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  1. London didn’t survive in SL though.
  2. The highest average attendance in step 8 in 19/20 was 810 (Guernsey FC), and they are an exception there are only three clubs at that level averaging more than 500. Nothing like Super League.
  3. None of them get anything like 4,000 to games. Bury FC aren’t in the 9th or 10th tier either.
  4. Which 9th and 10th tier sides are you referring to?
  5. If you’re referring to me as one of those, I’m not a cheerleader for it, I’m just open minded and really hope this crazy plan comes off.
  6. You think Morecambe or Dunfermline are worth more than Leicester Tigers or Leeds Rhinos? Even some SPL and English League One teams are nowhere near as big as the biggest Union or League clubs.
  7. Your middle sentence of the middle paragraph applies to the football Championship too, but that’s the fifth best attended football division in Europe.
  8. Sorry to pour water on your negativity but if the game grew in Spain (which Valencia joining L1 and teams being in Euro XIIIs would help), their international attendances might grow.
  9. I don’t use Twitter either but you can still look at their Twitter page without being registered on it https://mobile.twitter.com/euroxiiis
  10. Some contributors to this forum are going to devastated by this news, as they’re an established club. I wonder what they’ll find to object to with Edinburgh.
  11. They’ve been clear what the point of it is, I don’t know why people keep asking.
  12. I can’t see Sky being keen on showing West Wales v Coventry.
  13. Does everyone in PNG support the Hunters as their main team though?
  14. A lame joke from some bored Union fans?
  15. A bit more info about the Chisinau Scorpions. ??
  16. A normal glyphosate weed killer will sort hogweed out, it’s nothing like Japanese knotweed.
  17. With the salary cap as it is London living costs must be a hindrance? At least you can still get a house for sixpence in St Helens and eat at Greggs every day.
  18. What big crowds? They get about 2,000, they’re no bigger than Halifax or York.
  19. Saints - you get to live in one of the most desirable towns in Europe.
  20. I don’t know the geography of Salford, is the AJ Bell not really in Salford itself then?
  21. I’d hate to see a closed shop SL and the end of P&R, but if it did happen as you suggest with ten teams the first five would be shoe in, six and seven fairly obvious candidates but I don’t know why you’d have London or Toulouse in other than because they’re big places, and Huddersfield while a candidate aren’t as big as Cas or Bradford, or even HKR or Widnes.
  22. Had a stop off there in-between Warsaw and Minsk, was a fair few years ago but well worth a night or two I’d say.
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