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  1. I think there maybe a case for saying that limiting sponsors on shirts could actually increase revenue. A. Maybe the shirts would sell better as they would clearly look better without all the crappy logos plastered on them. B. We may attract better more lucrative sponsors if they knew there logo and brand wouldn't be placed next to 'Bob's Chippy' or whatever and they were the primary sponsor
  2. Wigan have had some some shockers in their recent history, none more so than these
  3. Hummell Logo would have been better on the right, seem more balanced that way
  4. Looks unfinished, but only one main sponsor gets a thumbs up from me!
  5. Ive got far too many shirts as I like to collect them, I stopped buying the NRL ones a fair few years ago because I was never wearing them! Ive got every Leeds home shirt since 2000 though with a few others from before then and a few away shirts. I do however only wear them at games as I think I'd look a bit of plum walking round in a replica shirt if I'm not at a game apart from some of the more traditional cotton shirts I've got that is.
  6. An Eagle is such a good starting point for a decent illustration so I'm not sure how they've got to this design, take something like the illustration West Coast Eagles use, its simpler and much more effective, I know they will have more money to spend on these things than Sheffield but, still...
  7. Whilst I agree I would like to see more consistency in the Home Shirt design they are damned if they do damned if they don't because people will just complain that the designs are too similar each year. I'd like to see a rule for the number of sponsors cut down to 2 maximum from SL, I also think the sponsorship price may increase if sponsors know they aren't slapped on a shirt with ten other (mostly badly designed) Logos
  8. Yes in 2017 and that was to take control of the retail side of things swell, however, that has recently been given to Elite Sports (Oxen/Xblades) and I am led to believe this is the last year ISC will supply any SL clubs
  9. ISC are pulling out of the SL/British market altogether I believe
  10. They are on my Photoshop mockup ? the real one is below
  11. Hull Kr ‘real’ kit nice but I honestly thought ‘The Drain Company’ was a made up sponsor to look ###### on the fake shirt.
  12. Looking at the Leeds kit again there was a few things that bothered me and with a bit more thought could have made it better. Theres too many hoops, they should have swapped the colours round on alternate hoops which would have been a nice nod to the irregular hoops that are traditional, there's too many logos and the bottom of the sleeves should be white to match the collar. And the LBS logo is too big
  13. I like it even though it’s not traditional, leeds kits should always have white shorts IMO
  14. As I said in the merchandising thread, that is an excellent jersey ruined by Loads of crappy designed logos slapped on it. interesting retro collar though, hope that is ISC’s standard collar design for 2020
  15. Shame the hoodies aren't still available, I would have ordered another.
  16. Leeds have just signed a deal with Elite ro Sports who are taking over the whole retail side of things for them https://www.therhinos.co.uk/2019/10/11/leeds-rhinos-partner-with-elite-pro-sports/
  17. The Super Dry stuff at leeds was excellent, it's just a shame that I think people thought they were too pricey so ditched them after a year, the quality was excellent, the hoodies in particular. I usually buy a 'players issue' shirt every year, mainly because I like collecting them but usually wear my 1968 water splash replica, they released them around 2003 I think ad they only produced 1968 of them, they were pailful replicas of the actual shirts worn, even down to the padding in the shoulders and they are really lovely. (these aren't pics of mine but shows what they're like)
  18. Cotton shorts should be for the supporters only, sports kit has moved on and we would look daft and the players probably uncomfortable in cotton jerseys. The two sponsors thing should definitely be introduced IMO the shirts are almost always ruined by too many sponsors and I'm not sure why in RL clubs seem to attract sponsors with terrible logos that look like they've been designed in microsoft word! I understand the need for sponsorship however I think clubs could actually attract better sponsorship deals if the main sponsor wasn't 'drowned out' but other sponsors plastered all over the playing kit. Leeds have a great long term sponsorship with Leeds Building Society, the logo is always integrated into the design nicely and then the design gets ruined with other sponsors plastered everywhere
  19. I’ve read it on that other Main RL message board, in fairness I’d usually say it’s just a load of twaddle, however the people posting it have a good record in regards the rumours being true. It would be one hell of a signing though.
  20. Pretty strong rumours circulating that Leeds are in negotiations with Sam Burgess as a replacement for Merrin.
  21. Sorry to hear this sad news, I really feel for you and your family. I lost my father far too young, he also died of pneumonia but it was from a complication during treatment for Leukaemia. He was 49. What I will say and it does sound like a cliche but time really does heal, its been 18 years since he died and there’s not a day goes by I don’t think about him but it’s now with a smile on my face rather than sadness. I very rarely get maudling but the only time it happens is Challenge Cup day when I hear abide with me, I’m not a religious person but that song never fails to get me. Stay strong and always remember the good times you had with him.
  22. Fair do’s, life would be boring if we all liked the same stuff ? For instance I don’t find Bottom or Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson particularly funny, Mayall was good in Man Down though
  23. Have you seen either Dark Place or Toast of London? Toast of London is Berry at his best IMO
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