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  1. No appearance from Farmduck on this one. Not surprised. The only people I would ever wanna be put through their team getting belted like that would be Melbourne, Brisbane, Penrith and Qld fans
  2. Storm Hines lucky to escape more scrutiny for a shoulder tackle there maybe.
  3. Half right at least. I started on the League, turned over at half time because it was a blow out and the AFL was a tight contest. Although I am still watching this West’s Tigers car crash. Can’t take my eyes off it.
  4. Yep, me too. Didn’t think there were that many there
  5. This will have Sticky blowing up good win for you @The Rocket
  6. Go the Dragons. That’s gonna set up a brilliant finish.
  7. @The Rocket, can we say the merger with Illawarra has worked? It doesn’t look to be the most hospitable of nights, but that is a very small crowd by the looks. Do you think those of the Illawarra are accepting of the Dragons? I have no doubt RL can work in Wollongong, but maybe not as a merged Sydney identity that hosts 6 games a season?
  8. And with that, the Sharks place in the top 8 for the next week is secure
  9. They will want to complete five tackles and go for a droppie her the Warriors
  10. I couldn’t separate these two before kick off and it looks like they won’t be separated by much at HT either.
  11. More of the same story now on the NRL site. https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/06/19/how-jason-robinson-helped-convince-knights-star-to-play-for-jamaica/
  12. By the end of the day, the Sharks fans will know if they spend the next week in the top 8
  13. Right you are, I concede with tail between legs. I stand both correct and corrected.
  14. But that is simply untrue isn’t it? Just like your claim that the Panthers scored just 8 points during the sin bin period tonight. That 2018 season was heralded by myself and any RL fan I know for its closeness. The race for the top 4 in the final weeks of the regular season was enthralling. I recall no such negativity and only praise. TV audiences were up and had eclipsed the AFL audiences for the first time since 2010, so no, people were not turning off in droves and it is nonsense to say that they were because the competition was too close. For a moment, you had me thinking,
  15. That rule was amended to only be 31 day month’s with an ‘R’ in it dummy
  16. There were 14 points scored whilst he was sin binned, but that’s beside the point for you isn’t it? You simply love to disagree with me don’t you. It’s more than a hobby, it’s like a sport to you. You thrive on it.
  17. 1. That doesn’t mean a player wasn’t hurt in a tackle and would struggle to get to his feet. 2. No contact with the head is one thing, but players aren’t staying down when they haven’t been touched. When contact does come to the head, then you can’t feel someone’s pain and adjudicate whether it hurt them or not. it’s impossible to rule on.
  18. Manly is the only one that stands out as a concern. Brookie may be only slightly better a tip than Kogarah, with some slight works going on at the northern end. It would still hold 15k I would expect, unless the western grandstand is getting a touch up as well (never seen it cause the cameras are there).
  19. Kogarah is pretty inhospitable, not great to watch a game at and has no parking. Add to the form, I reckon that’s a pretty bang on expected crowd avg for them in 2021.
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