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  1. Those clubs you suggest are unsustainable, are no more unsustainable than clubs with a rich owner.
  2. true. The point stands. If these new clubs in new markets are going to bring new sponsors and new fans, they will do that with or without reducing Sydney clubs. It’s purported that new teams in Perth, Brisbane and NZ will bring a bigger TV deal. As if that is some sort of justification for culling a Sydney club. Baffling.
  3. But, new clubs in new markets brings new money to the game but but. Bigger TV deals but but. More sponsors but. More fans but but.
  4. Here we go, this topic again, with @scotchy and @The Great Dane going on ad nauseam about how Sydney is saturated. Promoting a larger footprint rather than actual expansion because for some unbeknown reason, expansion whilst retaining the existing Sydney clubs is for somehow impossible.
  5. Lol, I was just finishing editing my post as well, when I saw you posted Still, para 2 notes a player who is out of play will not be placed inside by a player running 10m. Morris wasn’t reliant on that rule anyway. He retired 10m from where the opponent first secured the ball. I’ll get an answer for us and confirm.
  6. It’s an interesting point @Dunbar, the way the laws are written, you very much could argue in favour that it should have been a penalty. You are back to your lofty position in my list “An opponent runs 10m or more with the ball” is more suitably applied when there are offside kick chasers. A player (often the FB or Winger) has run 10m (in any direction) with the ball, will place offside kick chasers onside. My interpretation refers back to “para 2” of the laws stating “An off side player shall not take any part in the game or attempt in any way to influence the course of the game. He shall not encroach within ten metres of an opponent who is waiting for the ball and shall immediately retire ten metres from any opponent who first secures possession of the ball.” As the player himself had retired 10m from an opponent that first secured possession, which was at the play the ball. I think he’s inside as he has retired 10m from the PTB before influencing play.
  7. The tackle was made 15m in front of where the play the ball took place. In no way at all should he have been penalised. I expected better from you @Dunbar
  8. Makes for some pretty grim reading... https://apple.news/AYZqof5W_TFa8whhDhHNS2g What is being reported out of UK for SL and RFU?
  9. Might as well lock this thread now, because now there are none!
  10. No matter how many times I see it, the headline to this thread always gives me a giggle
  11. The RLPA in Australia fought long and hard for a revenue sharing model. Just shy of 30% of the sports profits were to be distributed to the players, the RLPA and designated player charities. What are your personal thoughts on the continued contract payments to players, inflated well beyond 30% of NRL profits?
  12. Cross those fingers, the NRL is going it alone. One of the only two major live sports shown live on US pay networks has cancelled its season until at least June. The AFLs decision leaves the NRL as the only major sport still operating, relying never more on its players to do the right thing... In which case it is no doubt doomed
  13. This Brisbane pack is sensational. Best I remember was Balmain late 90s Roach Elias Hemsley Sironen McGuire Pearce
  14. https://apple.news/A0lN5PLdpTZSHgMWIoPIzbg great story! Kudos NRL.
  15. Anyone see the cross to fans on their couch watching Dragons v Panthers? Thought it was a stroke of genius. Must admit, I’m far from turned off due to no fans in the grounds. FYI: if you care, the AFL are getting panned for playing with no crowds. A seismic shift in Australia could be on here if the NRL can continue throughout this lockdown
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