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  1. Thought ref was poor to both teams but well done Barrow. Great performance boys
  2. Very sad to hear of the death of Phil Jackson, arguably Barrow's greatest ever player, certainly only man to rival Willie Horne. Sad to think that the great side of the fifties is no more. I'm too young to see him play but remember my father talking about him. What a three quarter line, Lewthwaite, Jackson, Goodwin and Castle. Phil - RIP and thanks for everything
  3. Yes, all the talk of top 6 is a great bonus but the job for the club this season was survival and a bit of stability. Great achievement on both count, well done all the club and players
  4. Great result for Barrow but it's a poor do when a big city like Bradford struggles to support a Rugby League team.
  5. I think it's been a good season so far, I can't see us getting relegated so as long as the team keeps putting in that effort I'll be very happy with the progress the club is making.
  6. Can't believe any true rugby league supporter would laugh if a fellow club had financial difficulties. We are not in a position to speak after the Johnson interlude. Well done Fev, hopefully in a few years we will be in a similar position to yourselves. Who knows, we may give a better account at CP.
  7. Maybe not Super league but a very very good championship team. If Fev get promoted and Leeds relegated will we see Fev loaning fringe players to the Rhinos?
  8. Not sure how great Dave Brown was for Barrow. Looked great in Div 2 but went to Hull when we needed him in Div 1. Hull let him go as he didn't want to train properly. People like Dave Brown are a quick fix, we need to put the money into the academy or other players who will stick with the club so we can establish ourselves in The Championship
  9. Funny game rugby, Bradford beat Batley, Batley beat Barrow and then Barrow beat Bradford. Who cares, just a great win by the lads, well done Barrow
  10. Don't think there was any secret as to how Batley won today. Good, strong well organised pack, strong running three quarters and two creative half backs to link them together. No criticism here, just admiration. Most of our lads tried hard and put in a shift but we are asking a lot for 12 men to take on a good team, someone needs to have a good look at themselves and then look at the lads he let down
  11. This will not be an easy game at all but I'm certain Fev will bring a lot more fans than Huddersfield, it was a pretty poor turnout for a "Super" league team.
  12. Great performance tonight lads
  13. Sir Kev's at it again, lets help these two rugby league icons and get this latest figure past a million £.
  14. Sun, Sea, Sand and Submarines, what more could you ask for......... maybe a game of rugby thrown in
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