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  1. Will Ottowa manage a full season or will they do a Toronto
  2. Now a team 1) Steve Tickle 2) Les Quirk 3) Ian Ball 4) Andy Whittle 5) Chris Camilleri 6) Mel Mason 7) David Cairns ? Dave Chisnall 9) Andy Ellis 10) Malcolm Flynn 11) Eddie Szymala 12) Ned Catic 13) Derek Hadley 14) Joe Bullock 15) John Mantle 16) Mark Meskell 17) Cavill Heugh Not sure about some Australian legends like Rod Reddy, Kevin Hastings - two of the best all time players but ready for retirement when they came to Barrow. I've seen Tom Brophy, Bill Burgess, Frank Foster and Keith Jarrett play but I was only 8 at the time and my main memory is the pie my Dad bought me to keep me quiet
  3. Lets start with the ones I can't leave out 1) Steve Tickle - maybe the finest full back Barow's ever had 3) Ian Ball - best attacking centre I've seen and great kicker 5) Chris Camilleri - don't know why it all went wrong but GB Internaional - in the Frank Castle league 7) David Cairns - great #### half - just ask Andy Gregory after he was outplayed in Lancs Cup Final 10) Malcolm Flynn - Hardest tackler I've seen 11) Eddie - Legend, haven't space to say how good he was 13) Derek Hadley - probably best loose forward Barrow has ever had.
  4. Well done boys - great start to the league campaign. Donny away is no easy game
  5. Home draw is the main thing
  6. Great player, great coach, legend to the town and to the game of Rugby League. RIP Frank
  7. Done but what is it trying to say - good performances have more effect than a 100 gimmicks
  8. Don't think they ever played all together at international level but Lewthwaite, Jackson, Goodwin and Castle is one heck of a three quarter line especially with Ted Toohey and Willie Horne at halfback. Did David Cairns and Eddie ever play together at U23 ?
  9. Thanks Martin for the many years of service to Rugby league and thanks for these last few seasons with Barrow. It seems a long time since I saw you play in the Challenge Cup final at Twickenham. Enjoy your retirement - you've earned it
  10. Hugh can't have been that old, great servant to Barrow in some of those dark days. Thanks Hugh RIP
  11. Come on Fev need to stay within spitting distance of The Rhinos or they'd have no players. Maybe Halifax could move to Nova Scotia - no name changes and local derbies with Toronto
  12. Good luck Lionheart - as you say you have the same problems as all the other clubs outside of the Sky Circus. We all have to stick together. The stadiums of the super league can now enjoy the thousands of away fans from Toronto - good luck to those who've sold their souls
  13. I think both Mike Murray and Frank Castle ran at The Powderhall sprints With all due respect no one in the present Barrow era could have touched them even though I never saw them play. I don't think anyone around in this era could have touched Ian Ball except perhaps Nico but there again Nico didn't have Bally's sidestep, acceleration and couldn't kick goals in his sleep.
  14. Shipbuilder


    Paul Cullen on a disciplinary panel - that is poacher turned gamekeeper, they'll have Gareth Hock on there soon!!
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