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  1. A tweet from RLWC2025 organisers today, suggests that there is only ONE remaining host city to be named. https://twitter.com/CDMFrance2025/status/1484891195046350859?s=20
  2. yes I am not suggesting they folded, or are completely inactive, just seems they are a lot less active than they used to be (and I think that began about a year before the pandemic started). Also, that most recent post seems to be advertising a rugby union coaching clinic, unfortunately.
  3. I am no expert when it comes to USA RL. But after years of being the benchmark team and the epicentre of US activity, it seems Jacksonville have been quiet now for the last 3-4 years. And I believe it is down to the departure of their main man, Spinner Howland (returned to Aus I think?). I suspect nobody was able to step up and fill the void he left. I think Spinner was also an active member on this forum at one stage too.
  4. Make that 2003! I know the history books can be cruel when you look back and see the Aussies won the Ashes series 3-0 that year, but I remember every game was in the balance (or GB were ahead) right up until the 80th minute. A valiant effort, made even more impressive by the fact GB played the full 80 minutes, of one of those matches with just 12 men (the infamous Morley hit on Robbie Kearns 8 seconds into the game). Still to this day, one of my favourite international series ever!
  5. "if done right" seems to be the most overused cliche on this forum and the ultimate 'get out of jail' card for those wanting to make a bold statement, without actually making a bold statement. Anyway, carry on
  6. Fantastic effort, go the Tribesmen!!!
  7. Yes as the rules currently stand. That is why I said hopefully it may happen at some point in the future.
  8. Great read!! Excellent work being done indeed. I would love to visit Galway and see a match there some day! To be honest, I don't think they stand a chance against Pilkington. But that shouldn't matter, the fact they are even playing is a great achievement. Hopefully they can become mainstays in the Challenge Cup and eventually play a home tie (and get their first win)! But for now, one step at a time. I hope they enjoy the whole experience.
  9. Wow, sounds like a lot of travel for amateur teams! Is the Nanterre (Paris) team still active? Les Hussards I believe was their nickname.
  10. To me, it is a bit of a problem. What if a man, woman, child attend a game in one of those towns, fall in love with it, and ask, so where can I sign up? And the answer is, nearest team to you is two hours away? All that expense seems a bit of a waste if it's like the circus, that rolls into town one day and rolls out the very next. Anyway, it seems to be a very organised, well-funded and well thought-out bid, so I am hopeful that they have already considered these things. Luc Lacoste very much seems focused on the long-term, which gives me great confidence not only in RLWC2025 but in French RL in general.
  11. It seems they are tying this whole event in with a legacy plan, where they have specific goals (such as 40k players by 2027). So based on that, I doubt there will be many matches 'wasted' on random places with no legacy or follow-up plan of action. I hope so at least.
  12. Nothing to do with travel mate. These are potentially key cities for RL in France with an actual presence and history. I would have thought it would be a more fruitful exercise targeting those cities and building on the foundations that are already in place. But if it is a case of highest bidder wins, then what can I say.
  13. I was hoping to see Lyon, Montpellier and Toulon on the list. And does anyone know which is the town up in the north-west? I was kind of hoping it would be Nantes, seeing as they have a team, but I do not seem them listed.
  14. Their target of 40,000 players by the year 2027, how does it compare to their current playing numbers? I seem to remember between 20-30k being quoted recently, not sure if anyone has a more accurate figure?
  15. Interesting tweet here from Danny Kazandjian of the IRL: My reflections from Paris after the successful launch of RLWC2025 IRL can forge a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with a second G7 country. #France2025 will allow IRL to support multiple French policy ambitions. We must seize that chance, and we will. French govt. can play a strategic role in growing RL in its sphere of influence, especially through OL Francophonie. Our sport has never sought this type of international development partnership with the Francophone. The impact will be profound. IRL’s #1 strategic target is a strong France and #RLWC2025 serves to accelerate that effort: FFRXIII is targeting ~40k registered players by 2027 & ~450% increase in women’s teams. I would like to thank PM Jean Castex for his sincere support for our sport and the event. Source:
  16. Great work Salford! The article states there are 1800 active players in Ghana. Could that be true?? That's approx. 90 teams! More than Wales, Scotland and Ireland combined!
  17. Nothing says desperation, quite like someone who is always digging for the one in a million scenarios to prove his point.
  18. I don't think that really changes anything though, as grandparent rule us more or less in kine with eligibility requirements of most EU nations anyway. There domestic quotas are much stricter in lower levels of qualifying in Europe. Greece, for example, who had the longest route, began in Group C, where you are only allowed 4 heritage players in your matchday 17. Beat: Malta, Ukraine, Norway. Then for their last two matches against Serbia and Scotland, the reverted to their Group A rules, which only allows a maximum of 15 heritage players. At WC level, it is unlimited. It would be great if IRL adopted the ERL policies. Even 2 domestics in each matchday 17 is not unreasonable. This should be the rules for WC matches.
  19. Wow, triggered much? I was simply correcting some misinformation as happen to know quite a bit about Lebanon (domestically) amd other tier 2-3 nations in Europe. Should I put a disclaimer at the start each time I am stating a fact, something to the effect of: "I am not being negative, but..."? If that will help you sleep better at night, then I'd be glad to do my part. For the record, I have massive respect for Lebanon RL. The fact they had any activity during what has been a very rough time with a lot of civil unrest, is a great achievement! I hope things settle there, they get dome continuity and hopefully a domestic player or two can stake a serious claim for a spot in their WC25 team!
  20. I believe since covid began, the only comp that ran was the 4-team men's competition. Play each team once, then a GF. Also, Lebanon does NOT have a national team composed of domestic players, I do not know where you got that from. I think a few made the trip in 2017 but none saw a single minute of match time, not even in warm up matches. PS: I believe the nation with "no domestic competition" he is referring to is Italy, in which case, he is correct.
  21. Actually, they won *their first game in 2019... https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/49074058
  22. Wow, talk about nitpicking. Welsh Magpie clearly has an agenda here. Probably a personal beef with the owner of the club.
  23. Troy Martin? Isn't his name Troy Grant? That aside, this sounds like great news and a WC I definitely plan on attending, as many matches as possible!
  24. Quite a bit going on in Cameroon too. Trouble is the sheer size of Africa, will make logistics a massive problem and expense. But, where there's a will, there's a way!
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