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  1. Bloody hell, you lot are doing it tough. I feel for you. So no gatherings of any nature or anything? I assume watching at the pub with mates is not happening then either?
  2. Yep, but it’s not like the smaller games would get much return in Aus anyway.
  3. I think you will be surprised. Go check the line ups of the Japanese team for 2019 RWC. Usually hovering above 2/3 Japanese in the starting 15.
  4. I agree, 2029 for France. 2025 in NZ with some Aus.
  5. Hold on, Warrington v Leigh! In Super League. What happened to The Wolfpack?
  6. Think that’s common for all the clubs these days. Well worth doing when the time comes to sell the jumper
  7. Sorry @Harrigan, might have been held up, but I don’t think the bunnies defence was ever tested. They were in control in defence the whole time. I reckon you’re in for some major, major misery. I wish it were Brisbane again
  8. Addin Fonua-Blake, born in Queensland, grows up playing footy in NSW, represents NZ and can’t play SOO. He made his choice as far as I’m concerned. No one ever said SOO is best v best. It’s best of NSW v best with two teeth and that’s the way it always should be
  9. Whatever you do, for a trip like this, you want a good base to accomodate yourself. Get yourself a room or Air BnB in Cronulla. You’ve gotta love coastal, otherwise you might as well be in Bedford. Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches are too busy and overwhelming. Get down to Shark land, find yourself a cute Shire beach lass for a few days (or dude, I see that topic hasn’t been resolved ) and hang out with a few locals during the week before your big weekends.
  10. If you are a 24 year old playing in the Championship or NSW/Qld Cup and still struggling to force your way into a SL or NRL squad, you would sign for one of these clubs on a $30-$40k contract any day. For the experience of nothing else. There will be plenty of takers I reckon. Top up the squads with a few locals and some gridiron players that didn’t make it, you have a very entertaining league.
  11. I hate to reign all this RTS love in, but I’m not sure his decision to continue the 2020 season based in Aus was particularly “brave” as you say @Manfred Mann. Brilliant player though, I do agree. A big loss to the Warriors and RL in 2022 and beyond.
  12. I was referring to Super League’s repetitive fixtures as opposed to the quality.
  13. Nope, because then we would be watching repetitive matches like SL, Which is caca
  14. Increase the number of players on the bench, or increase the interchange, just give me a mandatory 20 more minutes of footy each game, because 2021 so far has been awesome.
  15. Agree, they should get a new stadium. I mean... what’s stopping them?
  16. The NRL is basically bankrupt? You better pray that’s not true. Pray very hard it’s bares absolutely no semblance to the truth. For the sake of your own club’s relevance, if nothing else.
  17. I feel like we are being asked to pronounce things in an accent. I don’t imaging Germans making a scene of it when English people call the country Germany instead of Deutschland.
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