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  1. Incredibly watching the Eurosport channels I keep getting sport , where's the endless studio chat that the beeb have on BBC 1? Eurosport ch 985 football- Sweden vs Australia women, yes Australia!
  2. Disappointed with Dechambeau, I was looking forward to his mighty hits but the course just doesn't suit him. Hope Speith wins, seems a real gent.
  3. Pre just means before the event in question. Pre heat oven before cooking, rather than switch oven on and put food straight in. Pre order: on Amazon for instance, look at product on sale and order it, or pre order if it's not available yet. Pre menstrual tensions are feelings women get ,ie mood swings before menstruation, ie it's before the event. BTW I never never preheat oven before cooking, pop food in and just add 5 minutes to cooking time, same result.
  4. The K.O. Time of 19.15 is I believe the French time. For U.K. thats 18.15, according to my Sky box anyway.
  5. Anyone missing the Euros can watch The Gold Cup, Nth and Central America's version on FREESPORTS Ch 422 on sky box. All games shown complete but not live. Basically 24hrs after the event, but as it's easy to avoid results you can watch as live. I'm enjoying what I've seen so far. Tonight 8pm Qatar vs Panama followed by Honduras vs Greneda. Qatar are a guest team in preparation for '22. They actually look OK, won't embarrass themselves next year. Saw their match with Panama already repeated tonight, and it was some second half.
  6. Countdown lexicographer Susie Dent often talks of the fluidity of language and semantics are decided by usage in the long term not the other way round. There isn't a word fixed in all time for its meaning whereby if enough people use it differently it's wrong. If enough people use a word to mean something eventually it becomes that meaning . Football means association football in the whole of Sth America, Europe except Ireland, Asia, Africa Central America. The exceptions are Nth America, Australasia, and er..the M62 towns. So 90% of the world use football meaning soccer so by the popular usage giving meaning idea Football means soccer. If you need to differentiate then it's Rugby League Football or Aussie Rules Football, just as it's Cricket World Cup, Rugby League World Cup but just THE World Cup for soccer. Actually I'm not sure it's beneficial RL being confused with football. RL needs it's own moniker, I would use Rugby 13's.
  7. You misunderstand, I'm glad you've posted this thread, I was thinking of doing it myself. The thread on AOB has been running for a few days, I just wanted to draw attention to it, sorry if that for some reason disturbs you.
  8. There is a thread running devoted to this on AOB along with a 7 option poll. Please visit if you care to. https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/362585-sunday-8pm-alternative-viewing-poll-added/
  9. 18 minutes into this episode of Selwyn Froggit with Bill Maynard, the conversation with the Duke and Selwyn turns to RL ending with Selwyn demonstrating with a cushion as a Rugby ball.
  10. Sorry to be pedantic, but it's Alan Carter and The Mark Of Archanon. Yeah, Space 1999 fan, in this episode an alien father and son are found cryogenically preserved under the moon's surface .
  11. Curb is great. Susie Green , I feel strangely attracted to her!!
  12. Interesting alternative at 9pm Sky Comedy (113). Larry David- Curb Your Enthusiasm. I love this show but never realised this 1999 " prequel " existed. Larry tries to convince HBO to give him his own show. I'll record it, watch it after final unless England are being thrashed then I might be tempted to turn over sooner.
  13. Is this understandable or a step too far ? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57774782
  14. It is hoped that 30m will tune in for England vs Italy final, plus maybe add another 5m for fan parks, pubs etc. That leaves perhaps 25m not bothering. Who on here won't be watching? What alternatives have you lined up? Here's some ideas; BBC2 -Land Of The Tiger, BBC personalities look back at their adventures in India, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Ch4- Scotland's Coastal Railways with Julie Walters. Ch5- Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - film with Judi Dench and Bill Nighy. On the sports front, SkySp 401- Golf- The John Deere Classic. SkySp 404 - rerun of England vs India women's T20 SkySp 406 - Goodwood Festival of Speed SkySp 408 - Highlights SOO Game2 followed by Highlights of Castleford vs St Helens 410 - Tour de France highlights 422- or even alternative football- Rerun of El Salvador vs Curaçao ( who?) in the Gold Cup from Texas. Nth and Central America's version of Euros. 423 - LIVE Baseball Yankees vs Astros. Add also streaming services and maybe settle down for a binge watch of DVDs. So who'll be watching what? BTW I'm watching our boys gallantly but inevitably lose to Italy.
  15. In the Chilean top league there is Everton and O' Higgins. Also two Liverpool FC's in South America, in Chile and Montevideo Uruguay.
  16. This is what we have wanted for years, Evil of the Daleks animation. Confirmation of September 27 release date. Brilliant. Victoria's debut story and a much missed masterpiece ❤
  17. With big finals shown on BBC and ITV I usually watch BBC, but not this time. ITV have IMO the best three studio pundits in Keane, Neville and Wright, their main commentator is a bit naff, but Lee Dixon is quite good and insightful. The Beeb' s Jermaine Jenas is rather dull and Shearer is overrated and although Rio Ferdinand is okay it's not enough to watch the BBC this time.
  18. No offence intended. It is difficult to get why the often tedious game of football is World no.1 . Imagine a game totally played according to the rules by genial chaps, that would be dull.
  19. Maybe it is your RL background, but people fail to understand the popularity of football. Controversy sells! The diving the time wasting, Fergie time, creating caricature villains. FIFA are not dolts they could easily stamp it all out and create a Corinthian gentleman's game, and the game will then probably be less popular. Football more than any other sport is shaped and tailored to humanity's base instincts, long may that continue. It does make me chuckle when RL fans comment on football, " introduce clock stop rule, stop the gamesmanship, send players off for diving " Yeah that'll cut it's popularity, then RL will have a chance.
  20. England matches I expect on BBC1 whatever time it's on, others on BB2, 4 or red button. Eg. Tonga vs PNG ko 19.30 Tuesday October 26th I wouldn't think will be on 1 . It looks an interesting game but as it doesn't have Eng, Aus or NZ I expect BBC blockheads to shunt this to RB.
  21. Here goes, my predictions for rest of tournament, probably mostly wrong. Spain bt Switzerland Italy bt Belgium Denmark bt Czech England bt Ukraine Semi Finals Spain bt Italy England bt Denmark FINAL SPAIN bt England
  22. Benitez interview after getting Everton job.
  23. And our lower profile. Sorry but I really think that's true. RL is a fantastic FANTASTIC spectacle if played between evenly matched teams, not so otherwise IMO. Talk about more international RL, expanded SL, quicker game, NO , get more jeopady into RL it has a chance. Back on topic, either Czech, Ukraine, Denmark or England will be in the final, that's AMAZING, unexpected, that's soccer.
  24. OT - that's why the FIFA WC IMO will never be in OZ. Also, I may be wrong, but I read somewhere that the AFL would never cooperate to accommodate FIFA, ie moving games, stadium usage etc. Don't know what the NRL's position would be.
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