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  1. Something that Sammut would do
  2. A win is a win, So congrats on that now build upon it
  3. Nice gesture to name the bar after Keith
  4. What’s the craic then re housing or lack of it ? Same for lack of reddies…
  5. Soooo I’m sure it’s common knowledge but who are the B & W Knights then? did someone say they were in the NWEM?
  6. I’m a Trust BOD member at BAFC as an Overseas fan rep & I’m on the monthly zoom meetings & can confirm that BAFC get 1 million not 2 as all L2 clubs receive however it’s going up next year due to improved TV contract monies being divided on a more even keel as previously & it’s all info that’s in the public domain so available to all.
  7. Sounded like we controlled the game & as the poster above says kinda relaxed off towards the end, Job done, team taking shape & beginning to gel.
  8. Good Point but isn't streaming all the rage these days & nothing stops both clubs sharing the Barrow subscribers seeing as they host the game, Not everyone can travel or live locally but would pay for the stream & I'm one of them.
  9. Serves them right for not only their fans obnoxious behaviour but players mams starting trouble but more the club officials not taking it seriously & thats an understatement, Hit them where it hurts financially, Pity we cant stream this game so our fans can tune in & the club get money.
  10. Thats plain stupid scheduling
  11. The RFL claim they want Expansion yet the decisions they make tend to favour the big few which in turn guarantee's the shrinking foot print to a 60 miles radius of the M62......MADNESS
  12. Strongest squad available, Play like yer life’s on the line, secure the win & get the flip flops on v York
  13. The recent addition of local lads over the last 12/18 months will have matured a bit & got to grips with this league & a few have thrived, So with a few wise choices we should have in this team to go better next term with a bit of luck on injuries & form
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