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  1. People on here were already worried that Super League for the casual viewer was conjuring up thoughts of Netball and Women's Football. So our SL needs a new name if this ESL ever gets going. How about cheekily taking from football and call our league, Premier Rugby League. I can see it now. Mike Wedderburn (Sky) " now rugby league news, and tonight's team news in the Premier League. "
  2. Funnily there's a furore going on about a European closed shop Super League proposal for football. Gary Neville describes it as a disgrace despite his Man U in favour of it. Everyone is against it apparently, because of the betrayal of loyal fans down the pyramid, lack of relegation from proposed league, creating a cartel of clubs which no one else could join. However some want exactly that for RL .Yes the money in RL is a fraction of football, but the principle is the same. Or am I missing something?
  3. Definitely keep p+r it gives hope to lower league clubs and fans, without that the interest slowly dies. I'd have 12 teams SL, playing each other twice , 22 games. Then league splits, top 6 play 5 more games against each other (points carried on with ), top 3 , 3 home ,2 away 4th to 6th place 2 home 3 away. Top two after 27 games in GF. Bottom 6 likewise, 5 games against each other. Bottom relegated, replaced by Championship winners, 2nd bottom join 2nd to 4th Championship teams for SF and Final play off for last SL place. Magic weekend to be 2days of 2 matches of Challenge Cup QFs each day. Might increase crowd, people more likely to buy tickets for 2 games rather than 3 a day. Overall slightly less number of games leaves room for international break.
  4. As a Spurs fan I feel that Manchester City have already bagged the League Cup, got no confidence in Mourinho. His last chance I feel to get a trophy at Spurs. Next season either Herr Nagelsmann or Flick will be at the Lane.
  5. Norwich back in the Premier League, fantastic, that's one of next season's relegation places sorted.
  6. Despite the jokey thread here, I believe that this is important. RL has a problem that no other sport has, being confused with another sport. Is there another sport with this problem, I can't think of one. Ice and Field Hockey have a shared titular word but no one confuses them , among the general public if they think anything about rugby it's Union until you explain carefully and then it's probably regarded as just a northern version of union. Even the highbrow quiz Only Connect once had a question that the correct connection was that League is a version of Union. Now " rugby " was named as that town had a pivotal part in the history of the original game. Now League has Huddersfield as a part of the formation, George Hotel 1893, so how about " Huddy" "Huddy football, " "anyone fancy a game of Huddy," " Huddy World Cup "
  7. Just this morning tried fish fingers in fryer. Amazing, crisp and really tasty. 200 degrees for 9 minutes.
  8. Would Salford and Salford FC swapping grounds be advantageous at all, to both sides perhaps. It would certainly fit the prospective probable needs of both clubs current trajectories.
  9. As any fule knows the reason the dinosaurs died out is.......
  10. The Vapors Turning Japanese, a big hit, but nobody at the eager to ban BBC realised it was about a lonely guy with a photo of his girl having a w##k.
  11. Pies work well, but it's trial and error to work out how long you leave it in. Knock 20 degrees off the oven temperature and 40% off cooking time. Also remove from foil containers.
  12. This is an air fryer, I have one and it's a fine piece of kit. Don't use it all the time , but it's great for an alternative to oven cooking. I use it for stuff that I can't really get a nice crispy finish in the oven. Meat pies, fish fingers, roast chicken pieces with skin on it. They come out amazingly crisp, and all the taste is locked in. Air fryers are also clean cooking and easy to clean the kit afterwards. Anything that can be oven cooked can be air fryer cooked, you just knock off 20 degrees from the suggested heat on the packet and 30% of the cooking time.
  13. For those who do like The Fall, and miss 'em, there is a suitable alternative to get excited about. Brix Smith Start, Paul and Stephen Hanley, ex Fall stalwarts have had three albums so far with BRIX AND THE EXTRICATED, the style is Fall like from Bend Sinister/ Nations Saving Grace period.
  14. Mark E. Smith was a proud Mancunian and often referenced Manchester or Salford. See the fleet of cruising cars Go past the stations and the bars. Never stop to get out In case they choose to cruise about. Well, I tell you, that boy, He stopped up at the station. He must be on a mission of passion Couldn't make out whether he was from Salford or...ah... Manchester. And this London visitor had this to say: "Cheater" Cheetham Hill. Only way you stop is for passion at the station. Why you cruising? To be unfaithful. You want to settle up, you want to settle down. And some man really hurt you. He isn't around in Cheetham. You cheated. Well I tell you, That boy, he stopped up at the station. He must be on a mission of passion. Cheater. Cheetham Hill. Where you going, boy? Are you cheatin'? Is that why you come from Cheetham Hill? When you stopped up at the station Was it an excuse to get away from your wife for the evening? Couldn't make out whether he was from (Max or Mary) Salford or...ah...Manchester (Chutney ferret) And this London visitor had this to say "Cheater" Cheetham (Cheetham Hill) (customised Intentional There's no need to go berserk You don't scratch my nice blue Merc I won't need to go berserk If you don't scratch my nice green Merc) And the boy stopped up At the passion wagon We couldn't make out where he was from Salford or Manchester And this London visitor had this to say
  15. MES sings this as if he had just drank a jar of coffee and taken pills. I'm totally wired. Can't you see? I'm totally wired. Can't you see? My butterfly stomach Growls growls I drank a jar of coffee Then I took some of these And now I'm totally wired. Life leaves you surprised. Slaps you in the eyes And I was a communist A rich man would bail me. The opposite applies. The morning light Another fresh fight Another row Right right right right And I'm totally wired. You don't have to be weird to be wired You don't have to be an American to be strange You don't have to be strange to be strange You don't have to be weird to be weird. I'm totally wired. My heart and I agree. I'm always worried.
  16. There's a particular bent of mind, certain way of thinking that you need to appreciate The Fall, if you're not tuned in, you never will be. Carry Bag Man,( Carrier bag man, carry a bag, man!) is a typical bizarre idea, not Superman, nor Spiderman, NO IT'S CARRIER BAG MAN. I'm in love with the Carrier Bag Man I love the Carrier Bag Man X2 Carrier bags strewn all around the room Ah, the Carrier Bag Man-- I am him Coz I am the Carrier Bag Man -- I am the carrier bag man I've no time to sit comfortable down But I still need armchairs round my home To put carrier bags on I am the Carrier Bag Man Carry a bag man! I don't make waves, I hide bags in graves No cash is earned straight nowadays anyways Please all you onlookers understand So make gangway for Carrier Bag Man I am Carrier Bag Man (Megaphone rant) When in town I keep head down Kneel on the croft when the mariah comes round Fat-assed workmen, I scurry around There's few good places to hide bags behind Coz I am Carrier Bag Man. Carry a bag man!
  17. Awful enough for record companies to invest in 32 studio albums, yes 32, and I met him once, shared a drink or three. But then I am weird, I actually watched Luton Town last night against Cardiff instead of Barca vPSG. Had happy memories at Kenilworth Rd in my youth watching Spurs.
  18. Possibly the most bizarre of tracks, Paintwork, here with lyrics.
  19. No No No !! The Fall and M.E.S. absolutely legendary. An anthem for RL heartlands. Hit The North.
  20. I broadly agree with this list, but have you noticed the rise of Netball. It's easy on sports forums to forget 50% of the population are woman, and Netball is definitely on the rise. It's being marketed very cleverly, I was watching last night and very impressed by the presentation. In five years it would not surprise me to see Netball on your list sandwiched in between International Cricket and Europe Football Leagues.
  21. Messi or Ronaldo for GOAT ? I really can't make up my mind, but I think they both eclipse Pele and Cruyff simply because the length of time they've been at the top. Pele and Cruyff definitely 3 and 4 with Maradona at 5, but Messi and Ronaldo 1 and 2, or 2 and 1. GOAT in cricket has to be Viv Richards.
  22. On the other hand if some of our clubs, particularly the struggling ones were owned by big clubs from other sports ie football, what a difference that would make to finances and visibility. London Broncos by Tottenham, or Salford by Man United for example. The Tottenham Hotspur Broncos games given a plug by Jose Mourinho.
  23. Wouldn't say this was best cover version, but interesting certainly. New Musik version of The Beatles All You Need Is Love. And also unusually came up with their own composition and called it All You Need Is Love. Both on the album Warp.
  24. sdrawrof deyalp sdrawkcab fo tib.
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