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  1. WBA spoilt my 10th birthday party, so I hope Villa win.
  2. I'm not much into watching football these days, that's why I'm a Burnley fan.
  3. It was Besiktas. They lost two games.
  4. Let me guess: Was it Besiktas or Fenerbahce who won in 1986?
  5. Both teams were incredible. Has there ever been an English top flight runner-up who lost only one game before?
  6. I'm glad I bailed out when I saw Sean Bean in the first episode.
  7. Time Tunnel Land of the Giants The Invaders This is a Quinn Martin Production Goodnight
  8. West Em are the most overrated club in the history of English fu'baw.
  9. What gets me is the Apertura and Clausura in Argentina. Plus, the last time I heard they had a bit of a convoluted P&R system that would have blown the minds of traditional football fans in this country.
  10. I wish I could play on an album and hardly remember it. Was he the first person to have a just eat app?
  11. You would think so. Perhaps someone in the studios kept tabs on who'd done what on what. BTW, I bet Wakeman loved Kermode's instruction.
  12. Yes, he was prolific, six thousand recordings. Carole Kaye who is also a former member of the Wrecking Crew played on an estimated 10,000 recordings.
  13. Those session musicians played a massive part, at least in American music, during the 1960's and much of the 70's.
  14. True, but if you brought Dixie Dean back and in his prime, he have scored at least 120 goals in one season, even with 21 Fatty Foulke's in goal.
  15. I would open up the game, so draws are less likely. A few tweeks in the playing dimensions, including larger goals might help. The average footballer is much taller now than a century ago, they're also fitter and faster. However, as long as soccer remains the most popular sport, there is little chance of more major rule changes.
  16. Shouldn't they have been above the normal procedure?
  17. If they had won the WC in 1998, I would bet they would all have been certainties to get gongs.
  18. I agree. After the New Years Honours annual fiasco I did have a slight disagreement with another member of this galaxy regarding the lack of a knighthood for Sir Gordon.
  19. Sorry Phil, We have high moors and deep wooded valleys. Halifax is the bottocks of the Calder Valley, Brighouse is the ####... Halifax looks a bit too much like the rest of West Yorkshire.
  20. Thanks to family connections, along with the rest of my family I had some real Mexican/Arizona tacos and burritos specially made a few years back. They were something else.
  21. Detroit must be full of wannabes. Edit: Detroit is the only major US city which lies to the north of the Canadian USA border.
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