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  1. The WC must go on because if it does and does so because the ANZACs default then any supposed ANZAC series would not be sanctioned by the International Board and they would be illegal.
  2. Its worth noting that players who become "names" can enjoy various rewards and endorsements etc as a result of the WC. So it strikes me it is the duty of the players association to question those who don't support the WC.
  3. This is now, not October. And remember all this pinging stuff is not that all those pinged have been infected, just that they keep in quarantine just in case.
  4. If the WC is postponed then this leaves the way free and clear for Australia and Kiwis to go ahead and run their own competition. It then also helps them prepare for a postponed competition the next year and thus totally ###### up any practice England have. Ditto if the WC is cancelled. And if the WC is unviable then it will have to probably be cancelled. A wholly total shambles. I hope all Saints fans are disgusted and ashamed of Mal Meninga and likewise Wigan with Maguire. All ways up the international game is a wipe out. However... I read that Aussie Players Association say withdrawal is 'premature. Is there hope?
  5. What are you talking about. I regularly complain about how sycophantic people are about NRL and Origin and the Australian game generally. I presaged the Aussies backing out of the WC. The Aussies are self interested and insular. This event has huge repercussions if people stop to recognise it.
  6. How does this fit in with Old Trafford Man U and Sky schedules. We should go back to a Winter season with a brief break maybe after Christmas. But we must not go back to 30 games a season. Unfortunately, several clubs share with football clubs.
  7. Of course it needs to change. It's not really the razmataz of this 100 nonsense. But for goodness sake LOOK... They gave invented new teams and a new look, a new competition, new rules probably and the ground is full. And of course the TV are going all over it to talk it up. Here, we have 3 teams in Wakefield 4 in Manchester 2 in Hull and they are fighting each other to death... Ahab and the great white whale could not do it any better. And you say we are OK!
  8. Yes. Meantime in another world, on BBC2 we have an infantalised version of cricket with made up invented teams. Garish logos garish TV images. Loads of people watching, mostly clueless about the teams and what's going on, but they can drink themselves silly and can enjoy the DJ and now a pop star who I've never heard of who can't sing. But hey, there is plenty smoke and flashing lights. Eddie Waring it is not. It's garbage I assure you. But surely you can see why we are going backwards ??? We need to change, change so the aussies cannot do this to us ever again.
  9. Hmm... I don't watch the BBC News, I only wish I had the bottle to not pay the fee, but I noticed it was on and you would never had guessed rates was dripping. They Just want to pour in all the misery they can. All I can say is it's a good job they were never around for Dunkirk.
  10. Man f***s sheep never made news in Australia. Now it never makes news the other way round either.
  11. Because the NRL, which is let's face it the power behind the ARL, don't want the competition. They just want to play with their ball. They live on the other side of the world, in splended isolation ... and even in their own country, Perth is another world from Sidney. They are parochial. And the NRL have become massively insular, they are so much up their own backsides that it's not true.
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