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  1. 24 mins.Thomson scores near the posts and converted by Averillo. Bulldogs 6-Sharks 12. Shortly after Thompson is sent to the sin bin after a late shot and Cronulla then go on a try scoring spree scoring 3 converted tries before halftime. Johnson off with his hamstring problem again. HT. Bulldogs 6- Sharks 30.
  2. 10 mins. Johnson puts in winger Katoa and Trindall converts. Bulldogs 0- Sharks 6. 17mins. Mulitalo in on the other flank and Tindall converts. Bulldogs 0- Sharks 12.
  3. Last match of the round sees Bulldogs v Sharks. A win by the Sharks would see them into the 8 at the expense of Canberra Raiders. When I lived in the Sutherland Shire I was a Sharks fan for 30 years until I moved west in 2000.
  4. Late consolation try in the corner ends the match at St George 10- Titans 32. St George were poor in the first half and worse in the second. Titans solid throughout and dominated completely in the forwards.
  5. 67 mins. Debut boy Sexton in under the posts after a run by Wallace. Converts easily. Dragons 6- Titans 32.
  6. 62 Mins. Titans in again with try No 2 for Wallace. Easy conversion for Sexton. Dragons 6- Titans 26.
  7. 46 mins. Fifita on a rampage again takes out 3 players and puts Marzhew in at the corner. Sexton converts again. St George 6 - Titans 20.
  8. First of 2 matches this sunny afternoon is St George v Titans. Titans can probably write off their season if they lose this one. HT St. George 6- Titans 14. Fifita starts off the bench,comes on after 24 mins. and scores a try in the corner with 3 players hanging on. New Titans half back Sexton converts to add to a penalty shot plus another conversion success.
  9. Could Manly be on your mind as we have Dylan Edwards?
  10. Mitchell in to bring up the 60. He misses the conversion with 3 mins left. FT. Souths 60- Warriors 22.
  11. Kolomatangi in next to the posts. Mitchell converts as Reynolds given a rest. 56-22.
  12. 10 points to Warriors in last 7 mins. Bennett will be spitting chips. HT 34-16.
  13. Souths going through the middle with ease. Could score 40-50 points today
  14. Bradley's last try for the Cowboys was the most blatant forward pass of the season. Estimates between 1-2 metres by the commentators and pundits. Back in March the NRL said it was working on a system to rule on forward passes but no further info on that to date.
  15. Ponga coming off the field at half time shaking his head. Been very subdued with his running game and looks to be frustrated with his sternum problem.
  16. You are correct how you describe the current PTB situation in Super League. There is no playing of the ball with the foot just rolling the ball between the legs- so call it what it is RTB! McGillvary being penalised was total irony because he is one of only a handful of players in SL (Welsby is another) who always gets to his feet,places the ball on the ground and plays it back with his foot.
  17. Well done for the work put into that list. One observation from Parramatta. 7 matches to play but only 6 W/L projected results. Maybe missed out Roosters match which Parra are projected to lose so projected results should read WLWLWLL. However, under the Roosters although it projects a win, in the text before it says they will lose to Parramatta! Something odd there.
  18. I'd start it and see how you go. I have had an interest in the Sunderland club since being knee high to a grasshopper so binge watched it!
  19. An observation re Welsby. A couple of years or so back when Super League had a 5 min crackdown on playing the ball to the rules Welsby was one of the first penalised for incorrect PRB by rolling the ball through his legs. Since then he has become one SL player who consistently plays the ball strictly to the rules. Watch him and see!
  20. The one following the Sunderland football team for a full 2 seasons on Netflix a couple of years ago set the template.
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