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  1. I wasn't aware of that The RFL should ask the fans what they want from the Summer Bash as clearly York is not the answer with it having the lowest attendance of any bash. I remember I was quite critical of the choosing of York at the time and plenty were saying its a good choice. Clearly the opposite with the attendance.
  2. The last 2 venues aren't worthy of fans support A weekend away in Leeds or York compared to Blackpool? The RFL are to blame. Plenty of fans were asking for it go back to Blackpool
  3. Majority of fans on Facebook don't agree with the sacking. The team manager has also left recently who was at the club for a long time Your ex-media guy has tweeted the club is a circus hence why he left Luke Gale leaving Does feel like something is going on behind the scenes at the Cougars.
  4. They bring it on themselves surely by the club not clamping down on the trouble and banning the fans involved.
  5. The Bulls bus on Monday had to get an escort from the stewards out of the car park and they followed the bus until we got over the railway crossing. Never happened at any other ground I have visited in all my years following Bulls. This was due to a group of youths congregating covering faces etc. This was my first visit to Fev in 4 years I won't be back. Fev and Campbell need to do more to clamp down on it.
  6. Riley Dean big loss for Featherstone and it showed All credit to Fax, throws 1895 Cup wide open.
  7. The Majority of the Bulls fans purchased tickets from Odsal as the club got 20% on any pre-booked tickets.
  8. We thought the same at the Bulls last year but the player we got was the opposite. Missed half of the season injured. Hope he does well and proves me wrong.
  9. Well i am off with a group of 10 who would of gone to Summer Bash if on a different weekend.
  10. York Races Live at Leeds/Neighbourhood Weekender at Warrington. Last day of Premier League All on same Weekend Great planning from RFL as usual.
  11. Sam Hallas has signed for a club in Aus. Curtis Davies will be replacing Thomas Doyle at hooker. GF junior is too young to play every week.
  12. I imagine he will be approaching clubs himself or come to an agreement with the Bulls as does he really want to sit a year out. Lilley and Holmes will be 1st choice HB partnership.
  13. Declan Patton on his way out at Bradford. Rumours he was a trouble causer hence club looking to move him on. Makes that 4 clubs in 4 years.
  14. Rumours of a silent investor funding these signings.
  15. Looks like the Bulls are having a new 6/7 for 2023 so the Lilley rumour might be true.
  16. The Bulls team next year will be very different to this year.
  17. That's no big deal with how Crossley has played this year. Keyes is much better than Lilley
  18. Agree regarding Patten, I don't think it's a problem for Bulls much longer as think he will be playing elsewhere in 2023.
  19. we weren't confident but shows what can happen when your main bad apple is suspended. Looked more like a team than at any point this season.
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