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  1. Same here John, get well soon mate.
  2. Thats a steamingly good idea. A nice pint.
  3. Great news that Brining is going round again. BUT, I didn't know that Jason Bass is moving on?
  4. IMO this highlights a potential problem of super league players, especially the older ones, leaving full time clubs and having to get used to training twice a week. Even the most dedicated ones will never be as fit as they were. Thus, on paper last seasons group looked brilliant, but it was no surprise that some of the ' oldies ' couldn't reproduce their best form. I'm hoping that Paulie Paulie, being only 27, can retain enough fitness to impress.
  5. I'd like to re-sign all of those John for various reasons but know thats not possible. I would be surprised and disappointed if Bass moved on and very sorry if Brining had to call it a day. And similar to Kris, you would need a crystal ball for a couple of the others regarding future fitness etc. Over to you mystic Meg Fordy.
  6. Agree with that, but I'm not yet convinced re the captaincy, especially on the field. But in interview Chris says he learned a lot last season about his new role so we'll see. Captain fantastic was a hard act to follow.
  7. I hope so. Like others I was disappointed with Adam's contribution at times but injuries didn't help. He has something to prove to Knights fans if not himself. Playing behind our new big lads his ball handling could be invaluable. Just a thought.
  8. Should also be useful anywhere near the line!!
  9. Don't like the sound of that John. Let's hope the lad is over his problems and can regain full fitness. He's just the sort of unit we've been crying out for. Fingers crossed.
  10. Spot on John, think he was an arrogant 19 year old who didn't like leaving Cas. He was never going to make it as a centre anyway, luckily he found his niche later in the back row.
  11. They aren't fans, they are opportunists who can't bear to lose.
  12. A very important point there, " Haven played as well as the Knights allowed them to". I never made it up to Haven but by all accounts we were bloody awful that day. So maybe we should give the Knights some credit today for digging deep, tackling hard and not allowing Haven to fully get into their stride. Just a thought, instead of saying Haven were ######.
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