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  1. Great news. Absolute cretin of a human being.
  2. Good luck for the season. Will be great to have Oldham back in the Champ in 2025. Those fans that have stuck with them deserve some stability and success.
  3. Its rugby league. Id fully expect it to be anounced a week before the season starts. Non of this forward thinking rubbish that every other sport has.
  4. Great paraphrasing from Serious about RL an article thats available for everyone to read on line.
  5. Can we just put a special mention out to Keighley fans. 12 months ago "we will finish above Bradford in the league" 12 months later. relegated and walloped im pre season by Oldham Thoughts and prayers are with them all at this time
  6. Played for us a couple of times last year, an absolute disgrace to the shirt. One of the many failings of duel reg last year.
  7. Just commenting on a game ive attended today thats all. You must be new here, so ill let you in to a secret, theres hundreds of post like that on here every week. People go to games then come on here to talk about it. Welcome to the forum by the way, i hope you find it as enjoyable as many of us regular posters do.
  8. Ive a lot of time for KR as a club but that is utter tosh. They are really letting them selves down with not giving crowd figures. Im really struggling to see the logic behind it. Anyone care to shed any light in the real reason? Im no accountant, could there be financial benefits to keeping the numbers secret for a number of weeks?
  9. We have no chance of topping the table dont be daft. Weve just beaten a botton half Championship side, the result was to be expected. Lots more challenging games against much better sides ahead.
  10. Looks like another long season ahead for the Blue Sox. Absolute terrible with the ball. Guess they are pinning all their eggs in the Widdop basket
  11. Top marks to Haven and Oldham so far. Outstanding from both clubs.
  12. Plenty of pros tipping young Luke. No doubt him and all his fans will be thinking its his year.
  13. Hull dont play in yellow and green and not from Australia so i dont get it? Given hes from NZ surely Black and White would have made more sense?
  14. An early Christmas gift to us all i think. Talks rubbish just for the sake of it just to try and stay relevant. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Baz and Tez along with JJB next please.
  15. Why would a player whos no longer under contract have a squad number?
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