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  1. You clearly never saw Bobby Goulding's performances in a Barrow shirt
  2. This is awful news, \keith was a great bloke and did so much for Barrow Rugby. RIP Keith and condolences to the family
  3. Sir Kevin is doing his bit for his teammate https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sinfield-7-in-7
  4. Bad news for Barrow - if it's right - but to Jonno, good luck for the future , you were great for us Thanks for the memories
  5. I watched the Rob Burrows documentary on BBC2 last night. It's a tough watch but I have to say Rob and his family are all real heroes. Well worth watching on catch up but brace yourself - he isn't a hero for nothing
  6. That was some programme and Sally Nugent is really sincere but the heroes in this are Rob and his family. Well done Rob, I feel lucky to have seen you play. A truly great brave hero
  7. Andy is not a fancy ball player but I always liked him at Barrow, a tough hard running, hard tackling prop who always gave 100%. I'd have him back at Barrow
  8. Will Ottowa manage a full season or will they do a Toronto
  9. Now a team 1) Steve Tickle 2) Les Quirk 3) Ian Ball 4) Andy Whittle 5) Chris Camilleri 6) Mel Mason 7) David Cairns ? Dave Chisnall 9) Andy Ellis 10) Malcolm Flynn 11) Eddie Szymala 12) Ned Catic 13) Derek Hadley 14) Joe Bullock 15) John Mantle 16) Mark Meskell 17) Cavill Heugh Not sure about some Australian legends like Rod Reddy, Kevin Hastings - two of the best all time players but ready for retirement when they came to Barrow. I've seen Tom Brophy, Bill Burgess, Frank Foster and Keith Jarrett pl
  10. Lets start with the ones I can't leave out 1) Steve Tickle - maybe the finest full back Barow's ever had 3) Ian Ball - best attacking centre I've seen and great kicker 5) Chris Camilleri - don't know why it all went wrong but GB Internaional - in the Frank Castle league 7) David Cairns - great #### half - just ask Andy Gregory after he was outplayed in Lancs Cup Final 10) Malcolm Flynn - Hardest tackler I've seen 11) Eddie - Legend, haven't space to say how good he was 13) Derek Hadley - probably best loose forward Barrow has ever had.
  11. Well done boys - great start to the league campaign. Donny away is no easy game
  12. Home draw is the main thing
  13. Great player, great coach, legend to the town and to the game of Rugby League. RIP Frank
  14. Done but what is it trying to say - good performances have more effect than a 100 gimmicks
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