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  1. For the Euros Stade de France had St Denis as its halfway line location board, as opposed to Paris. So that fits too
  2. Then we'd be having arguments about amateurism. The first person to say "corinthian spirit" has to buy everyone a pint!
  3. Absolutely, I'm usually of the view that you don't get rid of a player unless you have a replacement in mind. Cornet's signing in Summer could be a signal for where the "new Burnley" is going. If they don't replace him, they will find it hard not to go down imo.
  4. It does seem a tad high, though potentially quite shrewd too. First and formost, he is a proven, capable Premier League Striker. He can also do a job in the Championship and is the calibre of player willing to accept Championship and good wages that Newcastle are likely to attract at the start of this window. A major attractive element of this must be that it is a metaphorical "6 pointer" though. It strengthens Newcastle whilst fundamentally weakening one of their direct rivals in Burnley. His goals, or lack of them at Burnley, could be what keeps the Magpies up this season.
  5. I'm not sure if you're being intentionally facetious but I think that was actually Wigan
  6. And there I was thinking London Broncos were the team who played at a Wedding Venue Don't remember them having to move a fixture for some Nuptials...
  7. I'm sure all teams in all sports leagues prioritise some fixtures over others.
  8. Yes, but they would also be effectively u21s, which does negate the FT impact.
  9. They pay more players lower wages like the rest of the league.
  10. I definitely think at League 1 level it could help. And Super League B clubs could quite reasonably get higher crowds than many current League 1 sides too (not a high bar I know). I agree with your thoughts on newer/expansion teams vs big clubs B teams.
  11. I think they would make sure that the age limit of say u21s (with maybe 2 or 3 overs) would resolve that. Very few will get out of League 1 potentially if you make the rules strict enough.
  12. That's how it works in Spain with regards to the Cup.
  13. Tbf though that was for the Johnstone's paint trophy, which I remember attending when my club were in League 1, and had a aura of drab about the whole thing. In anycase, how many Keighley/Doncaster fans turn out to watch them play West Wales or Coventry or formerly Hemel or Gloucestershire All Golds. We're dealing with a much lower base number across the league here. In a regular league competition perhaps it would be less EFL Trophy.
  14. Its a moot point ulitmately, but I think there was far more of the stars of both competitions clubs' aligning than many like to believe. DR is a cost effective way of propping up a squad to challenge for super league. Super League clubs like it because they don't have reserves. As you say, perhaps one of the reasons why the Championship has been so competitive and included so many good players recently is because clubs have felt comfortable spending more money on fewer players, knowing they can be bolstered by a willing set of Super League clubs? Take away DR and the clubs are forced to be much more conservative, and won't be as able to be "Super League ready" or "full time".
  15. It is still the off season so why not a thread with a new twist on a modern classic. Reserves and DR cause mass consternation. Reserves aren't deemed a high enough level by some and DR distorts the clubs below Super League, often leading to unhappy players in the lower league club. Is there a Third Way? B Teams, usually a variation of u21s appear in several forms all over Europe within the same pyramid as their First Grade teams in football; and it is on the rise. Perhaps most famously seen in Spain with the Castilla sides of Barcelona and Real Madrid, Premier League clubs have now followed suit with u21s sides being introduced into the EFL trophy (League 1 & 2 cup). In Scotland, Celtic and Rangers now have B teams playing in the lower divisions. Could RL have something similar? Its worth pointing out there are several rules applied to these B Teams. Whilst they are in the same pyramid, they are not allowed to compete in the same competitions as their senior sides. So no Promotion to the top flight or competing in the cup. They are generally restricted by age of players they play too in the same way u23s are for example (3 overage players only). Of course for RL any new rules could be brought in as seen fit. Could a handful of these go a way to solving several problems in RL? Possibly. Firstly, it would mean DR could be ended for good. No more Fev Rhinos etc. There is a club in the lower league for fringe Super League players from top clubs to go to without making a Championship/League 1 club stronger or weaker. Secondly, it would make the reserve grade/top tier of the academy a stronger development tool. That benefits the whole game ultimately with more better quality players in the talent pool. Thirdly, and linked to the above, it gives an opportunity for backroom and coaching staff to develop. Again that broadens the talent pool in the game, hopefully helping drive us forwards to compete with the worlds best. Finally, on a purely practical level, League 1 does not have enough teams in it. B teams from some clubs are an easy and cost effective way of alleviating that problem. It also could mean a few healthy gates for League 1 clubs and a greater exposure of that level of the game to the fans in the reach of the top division sides. For southern Clubs, the developmental competition they were promised years ago could actually be more tangible too, meaning the growth of League 1 ( and RL) becomes more accessible. I think there are issues to be ironed out, chiefly who the clubs with B teams would be. So what do you think TRLers?
  16. DR is borne out of the reality that most if not all Championship clubs cannot afford a full squad of professional Rugby League players, yet several want that. Leigh are fully pro but as has been highlighted above have 20 players including a loanee. Fev aren't fully professional. After that the level, "hybrid" pro/semi-pro players within a squad can drop dramatically. I don't blame any club for wanting the best squad, it is the best way to get into Super League and stay. But I do wonder if DR wasn't a Super League idea forced onto the Championship but rather a financial reality from the Championship who then presented an opportunity to Super League.
  17. From a Leeds point of view, the DR, Loan and Reserves partnerships mean we have a massive range of options for player development this season. Agar has detailed this further in a recent interview. Essentially he seems to view reserves as an extension of the academy. Their purpose is to develop players further within the Leeds Rhinos set up before playing first grade anywhere. He also paid specific attention to halves in this set up, Jack Sinfield was the example he gave. By contrast, Loans and DR are for fringe first teamers to keep match fit at a higher level than reserves and it appears will most likely be for players who aren't pivots and whose roles won't change dramatically between 2 teams. I think long term loans should be the only form of loans available, either full or half season. That way a player doesn't see playing for a Championship club one week as simply an opportunity to step up to the Super League team the following week. It breeds a disrespectful attitude that I don't like and fuels an "us and them".
  18. Spot on on Newcastle. I think Leeds will be safe based on how poor the teams are below us are and that we are very capable compared to those around us. To reach the mid to high 30s the bottom 3 are facing a challenge of 25 points from 57 available. That would be a heck of an achievement given where they are now.
  19. I don't doubt he has, I think what is correct is that he is the calibre of player Newcastle could be in for and pay well over the odds for.
  20. Yeah I know, but what can they buy? Solanke is spot on
  21. I wouldn't disagree with that. Burnley are in a situation similar to Newcastle that they don't lose very easily, but they just can't win either. So many draws. I feel Newcastle will only get players who will agree to sign if others sign too if you get what I mean. And even then, can they buy themselves out of this, or do they even want to?
  22. Gap now opening to the bottom 3/4 in the Premier League.
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