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  1. Looking forward to this haven have been the surprise package this season , couple of Aussie's in walmsley and Williams who should prove a handfull ,plus the normal Cumbrian grunt. Who knows what our lineup will be but as long as the effort is there , is what counts. Roll on Sunday.
  2. atkins and salter have a lot to prove to get deals with us next season IF chosen
  3. you need specsavers , no way a try , but as we all know refs are human aswell
  4. Top man is Jon flatman and iam sure he has a massive influence on what happens in the office , let's hope the previous quality and care of service continues.
  5. Been fantastic for fev and the knights , time to hang up the boot's and go out at the top , thanks Tim , great advert to any youngsters interested in playing the game .
  6. Now it's pretty sure we won't go down or make the playoffs surely it time to give Warren, Harrison and towse a chance for the final few games.
  7. Well done fev good luck in the playoffs , obviously no York involved this season , will lick our wounds and be back better and stronger next year .
  8. Agree wore the shirt with pride , great motivator and nothing less than 100% every game .
  9. Mid life crisis , he'll get over it
  10. What you've got to understand is it's not only the players ability but whether they want to be tied to fulltime rugby , most you've mentioned it would be difficult on both counts .
  11. Realistically any championship side going to superleague would probably only retain 20% maximum of the squad if they have ambitions of staying there.
  12. We were in a group of 3 and only 1 worked
  13. We've seen the rest , but that was the best , great performance from B O H showed what we've been missing , totally different style from Mikey but it certainly works , hopefully we can see more of him next season pairing up with Morgan smith , second half we really clicked and with stocky and kieron back were not far off .
  14. Shame for us , I really rated Riley , obviously didn't fit in at York for whatever reason , good luck at the Ram's.
  15. Ben is supposedly an ambassador for rovers and should be more Carefull what he spouts on social media.
  16. Ben's got nothing to do with the club , has he.
  17. Hopefully we've got Riley dean coming back from covid , obviously you've got hall who is a better fullback than dagger but we will see on the day
  18. You can sit where you want as long as its not in someone's reserved seat , wait till 5 min's before k o then you should be OK.
  19. League express showed sun 3pm k . o . plus our fixture list available to all in January also BBC has always shown it on the sun .
  20. Covid restrictions and ourleague commitments dear boy .
  21. Saturday wouldn't have been a problem if this was published when the fixtures were released , but under 2 weeks away is poor when people have made other arrangements , unfortunately R L is still not helping itself
  22. It's now important to look at the type of player we need to kick on next season , were going to possibly loose spears, Scott , kirmond out of the back row for one reason or another .
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