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  1. The WC must go on because if it does and does so because the ANZACs default then any supposed ANZAC series would not be sanctioned by the International Board and they would be illegal.
  2. Why if no TV commitments are games starting at 19.45? Is this not a bit late. I see the Catalan game starts at 17.00 Generally though, are people still reluctant to move around. I'm guessing that Wigans season ticket numbers are somewhat higher than 5500, but stand to be corrected.
  3. One day its Friday another its Thursday another its Sunday. It's a bigger gate than St Helens tonight!
  4. Yes listening on Warriors radio. Wigan losing concentration in last quarter. 2 pens helping Wakey get 2 tries. PS ... before that Bibby came close to his 4th...!
  5. Friday night and no RL on SKY. Remind me, were were supposed to be running our nuts off to fulfil these obligations to ensure games for SKY. I see there is Live The Hundred on 3 channels.
  6. Its worth noting that players who become "names" can enjoy various rewards and endorsements etc as a result of the WC. So it strikes me it is the duty of the players association to question those who don't support the WC.
  7. If the WC does go ahead then no its not possible because its clear they could have come and they have broken the international rules and calender etc. This is why any cancellation of the Cup or it's postponement is a total disaster. It's a move force majeure a coercion by the NRL to defacto take over our game. This whole issue is a total massive disaster... of HUGE proportions. And the wheelchair and women's games... !!! The idea of the Anzac carrying on in their game Pacific bubble is as nothing to what we have just been hit with. A giant steam train. I am very sorry to have to say, and repeat, to you and to everyone else ... But we MUST totally reorganize our game from top to bottom. And find investment. We are not in the last chance saloon even, we have been thrown out the back and left with the bottles of empties. Fosters of course.
  8. Yes but does he have pace now? I very much hope he has and I wish him well.
  9. Games being called off are a failure of protocols by clubs and players and because one player has got positive others have to isolate. Not many have tested positive and I'm guessing no one has got seriously ill, indeed many i guess did not have much in the way of symptoms. This is a serious illness and far and away the best majority of our population are now protected thanks to the efficient vaccine programme which will get a booster starting in September. Good luck to Australia when their next lock down comes round. Because their lockdowns are not going to work unless they start vaccinating.
  10. I will go further because it was cowardly to go behind the international board and the RLWC organisers and just come out of with it. They did not want to face anybody or discuss and clearly they had a hidden agenda. Cowardly bullies. COWARDLY. Cowardly is as cowardly does. COWARDLY.
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