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  1. Great examples above but for pure fun, and a victory, how about the final match last season v Fax played in Honolulu. Wonderful outfits, atmosphere and Knights fans in top form.
  2. IT'S TIM SPEARS 400th GAME FEV FANS. Get behind the lad and applaud his brilliant career.
  3. But the Goodmans might have a super inbuilt DVD player. Hold on though, that would obviously need testing.
  4. Couldn't make it to Fax yesterday. But its maybe worth repeating something I've always believed. Its not just the losing of games that upsets fans, its how a team loses. On known form this season yesterday should have been a match . So its obvious that Knights fans will be disappointed at the fare served up by their team. At least, as far as I know, Knights fans haven't done a Warrington who booed their team after they appeared to remain on the coach in Leeds. Its gonna be very interesting next Sunday with both Fordy and Wardy expecting a reaction from their players after successive defeats. Come on you Kneets.
  5. Yes John, and a similar score for the home side will do us nicely . But its the cup, as the Broncos just found out, so need to tread warily.
  6. A good home draw for a change with a chance to progress. Thats all that needs saying for now cos Hornets wont be coming to just make up the numbers.
  7. My immediate angry reaction to what I've just witnessed is thats the worst final quarter by a Knights side for quite some time. 10-6 up with a man extra, the lack of game management was stunning to say the least. The commentators were praising Toulouse for never giving up but our players certainly gave them a helping hand. All that considerable effort for an hour wasted. Rant over. If the Knights can build on the first hour and cut out the errors we should be ok this season. Thought Will Sharp was our man of the match by a mile. Great to see the Knights flags on display.
  8. Couldn't make the game but my better half said exactly the same Gav, followed by "you didnt miss much". Oh dear, sounds like the main thing I definitely missed was a couple of pints in the Punch!
  9. All the best for today everybody and for the season. Out of action at the moment but hope to get back ASAP. Cheers!
  10. IMO Tim is just about the best signing the Knights have made since the clubs inception. He is invaluable to our club, and even if he only played half of our matches his very presence spurs others on.
  11. After 60 years of supporting York RL I have never felt so proud. These are richly deserved awards after one of the best seasons ever. Well done James, and thankyou John Flatman for taking our beloved club back up to a level not seen for donkeys years. York and proud.
  12. Best of luck to all associated with the Kneets, regards from Crete.
  13. " so how can you tell me you're lonely, and say for you that the sun dont shine, let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London, I'll show you something, to make you change your mind ".
  14. Hmm, now steady on there lads, those teams in the eighties were damn good and we had some brilliant individuals. Having said that, our current crop certainly play out of their skins for each other.
  15. Had a nice chat with an avid Oldham fan at the Skolars Wembley bash. He congratulated us on our season and said as far as he's concerned the Knights are definately the team of the year. Of course I agreed, but it made me feel ten feet tall and prouder of our club for decades cos other teams fans are acknowledging us.
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