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  1. Agreed, there eems to be a lot of "half truths" in there, similar to what we would often see during the euro 13s myth. Also, last week they forfeited a home match duee to lack of players. Now they are saying they will "boycott" their next away match? Really?
  2. NARL was never a legit entity. Basically a couple of nutters with a twitter page and a few "team" logos to go with it.
  3. And by your logic a World Cup match is on par with a friendly match. #Desperate
  4. No idea what your point is with that, but I should probably remind you that Billy Magoulias plays for Warrington.
  5. I feel your pain mate. But as someone who has probably been at it for less years than you, I am still determined to dig my heels in and fight to make a difference. But I do have moments where I feel like throwing the towel in and walking away. But the problem is, if we all do that, then the game no longer exists.
  6. You are missing the point completely. It is nothing personal against him. Just saying, for the greater good, and for the other 33 blokes to play a more even match, it probably would have been better if had not played.
  7. 18-0 after 15 minutes. Bringing Jarrod Sammut our for this, turns would could have been a close match, into an absolute massacre. A bit sad since it is Montenegro's first ever match,. Having a pro running rings around them in a supposed friendly match is a bit of a bummer really.
  8. Montenegro's international RL debut! Today at 19:00 local CET time. Watch it live here:
  9. Since this announcement, IRL announced it is looking at holding an U19 competition at RLWC2025. So my guess is, they are trying to co-ordinate with them, and find a format that ties in with WC qualifying. But still, it is May, so you could argue their "next few months" comment has not yet reach it's expiry date.
  10. Happy with that. I don't like the (borderline) bully tactics the Johns boys were using to get the gig.
  11. There is a live stream in progress. A women's match is on now, I think some men's match(es) will follow.
  12. Thanks for the info, very interesting. Nantes also posted this just yesterday. Loroux seems to be an active team in an outer suburb of Nantes. https://www.facebook.com/Loroux-rugby-13-108050535039309/ It seems there is a bit more activity up there than I had initially realised. Great to see!
  13. I admire their persistence, despite the isolation and am glad to see they have some nearby(ish) neighbours. Also, I think I read that Nantes would be hosting some RLWC2025 matches, which would be great for them. Does anyone know anything more about this Saint Pois team? I am so intrigued how a village of 490 residents is able to field teams in THREE different age groups, and in a part of the country where the sport is not so popular. Again, would appreciate if anyone could share any info they have on this club.
  14. McDermott talking about some Fev's ambitions and saying that a 4,500 to 5000 average is their target. How far off that target are they at the moment? https://fb.watch/cD_XXkFfYd/
  15. Today Nantes defeated Saint Pois 60-6. https://www.facebook.com/100063505004476/posts/424623126331184/ This was the first I heard of Saint Pois so I tried digging a little deeper. Seems they are located between Caen and Rennes. According to wiki, population is just 490 (!!!!) They have a very active facebook page and it seems also have an active U7 and U11 team! What a pleasant surprise! That is what I came up with so far. Can anyone else shed any more light?
  16. Maybe I am naive then. But are there no other doctors in West Wales??
  17. Strange indeed. The article was short, just stated the match was called off due to no match doctor, followed by a quote from Carl Hall saying soemthing to the effect of: disappointing as we were looking to build on last week's performance. Also then thanked RFL for informing them promptly.
  18. 2021 Group C originally consisted of: Norway, Germany and Ukraine. Norway and Germany declared they were unable to play, due to covid, so Ukraine were promoted to Group B, and Group C effectively did not happen at all. I am not sure if they were "promoted to group B", but I can see them playing vs Norway and Germany as part of the next phase of WC 2025 qualifying. Winner proceeds, other two eliminated. Spain is interesting as they have been inactive for so long. Luckily it is a home match and they should be able to muster enough players. Sweden also, have not been active for a while. Skane Stags have been their sole team for a while now, so I assume they will alnost entirely make up the national team. Hoepfully that may then kickstart somw activity in Sweden.
  19. Oh dear. Forfeiting tomorrow's match. Official reason given: cannot find a match doctor. Sounds very strangr to me. Would "cannot find 17 able bodied players" have been a more honest answer? https://www.doncasterrugbyleague.co.uk/article/1119/postponed-|-west-wales-raiders-v-doncaster-rlfc
  20. Jave they admitted it's not happening yet or have they just walked away amd pretended like nothing ever happened in the first place?
  21. He is a prophet of doom and always has an agenda to push. Anyone wanting evidence of this need not look any further than his short-lived podcast titled "Rugby League in Europe".
  22. Definitely. I think WW is beyond repair. So I am talking about an entirely new entity.
  23. I thought there was a small but hardcore following for Welsh RL, scattered across some of those small towns in the south. Hence why I think they need to choose one of the major cities as a hub where they can all converge. I don't know about you, but averging 200 fans per game in Cardiff, is better than 200 in Llanelli as there is still a lot of room for potential growth. The same cannot be said for Llanelli.
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