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  1. That’s fine isn’t it, no different to someone taking a job in the Championship hoping to do well and catch the attention of a Premier League club.
  2. @Mark Wynn I’ve just listened to the recent 13 Pro-Am podcast where your CEO talks about the All Golds. It all sounds so positive and well thought out, hope it all works out and that we see you in League One at some point. I like your off the wall Southern team idea too, and as a bonus it’s given the frustrated keyboard warriors who do nothing for the game something to rant about, you’ve made their day
  3. Lots of shock and criticism here, but he must have impressed at interview. Trent Robinson had no head coaching experience once, same with Holbrook and the rest.
  4. What’s the RL scene like in Cornwall, I think I read there’s a team in Truro?
  5. 14 team SL with two up two down, anything less is stagnation and less incentive for either teams in the championship to get better or teams in the lower reaches of SL to get better. Some teams are clearly happy finishing 10th or 11th and taking the money, nobody wants to see that.
  6. I agree with most of this but what makes you think Toulouse (who so far have struggled to attract 2,000 fans) will suddenly quadruple that?
  7. Southern Conference rep side v NCL rep side, might be hideously one sided but who knows until it’s tried.
  8. I’ve heard recent championship experience being mentioned as a criteria. Not sure why as my definition anyone with that has failed in that division. Newcastle lost the play off last year and quite obviously have the most potential to grow the game and increase the player pool, as they are already doing.
  9. Why, a number of the clubs fulfil those criteria to varying extents. I agree Newcastle have the strongest bid though.
  10. It embarrasses GingerJon, he can’t stand the thought of RL being played more than 3 miles from an M62 junction.
  11. It doesn’t matter what articles say to Oliver, he’ll slag them off regardless.
  12. What’s the difference between a state and a region, very little in this instance. Not sure why your issue is with it, other than it’s something else to deride.
  13. Won a World Cup and Serie A title pretty much singlehandedly, unheard of achievements. Imagine how good he could have been if he’d lived his life differently.
  14. If the World Cup was in Australia and someone played a WA rep side in Perth as a warm up would you be similarly appalled?
  15. I think it’s a good idea, if it’s current players who want to be involved and somebody wants to play them. Why not.
  16. Maradona, the GOAT and a top bloke (see Maradona in Mexico on Netflix as an example). I’m not into mourning celebrity deaths but am really sad about this news.
  17. I was massively against Leigh or Fev being chosen at the start, nothing against either club but I want to game to expand beyond the M62 (would happily see either of them promoted at the expense of one particular SL club who’d never be in SL given the criteria they have endorsed though). However on last week’s Golden Point podcast David Longo (?) from Fev was on and he gave such a positive spiel about why they should be chosen that I was almost convinced.
  18. They’d be quite right to call that decision insular. I’d love to see Bradford back in SL but to admit them now would be a joke, and a slap in the face to well run clubs.
  19. Until they buy sports clubs. I used to wonder how people who are obviously so good at making money ###### it away on football, eg QPR’s owner when they were spending massively on utter has beens and still finished bottom on the Premier League. This is just one of many examples.
  20. He’s in the frame for the Cook Islands RLWC job.
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