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  1. Patton/Lilley have looked average all year. Good to see Lawford take his chance. I don't think Patton will be at Bulls next year either.
  2. Kibula is either great or shocking He was loaned out to Dewsbury because after Whitehaven away Dunnings first game, Dunning got all players in a huddle and Kibula want straight down tunnel instead of joining.
  3. https://forums.rlfans.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=639921 For Bulls fans opinions.
  4. They are good players different reasons for leaving Dan Fleming ain't. Come back in a few weeks and let me know what you think.
  5. Dan Fleming is signing for Fev Think its a relief for most Bulls fans as he was awful majority of the time. JK kept him because of the Wales connection. Dunning hasn't played him since taking over.
  6. It's based on a successful bid from the Levelling up fund The club/Council have nothing to lose by applying for it. Infact it would be a poor business decision if they didn't put a bid in. Hull had £90 million investment when they were awarded city of culture, best and probably last chance Bulls will have.
  7. The team Fev put out today even with injuries should be beating Batley.
  8. I believe this may be the plan. 14 teams in SL 2023 but then 10 teams in SL 1 2024 and 10 in SL 2. tough for Leigh and Fev as almost guarantees relegation to SL 2 for 2024.
  9. Seems to be carrying a bit of weight this season. Not looked great for us. In our last game against Whitehaven away at end of game all Bulls players got in a group to discuss game except Kibula he walked straight down tunnel. Pretty poor attitude when it's interim coaches first game.
  10. After 20/30 minutes the Bulls will tire and then it will be all York after that. Big issues with fitness this year. Last time out 28-6 at HT. Finished 34-22.
  11. If that's the case that's me out as a club likely in 2nd Ten. Whats the point for the 2nd 10? No relegation/promotion makes it glorified friendlys and clubs will call it a day. Promotion has to be kept in on a yearly basis to give clubs something to aim for.
  12. Interviews to take place towards end of month. Had 12 expressions of interest from UK and abroad(presume its Aus) probably be in charge for Widnes game on 2nd June.
  13. Bigger budget is the only difference between Bulls and Batley at the moment. Depends on what Lingard wants to work with.
  14. Not for me Look at what happened in football with the B teams in the lower league Cup. My club Bradford were getting 500-600 usual attendances are 14000+. If your a Keighley or Doncaster fan would you want to pay to watch Leeds or Castleford reserves?
  15. Nope on paper Fev have the strongest squad for 2022 currently. Your the bookies favourites for a reason. It may change if Leigh get the squad depth. I think the league will be closer than 2021 as all teams challenging have improved but Fev should finish top in 2022 like Toronto and Toulouse did previous as they had the best squads. No negatives about it I said the same about Toulouse last year.
  16. If Fev don't finish top in 2022 something has gone badly wrong.
  17. Probably not the best time when majority of staff in Bradford are working from home, plus not exactly a thriving job market in Bradford. As a fan I think we are rebuilding but not overspending as per previous owners. No Admin since 2016. Squad this year looks stronger than 2020 so should put up a better fight for 3rd spot.
  18. One incident which I have criticised the club for. I imagine Fevs first occasion was a lower fine. The offences keep cropping up and it appears the club aren't doing enough to stop it.
  19. So because you beat them comfortably you think the Fax fans and Oldham fans are making it up?. Featherstone have had fines for the past 2 years the club should do more to ban these fans. Due to the racist chanting against Bradford and other incidents that day I won't watch my team at Fev and plenty of Bulls fans feel the same. Costs the club money by not taking enough action.
  20. At least the RFL are consistent. Flanagan got the same with Bussey. RFL report said no evidence but still banned him. Shambles as usual.
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