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  1. Tike to wrap it up down there sadly. Year on year with zero progression, just the same excuses. Majority of NCL clubs are run more professionally and would beat them on the pitch.
  2. A Shaw back track and then takes a shot at the club in order to cover his own back. He lack of proffesionism when it comes to Bradford is nothing short of embarrassing. We have let 17 senior players go from last year and only brought in 9 player so far. 3 of which are lads 20 and under (2 only on loan) another player who will be in the reserves, and another who was already with us last year anyway. To suggest there is no money for any new signings is utter ridiculous.
  3. Yep. He's started a few recently. Mods don't do anything about it sadly.
  4. If someone does own such a thing a 'play book' please could the send a copy to: The Coaching Dept. Stadium Road Odsal BD6 1BS If you dm your back details I'll be more than happy to cover the cost of the postage.
  5. It's more his disruptive nature and attitude why most of us want him gone. Has all the ability he's just a bad apple.
  6. Bulls just hit 1000 paid STs as well as 8000 given away to schools
  7. Hope no one has booked a hotel in Blackpool for the end of May bank holiday!
  8. Don't you be coming on here and letting facts get in the way of a good story!
  9. Not to have a dig at Hull (i actualy quite like them as a club) but they had the 3rd most points conceded last season any more missed tackles than anyone else. So for Hodgo to go and be a defence coach somewhere is really quite laughable.
  10. That one has been all over the press the last couple of day. Not really a rumour when every man and his dog has seen it
  11. The new Dave Taylor. Size, power and skill. Got all the big wraps then absolutely nothing. Bryce Cartwright is another recent example that was hyped to the hill then produced very little. Jamall Idris another. Some players never live up to their potential. Plenty of time for Fifita yet but something somewhere needs to drastically change
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