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  1. Time the club acknowledged on social media that they have problems , the Fan's and floating speccies will be lost if nothing is done .
  2. Marshy has been out for 21 days now , Frankie hasn't.
  3. Yes you can sit where you like within those blocks , and yes if your first choice is not to your liking you can move to another seat within those blocks .
  4. This is where the battle begins , Wembley was an improvement in effort and skills , these next few games are crucial to make sure we stay in the championship and build for next season , us the Fan's were great at Wembley but we need all of you present for the rest of the season , we've done it tough this year but so have many others , let's get the job done York loud and proud
  5. Enjoyed a great weekend away, 2 good games ,fev and saints showed why they were favourites, amazing experience as a York fan roll on swinton at home next week
  6. Boot's on the other foot now , try feeling for Riley dean , Ryan Atkins liam salter , Jordan baldwinson , James green, Joe porter , Brendan o, Hagan Etc , plus if any fail this mornings tests , up the fantastic kneets
  7. Checked into our hotel in London beer on the table , hope to see 2 good games tomorrow , up the fantastic kneets
  8. Join the club , we had Chris clarkson at scrum half a while ago .
  9. Come on their semi pro's and play week in week out
  10. let dagger play , and borrow a couple of saints or cas non playing members to get the go ahead , providing the rfl see that as common sense
  11. York loud and proud as always , our time has come , let's sing , chant , clap the lad's on Saturday , this is our day , up the fantastic kneets
  12. As said above it's a one off , both sides will have numerous players returning this saturday , york when and if they do click there a match for fev , close game I hope, fev by 8.
  13. You're right , but swinton are rock bottom and we have already beaten them twice which does give me hope
  14. Well that was what I expected , just so disappointing the manner of that defeat , anyway will enjoy our day out at Wembley , then back to this mess , need to and should beat swinton the week after and maybe scrape another win or two , then it's on to next season thankfully , who knows who will be playing or coaching for us . up the fantastic kneets
  15. Seems to be a secret at our new stadium , York press used to publicize but alas no more
  16. At last the bookies don't fancy the knights , must be due the win then
  17. Looking forward to this one , great news on jubby plus a couple of promising lad's on loan also sounds like cuthbo , Brendan and Kris are nearly ready , up the kneets
  18. Now George Williams has signed a long term deal with Warrington , could we look at getting Riley on a longer term agreement
  19. Great news for you guy's , good luck for the season.
  20. Stick with sheep shearing coolie.
  21. them porkies are still flying over
  22. would big changes be large enough to cover this mess that even fordy cannot acknowledge.
  23. so we go again , hoping for the same commitment we showed against batley , looking forward to a good game up the kneets
  24. Good to see the young lad back , been our most creative player this season , yeah I know that's not difficult but roll on Sunday and look forward to some entertainment
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