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  1. Maybe the RFL is going down the sexy route with beach RL? Ripped, topless hunks for the ladies, bikini-ed babes for the chaps. Think Love Island with a rugby ball. Possibly great for attracting a younger audience, esp. teenage lads hoping to see a nip slip.
  2. No. 52 is very intriguing. Brave new direction afoot!
  3. Odsal. Get some sand in from B&Q, jobs a good’un.
  4. Looks like Belle Vue is about to enter the 20th century. Good stuff.
  5. I see the $595 (£443) includes two kit 'cards' and a personal video message and - here's the non-science bit - a framed 2022 home shirt signed by George Williams. If anyone wanted to spend that much, I'd imagine it's the physical asset that would be the tempter.
  6. It's ideal family entertainment that deserves a good crowd. On Saturday, I took my wife and daughter - very far from big RL fans, I can tell you - and they were transfixed by it. We need to shout from the rooftops about it.
  7. I would move the wheelchair final to the Copper Box. Medway was a sell-out. We have a real gem in wheelchair RL. It is extraordinarily good to watch live.
  8. I don’t see the point of a ‘summer break’ event in Leeds.
  9. Wheelchair Rugby League 2021 Super League: Argonauts Skeleton Army, Halifax Panthers, Hull FC, Leeds Rhinos, Leyland Warriors, North Wales Crusaders. Championship North: Bradford Bulls, Dundee Dragons, Mersey Storm, Newcastle Thunder, Rochdale Hornets, Wakefield Trinity. Championship West: Celts, Hereford Harriers, North Wales Crusaders A, Torfaen Tigers, Warrington Wolves, West Wales Raiders. Championship South: Argonauts Skeleton Army Demi-Gods, Bedford Tigers, Gravesend, Gravesend Dynamite, Medway Dragons, Woodland Warriors. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/58115/wheelchair-rugby-league-ready-for-return-ahead-of-huge-year
  10. As a speccie, I thought that was superb entertainment. If that’s a taste of the World Cup wheelchair games, I urge you to take in a game at London/Sheffield/Liverpool. Buy tickets now!
  11. Great crowd in. It’s quite shocking the first time you hear a collision. You feel it. Anyway, France are a cut above and that bit more organised and, yes, physical. That big number 7 is a bit of a beast.
  12. All the RFL big cheeses are here. Rimmer, Wane, Dutton
  13. Refs before the Test here at Medway Park.
  14. That’s the bad news. The good news is the Aussies and NZ are to formally commit to playing by signing a participation agreement. Schedule to be announced next week. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/anfields-world-cup-games-to-move-to-wigan-zzcl5nmhd
  15. Sounds like an investor would have a direct stake in this new commercial arm and therefore be driven by the profit motive. There’s risks with that but in theory individual club self-interest would be replaced by collective self-interest. It’s a lack of enlightened self-interest that has held the game back, in my view.
  16. The new Forty-20 magazine reports a £100m offer by a strategic investor could be made as soon as next month. This would be for the British game as a whole. This ties into what Gary Hetherington has been telling the media recently, such as here and here. “We need to create a commercial entity which can really maximise the game’s worth. “It will sit underneath the RFL and will be led by industry specialists to maximise the commercial value of the game. “All the game’s commercial properties and key events will sit in this company, so that creates the perfect structure. “You then need the right senior management and executive management to run it effectively. “The governing body, ultimately, can only do so much. Most clubs aren’t maximising their potential. One of the objectives is to bring in a strategic investor – a major partner not just for Super League but for the whole game.” “Part of this major piece of work being done will be to increase participation of the women’s game and sell it as a separate entity.” “Constitutionally, all the Super League clubs voted to create this change and whole series of recommendations to move the game forward. “All aspects of the game will be looked at; we don’t want to be coming back with anything in isolation. It’s a big piece of work which is going ahead now; I am confident things will change.” “There is a common purpose now to do something collectively because our sport could be in jeopardy if we don’t do something about it.”
  17. The plan seems to be part-time, Plough Lane and potential growth instead of full-time, Trailfinders and possible death. Give it time, chief. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  18. We don’t know for certain how much the rent is, to be fair, and it will have been negotiated post the PT decision. I believe stuff like this shows Wimbledon aren’t in it for a quick buck. Yes, ultimately they want to make money from the groundshare but they are in for the long term & they will be active to help make it a success. It’s not going to be a ‘pull in a big crowd for the first game then forget about it’ thing. I fully expect Broncos games to be marketed by Wimbledon almost as if it was a Dons football team playing.
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