why could we not keep McComb???
  2. being a bit thick here, Dave.What is the key to the colours?
  3. Well spotted Ultimate. I should have gone to Specsavers !!
  4. Great result.Now can you do us a favour and repeat against Whitehaven !!!
  5. Unfortunately cannot disagree with anything in this post - nor see any way forward. Whatever happens on the pitch the club is going the way of quite a few others, sacrificed on the egos of RFL.
  6. Total garbage I'm afraid.Season over. Whatever next ???
  7. Looks like we are aiming for 7-aside league somewhere !!
  8. Naylor doesn't appear on the pitch. Does he really tell the players to stick to one man rugby? I doubt it. These players were within a couple of unlucky kicks, decisions, whatever of being on 14 points and safe - and that with Naylor in charge.What has gone wrong is on the pitch and is beyond belief. If the players have lost the respect for Naylor then someone - team captain? - should explain why. More rubbish served up and back down to Champ 1 - goodbye Oldham !!!! 57 years of support down the tube !!!!!!!
  9. That brilliant goal kicker - Bernard Ganley. Could have been brought on just to kick goals. However, remember probably his only try when he was practically carried over the line by his teammates - cup match against Walney Central.He was beaming.
  10. Doesn't need a long winded song - just a snappy chorus that scares can be waved to.Had thought of Delilah, but think Art has hit the nail on the head.
  11. Took the words out of my mouth.A very strange way of looking at things Roughyedz.
  12. Middlehurst must be the main regret leaving.Very surprised he has opted to downgrade ! Must be one hell of a replacement in the pipeline.
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