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  1. Wow. I pay a bit less than the equivalent of £50 here in Australia and my daughter a little over £50.
  2. For anyone that doesn't know Manu is probably Australia's most famous chef. He's a Frenchman. He was recently on that SAS show Sam Burgess won.
  3. Bennett is God himself in Queensland. If he says he's good to go then I'd take his word on it. The credibility he brings is something nobody else can offer.
  4. Hiring the greatest coach of all time is a mistake? I don't like dropping the place name altogether. Changing it to "Sunshine State Dolphins" or "Moreton Bay Dolphins" would be fine.
  5. It is now confirmed. https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/10/13/dolphins-to-become-nrls-17th-team-in-2023/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  6. Give Benji Marshall a call. He might be tempted to go again.
  7. If they could get their ground up to 20k that would be great. You'd much rather be turning fans away and creating scarcity than having a stadium being even 85% full. That's what you want as a brand. 20k average would have seen them 2nd highest average attendance this year.
  8. It's not really ridiculous. You need an audience. You need a potential audience.
  9. What about the ones saying TO shouldn't even be here because they've played less games and that Fev are much more deserving?
  10. Is it solely Catalans job to sell the final? What it boils down to is SL/RFL have failed. They don't have a Plan A let alone a Plan B. There is no grand scheme to grow the game or really even an outline. They're too scared to upset the traditionalists too and won't even come up with/enforce minimum standards for entrance to Super League. Anyone talking Ill of Featherstone or Leigh need to recalibrate their aim at those running the game.
  11. Redcliffe is 40km outside of Brisbane. And Ottawa really don't have anything to do with SL. I'd be surprised if Ottawa are still trying to enter in 2022. Their social media is on autopilot and they don't reply to anything. It's worrying. I hope I'm wrong.
  12. Probably why you guys can't sell out a grand final without away fans. Makes sense. I'm the opposite. If my NRL team folded tomorrow I'd watch another team. Hell, I am as big a fan of Super League as I am the NRL even though I think it's run extremely poorly (as if the NRL doesn't have huge problems). I genuinely enjoy the game. Civic pride means nothing to me. The next town over from me has an almost identical population to Fev. Imagining them in the top flight is beyond a joke.
  13. One is expanding. One is contracting. We know which model works.
  14. There are always hundreds of different storylines every NRL season to get people emotionally invested and every NRL club spends many times more than Fev ever could. You don't need to lower your competition by allowing in one-horse towns to get some plucky underdog story. I'd be very surprised that any kind of consultant would recommend letting in Fev over Toulouse.
  15. Oldham should be in SL. So too Bradford and London. The fact that the game is structured in such a way that Featherstone have a chance at being in the top flight is a massive problem. There are already small town teams in Super League. Nothing is stopping you from supporting them. The game is a business. Without a market the business dies. It's simple stuff.
  16. I'll never complain about NRL refereeing again. What was that? SL desperately needs a captain's challenge.
  17. One more while you've got the extra player would be nice Cats.
  18. How's the press been in England? Saints on all the front pages I assume?
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