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  1. Any Dewsbury fan who doubts MS's intentions regarding the bulls should have a read of the article about 'favouritism towards the bulls' on the Bradford page.
  2. Bsj...I generally agree with your mostly well informed posts, but if you can't see the blatant conflict of interest here summats well amiss. Also if you believe owt the RFL says these days you must have a lot more faith in them than me.
  3. It is and it's obvious. That's Rugby League these days for you.
  4. The 'lucky' club has already been chosen. Don't fret thissens
  5. That's not beyond the boundaries of reality. Personally I think it's disgraceful to have one person/organisation in charge of two clubs, but hey-ho there you go.
  6. That's Dewsbury's ground though isn't it, unless of course we're talking about Dewsbully Bums.
  7. Bullies....Super League application. Erm, isn't one of the main criteria having a ground?
  8. Bradford? I thought one of the criteria was your ground's capacity and facilities. That's if you've got a ground.
  9. That would be o.k. unless 7, or more, clubs wanted the 12th spot. Also if there wasn't equal funding all clubs should stick together and tell SL to shove their condescending offer where the sun don't shine.
  10. Don't worry, the 'lucky' club has already been decided and it's not Fev.
  11. I would think the 'lucky' club has already been chosen.
  12. He played more games than that for Fax. I never saw him make a break or bust a tackle. The lad was awful, as he was at Fev. If the Batley faithful were happy with him o.k. He never cracked it in SL for a reason. Each to their own I suppose.
  13. You've saved a wage there. He was less than poor at Fax.
  14. ....which only goes to reinforce the feeling that Leeds and Featherstone are, in all but name, more or less the same club nowadays. I know my Fev mates will disagree with that but I honestly believe that it's a very dangerous game Featherstone are playing. If you think that's too strong a view just read the comments regarding Bramley. With this awful virus situation strange things are happening and RL is not immune to anything. In fact the only positive we can take as a game this season is that, so far, we still have all of our clubs surviving.
  15. That's a very reasonable assessment of the team squads as they stand. What next season brings though is up in the air, let's all hope we can finally get to see some rugby and enjoy a few jars with all our mates in the rugby world irrespective of who we support, bulls excepted of course
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