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  1. Indeed we have and yes it does become monotonous but unfortunately it is still here with us and looks unlikely to disappear before some clubs go bust. Totally agree on your other points by the way.
  2. Fev do indeed use the DR system better than most, but by using it at all every club involved are allowing our clubs to be used by SL for their own purposes. I've said before that I see nowt much different between having one player or twenty on DR, you've still done the dirty deed and SL clubs must be wetting theirselves at our compliance. Fev though are taking it to such limits that it is hard to argue against them being accused of the feeder club jibe. Sadly they won't be the last club going down that road. It'll all end in tears.
  3. I think in normal times an incentive based on position is the right way to go, but we're not in normal times at the moment. As I said all clubs need help and without it some could possibly fold.
  4. Seeing as this season was only a few games old before it was curtailed an even split would be the fairest way of distribution. Basing funding for 2021 on 2019 standings can't be right, especially in the current situation when all clubs need as much help as they can get.
  5. ...or just give Bradford the £250,000.
  6. A good lad is Ben. He'll never let the team down, 100%!
  7. DM wish Fax had him back. KH glad we got shut.
  8. KH never broke the line once for Fax. Granted he draws the defence in and has good hands but for someone his size he should do so much more. No loss at all for me.
  9. Agreed except for Hirst. What people see in him I really don't know. Most clubs will be cost cutting now and if they're not they must have a very good crystal ball as splashing out for next year when nobody knows what the future holds could turn out to be very foolhardy.
  10. Robinson not confirmed yet although it seems a done deal. As for the clear out all I can say is the players who are departing were, on the whole, part of the team responsible for an 8th place finish in the 2nd division and that is just not good enough for Fax I believe.
  11. Also, Fleming to Cas.
  12. He hardly missed a match at Fax.
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