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  1. It was more about how the thread is confusing rather than the hurricanes. I am interested if they are moving as, although it would be a much better stadium, I think it may make it a bit more difficult to keep going. And yes Earlswood is in warks. But I reckon the portway "stadium" is just in Worcestershire. I think I crossed into Birmingham, and then back into worcestershire going under that little bridge getting to the getting to the little track that leads up to ground. (Bromsgrove has a B postcode but is definitely in worcs. ) Edit - I stand corrected. Just looked on the map and it is just, and I mean just, in Warwickshire. I reckon it's that close though that when you go for a p*** that's over the border in Worcestershire.
  2. This year they played in Portway, which is in Worcestetshire. I.e. not Birmingham. Just to add further to this confusing thread.
  3. I was just being silly, tbh. I think I tried to rip a joke from IT Crowd.
  4. If you type "Facebook" into Google, the internet breaks, I heard.
  5. The "circus" was the only place you could get a drink IIRC!
  6. Shame as there were quite a few fans turned out in Droitwich, during a pandemic, when it was still very difficult to both watch and drink at the same time.
  7. Just spoke to my plumber and his team, getting a new bathroom fitted. Mentioned I was watching "the rugby" later with a few mates with projector on so I might not make a lot of sense later. He, the boss, asked me which one, the men's or the women's, as he had a few things to do but he was definitely watching both. His two lads who were doing the work said they were hoping to get wrapped up in time to watch too. Bearing in mind I live in deepest darkest worcestershire, this shocked me. I was deliberately vague about which "rugby" I was watching. I believe there is an England game on today too, but the lads didn't have a clue about that. They one cared about the world cups, and mainly the one that starts tomorrow. (They all watched the England samao game last week). Basically, we need high profile, regular internationals on free TV. I appreciate this has been said before, but it's so obvious. All the games efforts should be geared towards that, but it isn't. Come on NZ and Samoa
  8. Last November, I got a cracking deal (I think it was 60 quid for the year) for Premier Sport Player (online) which allowed me to watch the Championship Monday night fixtures, along with a load of other stuff that I was keen to watch (and had paid for separately in the past) also. It appears that Premier Sports have been acquired by a Swedish online content provider. They've kindly rolled my subscription on for another month to the end of the year, but as of next year they've said it will be £14.99 a month. I'm also concerned they haven't mentioned anything about carrying on the Championship coverage for 2023 under the new company (but have mentioned lots of other online, non sport, content!); and I'm worried Barrow v Batley may not fit into a bigger business's plans. So, I don't think I'll be carrying on my Premier subscription for the 2023 season; too expensive and too risky. I'm going to contact them and see if they can give any more info about their Rugby League plans for next season (and beyond)
  9. agreed, good app. Shame you don't seem to be able to Cast it Tim
  10. Any news on the move from South to North Birmingham?
  11. So, seeing that set out, that's a really good team! I hadn't really thought or appreciated how sting and balanced the kiwis would look!. We look god too. And Samoa. And all the other European nations look interesting. Starting to get a bit excited
  12. French RL I the 80s was basically a disaster for the sport. Le Pontet were I think trying to do a Wigan and eventually go fully pro, but they were a bit too uppity for the establishment, and there was huge anger at multiple referring and federation decisions, the rhetoric was all about a grand conspiracy, and so the owners packed up and found a warm welcome over in Union. It's difficult to even work out if the club still exists. The records indicate they rebranded as Pontet Avignon Rugby Club Vaucluse, and this club is now playing in the depths of the Union federal set up, federal 3. However on this clubs website the history section shows they've always been a union club. It's a shame the history of le pontet seems to be forgotten somewhat.
  13. I really don't see the issue with demarcation of SoO and te international game. Why shouldn't Hastings, or even Dom Young, be able to play for both NSW and England if they fit the rules fir both (and are good enough - purely hypothetical). Ditto NSW and NZ or Samoa (which for the latter we already allow)
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