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  1. How did I know you would be around the corner waiting to pick me up about the blowout score? I was in a fortunate position of turning the game on about 40 minutes late. Fast forwarding through half time, turnovers and conversion attempts was a big help, otherwise, I would likely have been like @The Rocket. Although @The Rocket’s actions of turning the game off after 20 minutes (similar to many I would anticipate) only goes on to reinforce my point that the close and competitive fixtures are pivotal to holding a maximum audience.
  2. That was live on Kayo in Aus. A very enjoyable match. England really took their foot off the accelerator after the first 20 and then France worked themselves into the contest without really challenging for the win. Very enjoyable match for me and I expect for the reasonable crowd in attendance and I am sure that match puts to bed any remaining argument that France can’t put up a competitive fixture for England.
  3. In Syd, SE Qld and WA (maybe all of NSW, QLD, WA and SA) the local AFL teams are all presented live on FTA. I would simply say, that is where fans go for their AFL fix. There is less reliance on Pay TV which would actually suggest that AFL fans watch less of other teams fixtures and as such being less the casual viewers that you think. To watch an AFL game is a pretty big investment of your time. Almost double that of RL. I have also theorised in the past that whilst ratings for the two sports across all TV is similar, there are more individual eyeballs watching AFL than NRL. Theory being, more RL fans will watch multiple fixtures a week than AFL. Of course that theory is totally unsubstantiated, but it’s one of only few theories I have as to why AFL continues to get significantly more TV income than NRL when the Pay TV viewing figures especially are in favour of NRL.
  4. Not any panel type shows that I can ever recall. They were broadcasters of the last World Cup I think, but they didn’t add any daily panel chat or anything similar… unless someone can correct me.
  5. Melbourne played Geelong for a spot in the GF a few weeks ago. They are the two worlds oldest existing professional football clubs I heard. Australian Rules has history older than most modern day sports.
  6. I would suggest “The Footy Show” they are referring to is Channel 9s AFL Footy Show hosted by Eddie McGuire, rather than the NRL Footy Show. The critical point being that these shows were now sharing a time slot in the AFL favoured states.
  7. Just watched Monday night’s “Have You Been Paying Attention”. There is a regular kiwi female guest (Mel something) that always seems to put the boot into RL in one of her answers for the show. A question tonight was “What is the new NRL team called”. A Welsh comedian rather funnily said… “The Dolphins, Tom, which is fitting because they have no necks and are sexually aggressive”. Now I did have a giggle at the answer, but, I do find this show likes to put a little dig in against RL when it can. Passive aggressive is probably the best term I can think for it. Has anyone else noticed any clear RL bashing on commercial television?
  8. the worst kept secret in RL has been announced publicly. 4 yrs!!!!! Wow.
  9. You are getting this around the wrong way still. Why is it the job of Toulouse, Catalan and/or the French authorities to bring in TV revenue to SL? Their presence offers the opportunity. It’s up to the SL authorities to take it! Now I could completely appreciate it if your concern was around the likelihood of SL taking advantage of that opportunity. Historically, SL hasn’t demonstrated it could take advantage of any great opportunity. In fact, it would appear most great opportunities have been squandered since SL began.
  10. Your eyes are as bad as the referee’s eyes Check again and tell me that’s a fair try.
  11. Thousands more French citizens will experience SL live in 2022 than have ever done so before. Marketing people will call these individuals consumers, partners, members and/or customers. All of which equate to a financial benefit. Tangible if you will. Not that we should be focusing on immediate tangible benefits anyway. For that is the exact type of mindset that has kept the sport at a professional level predominantly in the North of England. The exact type of mindset short sighted club owners have. The focus should be on the opportunity, like any expanding business.
  12. If you are not growing, the world grows over you. Toulouse is vital addition to a competition and a sport that has become increasingly insignificant in a globalised capitalist market.
  13. The subcontinent is India, but you are 100% correct so far as RL being very strong in France post WWII. Globalisation and the significant minority status of RL has overtaken the opportunity for Elite 1 to be a competition to challenge SL. SL is the power in Europe and so it will remain, until there becomes a new world order for the sport led in England or outside Europe.
  14. Because they don’t. Simple. That would be like expecting Italy to have as strong a domestic RU comp as England.
  15. You have it all wrong @binosh, you shouldn’t be thinking that the French are joining an English competition. You should be thinking that the SL has ambition to grow into a European competition.
  16. @Harry Stottle, no need to get your knickers all knotted, you can still go to your games I expect you protested Catalans being ringfenced in SL at the beginning by not attending their fixtures. The justification surrounding the ringfencing and allowing a maximum of 10 English SL clubs has already been made. You have raised the obvious downsides to which had all entered my mind before I went on to suggest the idea anyway. Guess what… despite those concerns, I still think it’s a good idea. You can consider the suggestion as abhorrent as you like and throw around any other hyperbole of concern you have against the idea, but, it’s not going to stop the idea from having serious merits.
  17. The Front Bar is a very popular panel show, but includes one Mick Malloy, who I simply cannot stand. I gave the show one shot but found it typically Melbourne-esque. Much like other Melbourne based topic shows with lashing of “comedy” (The Project comes to mind), the show is actually not funny, really weak/childish jokes and I never returned to watching it. I think there is room for a panel footy show, but there does need to be fun in there too. It’s a fine line between being a forty show or a comedy show. I wasn’t really a fan of the footy show, but found even when 9 tried to make it more about the footy with the axeing of Fatty, I found Erin Molan terribly fake and contrived, so I don’t have the answer.
  18. That is the risk isn’t it. That wouldn’t make me happy no, but that is a very unlikely scenario and with an appropriate plan to take advantage, that is a risk I think the game can take, yes. Off the top of my head, perhaps a condition of being ringfenced is to have a minimum requirement of 5 French in the match day 17.
  19. I figured you might be, but again, that’s ok. Not everyone will be on board. As to Toulouse, let’s hope they stay up for 2023 and beyond. I really want to see some carnival, partisan derby’s between the two French teams. I hope another legacy of Toulouse’s qualification is to give another French club the inspiration to join the Championship. The sport really is stronger together, than divided and to really extend the European flavour into the second and third tiers of the pyramid will be a great result for the game in the northern hemisphere.
  20. English teams capped at 10. If N Wales got to a stage where they qualified for SL, I would hope the game would have suitably reaped the rewards of ringfencing two French clubs in and ringfence a Welsh team as well and up the teams to 14. Failing that, if a non-English team wins, either increase the number of teams in SL or relegate the lowest non-English club. Unfortunately, it is going to be a while before we see another non-English club win the Championship.
  21. And that’s where we disagree @Barley Mow. Sport is littered with examples “unfairness”. Whether it’s a draft, finals, in-equal home and away fixtures etc etc. It’s not like those teams finishing 10th or 11th are being totally neglected either. But the time comes when SL needs to think beyond the M62 and if that means a little bit of an unfair advantage for non-M62 teams, then so be it. edit M62 not M65
  22. 9 is terrible. Sterling was the only competent voice among them and now he’s gone. Many other greats of the game reside at 9, but they are all woeful in the commentary box. Gus could be so much more, instead he is too busy wallowing in his own sty of self importance, pig that he is.
  23. To solidify the growth of the game and in turn increase participation and opportunities for non heartland areas.
  24. Caught up on a lot of chat on this thread. Some very interesting events unfolding. Fingers crossed channel 7 get stuck in for a good run at free to air rights. Did anyone see 7.30 Report tonight (a respectable national current affairs style program on ABC)? A powerful piece about GWS Giants delivering freshly cooked meals to residents in the west that can’t get out due to restrictions. Part prepped by women and academy players, delivered by non-white development staff, all with Giants branding on the food boxes. They are certainly working well in their community. Any ideas on what their competitors Wests, Parra, Canterbury and Penrith have been running to assist their communities in these difficult times?
  25. Right you are. However, my point on ringfencing TO in SL will ultimately go on to really help that growth of the sport. Like I mentioned, ringfencing them in will allow them to give opportunities to up and coming locals without the threat of relegation knocking on the door.
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