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  1. Come the Toronto game it will be a case of lambs to the slaughter or celebrations all round if rovers can pull a rabbit out of the hat my guess is sad faces all round and another nail in fevs coffin.
  2. Just cannot see fev making top 4 nor do we deserve to after yet another lack lustre error strewn perfomance. However IF we do qualify especially IF London have a bad day plus a helping hand from the ref not to mention fev actually putting some effort in then great as we desperately need the money for the big wage bill. Hock lockwood and davies brilliant on their day but lets get a good fullback because at times it is like playing footy without a keeper although his kicking has improved of late hardo really tries hard but we desperately need better. In addition briscoe looks either burnt out or he has already done a deal for next season and now the records gone so has his desire or so it seems however cannot complain he has done fantastic for fev and without him we would be really struggling. First priority next season is forget the attacking moves which never seem to work against the better teams just learn to catch the ball and stop letting it bounce then learn to kick better oh for a deryck fox grubber kick and a chris bibb atttacker/defender truly world class but one can always dream. If we do somehow manage to qualify by the time we go to Toronto we need to tap some of their players who will be surplus to requirements if they make superleague.
  3. Judging by fevs past coaches history Duffy should be on his way within the next 12 months only powell lasted they usually get the boot within 2 years give or take a year.
  4. Just maybe our players were busy celebrating the footy result last night whereas fax were early to bed preparing for this big game never did understand why we let sharp go need a full back well actually need some forwards some backs and some reserves preferably not too long in the teeth.
  5. Ever reliable again rovers simply abysmal we need to be playing teams like Donny every week oh sorry they nearly beat us didnt they. If by some miracle we make the top 4 god help us in the super 8s qualifiers we shall need calculators to keep the score. We can all have an off day but come on rovers we gave Hull a go where is it all going wrong again as we cannot blame the ref we play like novices instead of semi pro’s making mistake after mistake after mistake so infuriating for paying fans. The writing is defo on the wall baring other teams totally collapsing like fev with all the probable changes to the structure it is difficult to see anything but gloom for us. ok some will say its only one game but it certainly isnt we only play well against mediocre teams.
  6. https://www.halifaxrlfc.co.uk/article/51502/halifax-rlfc-vs-featherstone-rovers-preview
  7. yep defo moore and misi for me too not match winners but can be very costly just hope Briscoe tones down the play the ball theatrics no need with his class fev by 12 if they are in the right mindset
  8. someone got their wires crossed No Brad Dwyer but josh walters Featherstone Rovers Squad: Ian Hardman, Shaun Robinson, Misi Taulapapa, Luke Briscoe, Anthony Thackeray, Scott Wheeldon, Keal Carlile, Richard Moore, John Davies, James Lockwood, Matty Wildie, Gareth Hock, Luke Cooper, Jason Walton, Josh Hardcastle, Brad Knowles, Sam Brooks, Jack Ormondroyd, Josh Walters.
  9. Dwyer all day for me I really rated him before yesterdays game he is a breath of fresh air with speed and very quick at the play the ball however I cannot see him wanting to move to fev he will probably get his chance at Leeds now coach has been sacked I also think there will be a bit of a clear out at Leeds especially some overweight unfit forwards.
  10. No there is no need for vile comments but refs are getting worse all the time albeit a terrible job to do. Put simply why are all the bad decisions being made several times in most matches especially with all the technology we have. The first thing to do is get linespersons involved more was gonna say linesmen but god forbid if you opt for a masculine word nowadays. I have always believed refs decide who win most matches simply by either not seeing what has happened or not making the right decisions at vital moments just like last nights Saints match when Ben Barba quite clearly deliberately fouled a wakey player in the act of scoring a certain try. What a purely deplorable decision of not awarding a penaly try and not sending Barba to the bin there is one thing I’m pretty sure about if it had been Hock he would be sent off pronto and a ban would be forthcoming. There were also several other vital game changing errors by the ref all in the favour of Saints no 50/50 in this match. All genuine rugby fans want is a fair crack of the whip and refs punished by hitting them in the pocket for such really poor inexcusable performances like last night. Fans can cope with losing if the result is fair and their team plays half decent but if I were a Wakey fan I would be livid and these constant bias or accidental errors by refs is driving fans away.
  11. For me moore has three things he brings to the game firstly very strong a bit of a beast for short spells secondly he has a habit of dropping the ball and giving away silly penalties especially at crucial stages in a match and thirdly he certainly would not be in my first 17 providing we have alternatives always likely to get a yellow card. Just like Leeds last night far too many slow forwards especially in hot weather todays rugby is about smaller stronger and faster players (eg bateman) once Leeds offload some of their unfit heavyweights they will be rewarded for it.
  12. The King Street Solicitors 18-Man Squad: Ian Hardman, Shaun Robinson, Misi Taulapapa, Anthony Thackeray, Scott Wheeldon, Keal Carlile, Richard Moore, John Davies, James Lockwood, Matty Wildie, Luke Cooper, Jason Walton, Josh Hardcastle, Brad Knowles, Sam Brooks, Jack Ormondroyd, Brad Dwyer, James Thornton.
  13. Last night for me Luke looked worn out at times and a bit fed up but that was probably down to 2 things firstly too many games its not footy walking up and down inspecting the pitch for 90 minutes but Ryan Hall did not help he just would not pass the ball to him except on one occasion when he passed it along the floor certainly not a pair in the making be glad when he has gone to Hull KR they like some others teams seem to be spending like there is no tomorrow. Salary cap don’t make me laugh. Looks like we will be relying more on Robbo in future once Luke goes but I’m sure he will come up trumps a total grafter Robbo.
  14. Forget nostalgia and the years of memories when the likes of Saints and Wigan loved visiting post office road with excitement and entertainment. I know we cannot live in the past but wouldnt it be nice. What does the future hold with all the money which has already been thrown away in London Wales and France trying to get more worldwide appeal. Well it was always a brilliant game with proper challenge cup rounds without the need to give the top 8 super league teams a free pass into the 6th round whereas championship clubs need to play 3 rounds just to be on a par with super league who then only need to win 3 games to reach the final. There were great Lancashire v Yorkshire matches and the Yorkshire cup was well supported but alas those greedy club directors think the way forward is more expansion forget the failings of the UK and France expansions in the past which failed miserably lets throw more money around the whole world. For christs sake Rugby league was a great northern sport which has been gradually going to the dogs since the introduction of super league in 1996 unless you are one of the very few successful clubs whereas the remainder have suffered big time. Yes remember that clubs had to meet all the rules to enter super league especially with minimum standards for grounds yet here we are 22 years later with some terrible grounds and several clubs do not own any ground. Yes poor expansion plastic pitches poor referees a disaster in the making not to mention some naughty boys may not be allowed to play abroad then there is the summer rugby which seems to be resulting in every team having shed loads of injuries obviously plastic pitches and hard grounds may be causing big health problems no doubt the RFL will wake up one day just like footy did realising constant heading of heavy leather footballs does your head in. Rugby league players are starting to think they are really special when in fact they are mostly a commodity with a shelf price for the highest bidder. Never did have a lot of loyalty but alas they cannot even wait until the end of a season or their contracts expire before they are off. Do we really want moneymen ruining any semblance of a level playing field just like football with clubs simply buying success or the likes of Toronto who are heading upwards because an Australian tycoon is pouring money into the club. My thoughts of how it will all pan out barring bankruptcies is within 3 to 5 years the super league worldwide (new name but should be called the we are all right jack league sod the rest)it will consist of the likes of: Wigan St Helens Toronto Catalan Toulouse Warrington Leeds Rhinos (pending no big fallout) Hull (maybe even merged with KR) Bradford (cant leave them out rules seem not to apply) Leigh (subject to more cash injection) The remaining 2 clubs could come from anywhere but not London who wants to travel there only to be embarrassed with empty stadiums thats if they can build one. Finally the Luke Briscoe fiasco yes Mark Campbell may well have something up his sleeve it is to be hoped so and much better than the clubs previous so called important announcements but the paying fans need some information from the club not total silence. I have said it for years another breakaway from the so called elite is called for unless they mend their selfish ways. Top 4 solely depends on Halifax result and lets hope Rovers turn up with the right mental attitude.
  15. yes box was brilliant would have saved lots of the easy tries we concede nowadays and john marsden was a goodun too however it might help if we had some decent floodlights to see the ball when its up in the air.
  16. first 20 minutes men against boys but after that rovers were right in the mix could have been a lot closer but for our usual stupid errors ref not brill but taulipapa was a defo red however he did ignore some of hulls high shots and this game really needed a top ref not that there is many around. just shows we can play well without all the DR players just praying we get a full back for next season especially if luke is a gonner. I was hoping we could keep them within 20 and we did that even with the gifts we gave them so overall a really good effort. The reason for the poor attendance was probably down to the dire performance against toulouse.
  17. If the lad has got any sense he will be off on a 3 year full time contract. He has worked wonders for rovers and if we had not had him this season we would not be where we are in the table. Would not be surprised to see both Robinson and Davies follow suit if Davies can get over his thumb problems which is the only possible reason barring fallout why he is not one of the first names on the team sheet every game. The only reason to stay at Fev is loyalty but lifes not like that any more but he may just think um......? what if I stay at Fev I get game time and will probably be offered a new well paid contract not to mention it is much easier playing week in week out in the Championship and not getting smacked around a bit in superleague. I really hope the lad stays but if we let him go just maybe we can get a good fullback.
  18. Rovers are their own worst enemies at times with the constant chopping and changing of players in matches. We all know it is a team game and we seem to have some of our own good players being left out at the expense of one match temps from Leeds week by week barring cup matches. Maybe we desperately need some help at times due to injuries but what keeps happening can only result in discontent in the ranks with good players being dropped. How on earth can we improve and practice moves with players not knowing if they will be in the team and who they will be playing alongside. I have always been against DR and if we need to use other teams players it really ought to be on season long loans just who is pulling the strings at Fev. I just hope that the frequently messing about with team selection does not come back to bite us resulting in some very good players deciding to go elsewhere and nobody could blame them. We lost yesterday deservedly and with better selection we could have beaten Toronto. Please let the players know if they play well they will be on the team sheet and not be replaced by a rhino the following week for whatever reason that is what most of the players and fans want and rightfully deserve.
  19. Yes a fantastic day for me and my family my mum and dad being from featherstone. I went to every round in 1983 on my motorbike and before I left for the St Helens away game I went to see my dad and his best mate in a doncaster pub they both thought we had no chance but I lived in hope especially as I had £10 on fev to win the cup. When it got to the final I hired a bus for me and my family scattered around the Doncaster area notably leaving the Broadway hotel in Dunscroft with a bus load of family not expecting anything from the game against the super rich Hull with all their international stars including some ex fev who fortunately helped fev win in my opinion. Anyway what a fantastic day the bus driver from wombwell coaches was great as he used to do london bus tours and he gave us an unexpected tour around the city. I still have the photos of all my family in trafalgar square with our blue and white rosettes. Anyway the game was great all I remember saying to the bus driver as we went to the stadium is we just hope we can make a game of it and not get embarrassed well rovers were fantastic and we were the deserved winners playing cleaner and better rugby than hull we soon knocked the smirks off the hull managers face but to be fair the Hull supporters were great especially after the match admitting rovers were the best team and deserved to win. I just wish John Gilbert had not been butchered by hulls paul rose as he really deserved better however my main memories are John Marsden elbowing a hull player who was interfering at the play the ball then there was tex hudson what a leader of men and finally not wishing to leave anyone out there was the ever reliable peter smith he being the best rovers player in a fev shirt on many occasions but not forgetting mr reliable steve quinn what a great goal kicker god rest his soul I clearly remember when peter smith got that free kick in the last few minutes thanks to charlie stone (rest his soul) my 9 year old son was pestering me for a drink and there was I too excited praying for quinny to kick the goal I just said shut up paul if he kicks this goal I will buy you a bottle of champagne unfortunately he is still waiting. I count myself as a very lucky lifetime supporter of rovers going to three wembley finals only the 74 final was spoiled not because we lost but by alex murphy who ruined what should have been a good game due to his cheating antics with a shocking ref easily fooled on many occasions. Those were the days even when we normally had to sell at least one of our better players every year or so just to survive at the top. Unfortunately I can never see rovers ever lifting the cup again due to the moneymen ruining what was once a great northern game for working classes. Me personally I have always said the downfall of our great sport was started during Maurice Lindsay and the early Gary Hetherington era compounded by the we are alright Jack attitude of creating superleague you know those richer clubs who could not survive without taking the lower clubs players. Up the Rovers just hoping we turn up against toulouse and turn them over which we certainly can do with a good performance and a half decent ref.
  20. In a nutshell never liked this man but buy someone with b.....s he made a stand last month and he is now growing on me. Leigh owner Derek Beaumont took the unusual step of taking the post-match press conference after his side lost 38-0 to Castleford, and criticised the standard of refereeing in Betfred Super League. Re Chris Kendall May 2017 You talk to every owner and coach and they can't say anything because they're scared of getting fined. I don't care about getting fined, I really genuinely don't. We need to stand up as a sport and talk about it because it's making our game look like a laughing stock. It's a joke shop. It's incompetent and it's not good enough.
  21. A few facts from last night firstly rovers put up a good fight but as all too frequent we cannot catch the high balls which seems to always lead to a try. Regarding the ref yes this man is totally incompetent and needs to go back into junior rugby as every time I see this bloke he makes numerous wrong important game changing decisions. In all honestly he gets about 50/50 right/wrong well we can all do that simply flipping a coin. It is about time the players had a committee of players with the right to do match reviews of refs when such abysmal frequent sub standard refereeing keeps happening with the power to fine and ban match officials as they are ruining the game. Not that a proper ref would have allowed fev to win but certainly the score would have been a lot closer. Lets be honest if some of the decisions against fev were made against Leeds and rovers somehow won there would be hell to pay. In situations like last night the team certainly should certainly not walk off in disgust as large fines, points deductions etc would follow that is unless you are Bradford best bet would be to just stop tackling and let Leeds run riot and unless something is done the game will continue to fail unless you are in the top 8 clubs which the rfl are trying to make into world superstars with great salaries and just look what that has done to football. Up the rovers hopefully thacks back for Swinton game which is a must win.
  22. Me thinks top 4 is becoming less likely and maybe 3 losses to come on the trot not including the Leeds thrashing and Bradford with everybody queuing up to help them as usual will also beat us unless we stop 1/ dropping the ball 2/ learn to defend our line better against grubber kicks 3/ stop giving away lots of penalties 4/ Use our strengths which is get the ball out to the wingers instead of plodding down the middle all the time 5/ For christ's sake drop some of the players who are just not performing or constantly making errors like you know who yesterday a player no matter how good should not be playing anyway after being caught cheating 6/ Learn to catch the ball from kick offs as any good under 11s do Big bash my ass only ones getting bashed is Fev every year let us all hope we can recover and regroup then move forward and send the reserve team if we had one to the big thrash next year We cannot blame the ref or the weather for yesterdays thumping simply a case of no leadership or direction on the field with many players brains on a different planet and some of our so called stars just not up for it. If only we had got the Leeds contingent who are playing for Bradford it may have been a bit different Only two positives firstly Davies again trying his heart out pity we have not got another dozen like him but the other positive is our players have not put themselves in the shop window except Davies who will possibly go should we not qualify for the top 4.
  23. They certainly were poor on Sky more like training ground floodlights looks like a whip round for better lights. I thought we sorted the poor lights after the 1983 cup final as I myself made a small donation towards some new ones after backing fev at 18/1 to beat the star studded Hull.
  24. We survived before without sky just remember that is how league first started breaking away from union.
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