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  1. Sky folk continue to talk about Wests still having a chance to finish in the 8 this season. There is more chance of my climbing Mount Everest backwards than Wests doing that.
  2. 76 mins. After a really scrappy period of play in the match Mitchell down the left puts in Mansour again. 36-6 Souths
  3. 65 mins. Titans finally go in with Corey Thompson. Sexton converts. 6-32 Souths.
  4. 43 mins. Walker down the left puts in Burns for number 2. Reynolds converts. 30-0 Souths. 60 Mins. Reynolds penalty after Souths spent a few mins trying to score near the line. 32-0 Souths.
  5. 33 mins. Reynolds kicks penalty from near the posts. 20-0 Souths. 36 mins. Walker down the left puts Burns in. Reynolds hits the post. 24-0 Souths.
  6. 29 mins. Reynolds scores after his high kick comes to him off a South player's head. 18-0 Souths. Reynolds conversion is 100th goal of the season.
  7. 23 mins. Walker puts Mansour in down the left. 12-0 Souths. Fifita joins the game.
  8. Another try from a St George error by Ravalawa. St George self destructing?
  9. Pass from Norman to Penrith player then 2 x 6 agains then try in the corner.
  10. Almost the identical situation to when Eden intercepted a pass from Coote in the St Helens v Castleford yesterday.
  11. It's the Women in League round so I wonder if they will give one of the matches to a female ref. this round? They have one who is on the elite refs list and she has been a joint referee when the NRL had 2 refs.
  12. Ivan Cleary acting for Apisai Koroisau fails to convince the judiciary to overturn the hooker's ban.
  13. Cronulla just found a way to lose this game and possibly lose their season.
  14. Lovely day for the game Fd. Cronulla going for 5 straight against the Warriors.
  15. Unless complacency kicks in for Melbourne I cannot see us getting back into this one. Just not good enough to consistently get through the Melbourne defence.
  16. Do you fancy Canberra' s chances of getting a win from here Farmduck?
  17. Went to that game and what an incredible experience it was. My wife's dad( killed as a RAF pilot in the war) was a Liverpool fan and I wanted to see Steve Gerrard play. Only a friendly against Melbourne Victory but such an atmosphere generated by the massive crowd.
  18. Yesterday all 16 NRL clubs supported the NRL and NZRL board decision not to attend the WC. They all want the competition to be played next year.
  19. Going to be a long night defensively for NZ. Tigers 30 points plus for me.
  20. Pleased to do that. Had computer problems and was not able to post for over 25 mins. Solved by a battery replacement!
  21. Converted tries scored by Katoa,Kennedy and Talakai in that order.
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