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  1. My error.Sorry.I did mean Ironmen as pointed out by RLNew. https://wrl.wales/coleg-y-cymoedd-invite-16-18-year-olds-to-begin-their-path-to-super-league
  2. But South Wales Scorpions played nearer Cardiff and despite their interesting individuals on the board of directors failed to fulfil the fixtures. Then the RFL approved another ownership,and club,at Llanelli. Expansion isn't working for some reason.Perhaps an outside,fully independent governing body is required to overhaul the governing body.A root and branch review is urgently required. When M62 followers appear to be allergic to travel, it is despairing to read that a trip of over one hour is a problem.
  3. Apologies for being rude. What is the point of your argument against expansion? Every person acknowledges that the sport requires funding and each club,heartlands and expansion,requires large input every season. History has shown clubs flounder,or collapse,when a rich owner leaves without a replacement,or the dishonest people,earlier accepted by the RFL,prove,again,to be dishonest and leave the club in great difficulties. Supporters and players suffer the most. We thank whoever is bankrolling Cornwall and hope it is the start of something which grows,develops and improves the sport,locally and nationally.
  4. Instead of Saints and Leeds,I would question Wigan. They seem to blame the RFL for everything.Well,Lenegan does. Now Super League run the show,with and without Elstone,why does Wigan dual reg with Thunder,and loan them players? https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/wigan-chairman-ian-lenagan-bitterly-disappointed-with-no-reserve-team/ They now have their reserve sides competition. After all,Lenagan doesn't want any clubs outside of Super League to be given any money - yet he uses the unwanted clubs to assist his own club. Grossly unfair on the part- time Championship clubs.
  5. Your argument,here above, is seriously flawed. I don't know how you measure success and I don't have time to waste. You keep naming the club owners.Hughes,at London,has moved location and lost much of the fanbase.I would suggest their Academy products,Cup finals,quality coaches and players have made it a success. Sheffield were forced into a merger and have been homeless.Theirs is a success story,against all odds. Crusaders,at Bridgend,went through the leagues,without their own stadium,and when Samuel's opted out the club couldn't continue. Sheffield had been forced into a merger with a heartlands club - Huddersfield. Gateshead were forced onto a merger with Hull FC.Hull had regular financial issues over the years,having to sell Schofield and crooks to Leeds to survive in the 80's. The heartland clubs need individuals to bankroll the clubs - after years of money from broadcast deals that the majority of expansion clubs never see.
  6. Yes,the sport is a mess. It just seems a tad ironic that those Leigh followers,in the past,were vociferous when expansion clubs played players from overseas. We now have those 'elite' clubs,both inside Super League,and yo-yo clubs,ensuring they sign non-Fed trained players. The sport is fragmented wherever I look. Not every club can purchase a whole new squad of players every year, and the sport has an ever decreasing number of young participants in the British Isles.
  7. If there was any kind of strategic plan for the sport - or to increase participation via reserve sides and Academy players to increase 'elite' player numbers and improve the national side,the sport is left with one club,Leigh Centurions,signing a plethora of players from overseas,and relying on dual reg/loans from St Helens for local players. I see parallels with soccer where money goes out of the sport, and the infrastructure collapses. Leigh NOT spending their fortuitous fortune,by today's standards,on reserves and young players,should not be allowed. But the whole governance,and future of the sport is in total disarray. A level playing field it certainly ain't.
  8. How sweet.The club that was artificially promoted, and were able to benefit from that promotion into Super League despite NOT being SuperLeagueReady,further benefit from a parachute payment to give them a completely unfair advantage back in the lower league. Even the much maligned Elstone mentioned halting the parachute payment. Will the parachute payment still exist when Super League goes 2 x 10? There ain't no sport governed like rugby league.
  9. Only 2 more sleeps to go,peeps. Released on Sunday. I expect it to get a mention in The House https://mobile.twitter.com/_RobbieMoore/status/1480671579965116419?cxt=HHwWhsCyjaC9s4wpAAAA Much more important than Boris and Andrew.
  10. It seems a tad unfair for the part time clubs in The Championship to see the considered wealthiest,and full time sides in the league,not only dual reg with the wealthiest Super League clubs,but also take loan players from the same clubs. There should be some disparity come the end of the season.
  11. Eliminates - shirley? Or it may do that if a replacement chairman was announced. Alleviates will suffice,I suppose. Pedantics are required for official releases,nowadays.
  12. I stand/sit corrected.Thanks for that.Adults start at 22 yrs of age. It was a lazy Sunday and my brain hadn't got going. Well done,Hunslet. I think they'll go quite well in '22 with Mr Kilshaw.
  13. In fairness - Heartlands club Hunslet are advertising the Challenge Cup game V Keighley Cougars and have Under 21's admission price as £5,when I think they may mean Under 12's. I still think it may be played on the Sunday advertised,though.
  14. Or he may just be an individual who cares about how the sport is being portrayed and how let down supporters may be. Expecting a scintilla of professionalism from a sports club - described as semi-professional isn't expecting too much.Then again,the rugby league club has diversified into linking with horse racing,boxing,and soccer in recent years and had more head coach changes than years in league 1. I just hope the OP hasn't attempted to purchase replica shirts and leisurewear... Then he will have something to complain about and feel like a loser and have a personal beef...Oh,and have an agenda. Remain silent and know your place.This is the elite sport of rugby league...
  15. Disgraceful - but it is rugby league. Fixtures are arranged before they are published - in November? No information of a possible change while the Appeal is being considered. Must be part of the independent panel that considered Leigh Super League Ready. Supporters aren't considered - seems players are viewed in the same way. A couple of weeks notice to change things. A sport like no other...
  16. There is history for Manchester - https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/bombed-rugby-plaque-gets-a-return-689703
  17. It surprises me why rugby league never seem to follow other businesses and have successors named,if not in place,for a smooth transition. I was even more surprised the other code haven't done that.( Falcons ) Isn't there a specific date,pre-season,when the RFL require the names of those responsible for leading the clubs? If the World Cup role was known about,in advance,it adds even more confusion. I must be old fashioned...
  18. You may jest... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/oct/06/world-rugby-to-ban-red-green-kit-clashes-help-colour-blind-fans
  19. Looks like a very shrewd appointment to me bearing in mind his experience of coaching in the other code which may be vital if skills are to be transferred to local Cornish athletes. It should prevent the ignominy heaped on former head coaches at West Wales Raiders where the job was either too big,or it was too soon for them. https://mobile.twitter.com/WWRaidersRL/status/1452599847626870784 It may be safe to look towards travel and accommodation, now. Good wishes to Cornwall.That's a very interesting start.
  20. I wish there was a Leigh Centurions sub - forum so the consistent,incorrect, rumours about Leigh Centurions could be placed on that forum - leaving this one free for information about other things. Still,reading about how #SuperLeague Ready the club was,last season,how the best stadium,best owner,best players,best coaches,staff and supporters are ready for 2022 must finally end the victimhood once and for all. It was entertaining....away from the field. I shall endeavour to read tomorrows misinformation elsewhere.It is too irresistable...
  21. It looks like the RFL Commercial Director at the time,left for Scotland halfway through the 4 years deal. https://www.theticketingbusiness.com/2017/12/08/rawlings-lead-ticketing-scottish-fa/ Would anyone know if the money for a four years deal would be paid for upfront? Asking for a friend...( Yes,I know )
  22. Thanks for that.Just found it was the England national side supplier and the referees et al and back in 2015 https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/blk_to_kit_out_england_rugby_league_side/ Lot of money for the governing body to lose from that era.
  23. Just a little question about suppliers,of recent history, while you all await for the kit releases from the clubs who were identified by their first names when the fixtures were released, recently,unlike the elite league and their Warriors,Robins,and Tigers. Anyway,Beyond Limits Known(?) BLK - Didn't they supply international sides,and a club or two in the Elite League? My memory is shot,but I was informed about this,today, https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/firm-linked-to-teesside-mayor-ben-houchen-collapsed-with-3m-debt-pwr5wp2km The money owed to the governing body would have greatly assisted League 1 clubs;should they be blessed with decent owners. Did other clubs lose as much? Was it all paid upfront? Should the idea of Gubrats now be considered? Is it a job for Ken Davy after his commercial benefit of getting Channel 4 involved trumped anything the highly paid Elstone achieved? How can so much be lost to a kit supplier?
  24. Dunno about the financial situation at either London Skolars,or Keighley, but the shirt sponsor for Keighley ain't alcohol,gambling,or cash converting,but probably a Home Bargain for those requiring their service(s) https://www.linkedin.com/company/acorn-stairlifts-ltd
  25. The fans have already given their opinions. Seems to have stirred a response. Once again the governing body is reactive instead of being proactive. There is as much engagement between clubs and their supporters as there is interest for those outside of Super League from the so-called Top 4 club owners. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/there-is-no-silver-bullet-fan-expert-on-eddie-hearn-constant-innovation-rl-foundations/
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