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  1. Is that the best you’ve got, may I refer you to this season
  2. 1. Halton 2. Jones 3. Welham
  3. Maybe we should borrow the Bradford begging bowls or are they worn out through over use
  4. Go on then I’ll start it off 1. Harrison - absolute class 2. Davies - what can’t he do? 3. Chizzy - for the try alone, to stick it up the Bradford fans
  5. 1. Holmes 2. Bussey 3. Lockwood
  6. 1. Holmes 2. Davies 3. Gale
  7. RIP Big Jeff, A fine servant to Fev and Rugby League
  8. Well done to all concerned, it will certainly settle some arguments over a pint or two (when we can finally have one)
  9. It’s official, good news, UTR
  10. Well, they’ve picked a small ex mining town surrounded by super league teams just not us, at least they’re out of our way, thoughts?
  11. Remember it well Owen Simpson After every conversion “Straight between the middle”
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