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  1. Fair point. However, there are other towns and cities who you could say are football mad. Stoke seems to be a black hole in many ways, as if everything passes it by. I wouldn't be surprised if eight track was the latest technology.
  2. Could Messi handle living anywhere near Leeds?
  3. This is a club that didn't go after Sean Dyche when they last had a chance. Yeah but he can only coach a certain way.
  4. Werder should be near the top, not struggling.
  5. So sorry to hear about that Gazza. Best wishes to you and your family.
  6. People who watch s##t programmes with 'false Geordies' then having a whinge about it. What do you expect??
  7. Compared to most towns and cities of a similar size, Halifax beats most for it's Victorian architecture.
  8. Sorry to cramp Saarbrucken's style, but aren't Cologne in Bundesliga 2? I just noticed they aren't, they're in League 3.
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