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  1. I'd never realised that Castleford were so openly deserving of this unpleasantness till now. Hoping for the best for what's left. (I've a thin skin).
  2. The tragic news from Kalamata, Greece is that the OurLeague App is working fine. Happily there is some complimentary Raki in the fridge. 24-0 sfter half an hour.
  3. Not seen the game, only the excellent Williams try. My question is, if the Ref had made no decision on the disputed knock on and it was 'play on' would the Ref would now by criticised for not intervening or would the incident have been forgotten about? As I say I haven't seen the incident so my question might well be silly but you might get my drift- Play on and no one notices......perhaps.
  4. In the Peleponese- limited options here for viewing the CC and very frustrated but I feel that King Nestor of Pylos is rooting for the Red Devils when not besieging Troy!
  5. Hoping for a Salford win because SL is just that bit more interesting with the publicity and cash going to a less notable club. Have a hoot everyone.
  6. Its been fine for me when I've used it but I prefer to watch any match at the pub so haven't used it for a while with sky coverage being so full. Hopefully I'll be in Kalamata on Sunday so will report back on Hull v Cas via the app. I fear disappointment!
  7. Shocking progress by the disease. Am disgusted and angry at the whole thing. Punching someone would make me feel better but it doesn't work like that. Hopefully the kids are too young to be 'damaged' by this. How does his wife get through the day, the hour, the minute......?
  8. At times it was like watching an alien. A good one at that.
  9. Looked like a massive shoulder charge to me but wasnt mentioned I dont think so....
  10. Just to settle everything down this match does not exist on the Sky fixture list.
  11. I have no recollection of Steve Hampson playing for Fax. At all. Nothing. But I can remember many JB tries just like that though.
  12. Due to a series of tedious occurrences I missed all of the second half and failed to tape it. Bah! Well done Salford and give the game a boost by winning at Wembley.
  13. So if after the Cator/O'Neil incident, or any penalty in fact, because the Ref decides: Advantage, Hull are allowed a free hit on the opposition? Should a 5 minute 13 v 13 punch up follo, the Ref should not stop play because he is still playing advantage? Play has to stop at the second incident or else things will get silly. I suppose I'm asking what does a retaliating player have to do to stop play whether Advantage is being played or not.
  14. Reading some of these posts I suddenly feel ....a bit ...dirty. Well played Hull. ( just going to strangle some kittens with Adolf, Daryl and Jeremy). Cheer up everyone!
  15. It would be good to see the ball rip/knock on decisions going right more often.
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