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  1. Cedric has already publicly said they will not be spending up to the cap.
  2. Maybe Sir Kevin could change the title to something like "Toulouse almost likely to sign to new signings but who knows, maybe, but let's comment anyway as it helps pass the time until the fixtures are out and we have something else to discuss other than the corrupt RFL and SKY money". Better?
  3. They are about to announce. They already signed before the final, but it depended on them winning the final. This thread is discussing the possibility and whataboutabe of what Toulouse will do to help cement a position in the SL, join in, have some fun.
  4. Another one with very dodgy knees He will fit in well
  5. https://www.facebook.com/ToulouseOlympiqueXIII/videos/6777889805584580/ Harrison has decided to stay for one more year. At 36 that is very brave
  6. Sorry nothing solid, but BEIN got more interested before the season proper ended, I heard they had some initial conversations. Having aired the semi and final and seen the support it has generated then I hope they push on. Canal+ are a different kettle of worms. I heard a sniff of a rumour but no more. Occitanie TV are involved also in the local sport but they are small potatoes compared to the others. Someone will step up I'm sure of it, it's too much of an opportunity to miss, even if it's just down here in the south.
  7. BEIN sports and Canal+ have been thinking about the home French matches.
  8. Great game, Great experience. i got back very late last night completely knackered and drained, we live an hour and a half away in the mountains but absolutely worth the trip. My first experience of a top level "final" and , to be honest, it doesn't half put you through the wringer doesn't it ! I thought Fev's 20 mins in the 2nd half was going to make TO fold as usual. Thankfully not this time. I've yet to see the match "proper" ... you never do when you are there, especially when you are on the 10m line and all the action is the other end of the pitch. So i can't comment on referring decisions but what I saw seemed fair enough (the 79th minute grinding Remi's face into the pitch wasn't something to be proud of though...got the WAG's behind me a bit, well, shouty) Fabulous atmosphere, great crowd...even the Fev fans I met were good natured and chatty. Nice to see so many young kids there as well, and to be there for Remi's last game was special. I'm also made up for Johno Ford, scoring the last try seemed to be so apt. He's always been singled out as being a bit of a show pony, but his leadership this season, and he has upped his playing level above and beyond normal because of the new guys around him, I think he well deserves his moment in the headlines. He, and Killer, always said they would play in the SL, but it would be on their terms, and playing for TO. Chapeau Messieurs... to all at TO, both the team on the pitch and off it.
  9. I had heard a rumour that there was a top Australian player who has been thinking of switching codes. it would be massive if it came off, more from a marketing point of view as well as you would get the Union crowd in when the other team were playing away. It had gone quiet though as the quota question did come up, so i'm not sure where they are with that. with Peuch and Marcon fit again, and Albert staying , just one or two more big fellas would be my guess. One huge other question is if they make it obligatory to be fully vaxxed to play in SL. I know of at least one top guy at TO who would not be playing next year!
  10. Just read about this on the LaDepeche site. He was trying to cross the Périphérique by foot. Such a waste and I am really sorry that this had to happen.
  11. A bit harsh saying Toulouse denied them the privilege. Featherstone offered two dates, a Saturday, where Stade Toulouse had already a game on, and a Wednesday the following week. Featherstone knew full well they couldn't travel on the Wednesday as their players would have to miss a lot of work on their return, what will self-isolation and all that, and would be putting their own end of season at risk. It was a shame the game couldn't have been played but to lay the full blame on the Toulouse doorstep is rather harsh.
  12. Quite. It's not the visiting supporters that make a difference, and to be honest, not many Toulouse fans will be able to afford more than a couple of games away in a season. Away fans are important if there is a following TV audience. I can guarantee that come Toulouse reaching the heady heights of super League then there will be a massive increase in fanbase here in France.
  13. Marcon and Puech are still there. Long term injuries. Funnily enough I was sat next to Drew Bentley and his family last Saturday. He was on top form.
  14. One of the reasons TO brought in Casti, Garbutt, Peyroux, Gigot, Pélissier et al. Hoping to bring in big game expérience.
  15. Yes, that was tickets sold. There were some invitation tickets but not many...(I got one) There were around 500 kids allowed in as well as there was a morning tournament at the TO training ground for U7 up to U17.
  16. The rules are that you have to show a pass sanitaire..proof of vaccination or negative test. However, at the game last Saturday no one was checking. Getting 7000 people thru the gates was a challenge enough. A big BUT, I have no idea what is happening at the borders at the moment. Getting into France without being proper vaxxed you shouldn't be allowed is my understanding. Unvaxxed you need a proper reason, and watching a rugby match is not on the list of proper reasons.
  17. Difficult for whom? TO tried that against Batley and reverted back to route 1 in the 2nd half after a telling off. If it means going up the middle with the pack to win, then they will do that. It's a shame as the stadium is set up for fast wide flowing rugby.
  18. ....60-20 full time after a stern talking to by Farmer at half time
  19. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Great to be back in the stadium after so long. Lovely warm and sunny but very windy which caused problems for both sides. Toulouse a bit nervous and tried to be too exciting in the 1st half but got back to doing the basics right in the 2nd. Credit to Batley though, they lost someone to injury very early on but gave TO a good game in the 1st half. Good to see some who had made the journey as well. Possibly going to be over 9000 there next week. Special promo of 5€ tickets if you went this week. Depends how many Catalan supporters make the trip to Manchester for next weekend. Lots of supporters from all over the south here this time which was great as well as seeing so many kids in the crowd.
  20. Only if unvaccinated
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