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  1. You won't get the time to explain it , it'll be " so you win the 2nd Division but don't go up ? , why not ? , that's daft , whereupon they'll walk off thinking ' stupid sport '
  2. My point is also they didn't lose , if they had continued the season they would have lost lots IMO , who knows how that would have affected the fans enjoying their beer ?
  3. Not really no , but I can imagine the anger that will surface in whichever town is on the wrong end of this , and the utter confusion within the support base IMG hope to tap into to build the sport " What , you get put in or out due to how many tweets you get ? , seriously ? , F cough "
  4. It should be interesting on here then to hear the squeals of anger when Toulouse are graded 14th ?
  5. Not ' relegated ' , that's what happens within a sporting contest ' Removed ' ? , quite possibly , but if they review then that means somebody else will be very ,VERY unhappy because of the changes , and will claim unfairness , quite rightly IMO
  6. You've been told by enough on here , there's no way a club outside can match a club inside apart from financial meltdown , and you know it
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