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  1. Thanks so much Colin for your effort, Fev though and through, I hope to be giving to Fev in the future, Up The Fev
  2. I got a few funny looks too when he was making his way back after the try and I was shouting Nu Nu Nu Nu
  3. Another in the same bracket is Junior Moors, he’s been superb this year
  4. 1. Moors 2. Springer 3. Hardcastle
  5. To be honest the holding down at the PTB is something that every team has tried to do against us with varying degrees of success all season, Batley did it perfectly in the first half and we didn’t do it at all, we tried to change it in the second half but we were out enthused by a very well coached Batley team
  6. 1. Moors 2. Davies 3. Hellewell
  7. Happy Birthday Colin, have a good ‘un
  8. Agreed but we move on, feel sorry for Connor though
  9. I chatted to him after the GF, he hoped to be fit by April and he said he wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up back on loan at Fev
  10. 1. Briscoe 2. Lockwood 3. Hall Get well soon Colin
  11. RIP Condolences to his family and friends
  12. I’ve never had brain doner, just chicken or lamb
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