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  1. Must have had the biggest feet ever playing for Oldham. Great memories.
  2. Is Jarrod available on a Black Friday deal do you think??
  3. Good that you are not worried !! Why could we not keep McComb???
  4. being a bit thick here, Dave.What is the key to the colours?
  5. Well spotted Ultimate. I should have gone to Specsavers !!
  6. Great result.Now can you do us a favour and repeat against Whitehaven !!!
  7. Unfortunately cannot disagree with anything in this post - nor see any way forward. Whatever happens on the pitch the club is going the way of quite a few others, sacrificed on the egos of RFL.
  8. Total garbage I'm afraid.Season over. Whatever next ???
  9. Looks like we are aiming for 7-aside league somewhere !!
  10. Naylor doesn't appear on the pitch. Does he really tell the players to stick to one man rugby? I doubt it. These players were within a couple of unlucky kicks, decisions, whatever of being on 14 points and safe - and that with Naylor in charge.What has gone wrong is on the pitch and is beyond belief. If the players have lost the respect for Naylor then someone - team captain? - should explain why. More rubbish served up and back down to Champ 1 - goodbye Oldham !!!! 57 years of support down the tube !!!!!!!
  11. That brilliant goal kicker - Bernard Ganley. Could have been brought on just to kick goals. However, remember probably his only try when he was practically carried over the line by his teammates - cup match against Walney Central.He was beaming.
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