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  1. Absolutely gutted, saw him at Leigh last season and looked as fit as a fiddle.Condolances to all his family and friends. RIP Des
  2. Were you bullied by a Leigh fan at school, you're beginning to become obsessed with everything about Leigh, there is a life outside of this forum
  3. Leigh announce the signing of Tom Amone from West Tigers
  4. Matty Russell apparently signed for Toulouse for next season
  5. Would have rather kept Halliwell over Matty Gee. Halliwell will go well at Fev
  6. Strong rumour going around is jy Hitchcock is leaving Toulouse and signing for Leigh
  7. Have they signed anyone yet,or are they they keeping there powder dry
  8. Another one retirement for the village Jacob Jones
  9. If you can't have a dig after having 3 weeks off,you're never going to have a dig,lets see how they go after a run of games
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