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  1. Think the Knights v Fax game will be close with the Knights having 8 players out injured.
  2. See Hallas has got a 2 match ban for being a thug, when attacking Ogdens head last Sunday, got off light.
  3. Junior has left Toulouse, loved him at York but I don't think he's the best trainer and wouldn't fit in with Fordy's thoughts, plus he will be on big bucks, let Leigh and Fev have him.
  4. And we wouldn't say anything either, promise we won't tell Fordy.
  5. Yes bus stops other side of Stonebow, safe journey
  6. Service 9, Park n ride takes you to the ground, they run every 15 minutes.
  7. Is the Ladies game first up thought they kicked off at 5.30
  8. Special offer on Sunday, halfprice if you bring your own seat.
  9. That's two of the four hard games done, both wins with great defensive efforts, next up home to Halifax on one of the best pitches in rugby league, the York Public should get behind this Knights team.
  10. Think all Knights know were miles off Fev and Leigh, we've not spent anywhere near them but we're having a good season, I'd be more worried if I were a Bulls supporter, see you at the L.N.E.R. Stadium.
  11. Well done lads a bigger win than I was expecting.
  12. Give em a shout from me, hopefully I can get to the Eagles game
  13. Looks like the Bulls have 3 or 4 players returning, harder game for the Knights now Kears gone.
  14. Just seen that looks a decent size nowt to lose by looking at him, could be in contention for a game next week against Fax.
  15. Bus cancelled to Bradford, only 4 booked on.
  16. Remember Boxer playing against us, used to dread him playing but could still love watching him, players like him don't come round often, mores the pity R.I.P. Boxer.
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