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  1. Does anyone know if the data exist for tries scored by tackle number - either SL or NRL and any amount of seasons etc. Interested to see where the majority of tries are scored in a set, but a Google search hasn't given me much.
  2. Yeah, it's interesting, I've got a mate who is trialling for one of the England touch teams (over 35s I think?). For a lot of players where I am, touch is a Union thing for Union players but if you're in a League session and you say "let's play touch" people will naturally do League things (PTB, retreat on touch etc). For Union, although they roll the ball (although everyone calls it a chicken scratch) there's no retreat on a tackle mirroring the back foot rules of Union. So I think that this idea that people naturally associate Touch with either code just depends on your existing bias -
  3. Absolutely - I almost certainly wouldn't have been good enough as a player, but definitely would've rocked up for the tryouts if I lived on the West Cost in my 20s before family/job etc. Accommodation paid for plus a bonus $5k-10k (even more if you're one of the top players) for a season that looks like May through til August/September sounds like a great summer. Even if you didn't make much money, would still be an awesome experience.
  4. The initial argument was that France made more sense because in the English leagues they'd have to fly and the associated cost... if they're flying to France, why not fly to England?
  5. It's a 6 hour drive to Perpignan and a 7 hour drive to Toulouse. The longets journey in Elite 1 would be Avingnon at just under 8:30. In Elite 2, the longest journey would be Lyon at 12 hours but would also feature a drive to Toulon at 10 hours. To get from Valencia to the French border is around 5 and half hours drive - I assume a little slower on a coach and worse if there's traffic. That means, at best, you're looking at 6 hour drives to games - it'd be like having Newcastle and Newquay in the same league. 8 hour coach ride also means that you're either leaving at around 5am
  6. Which appropriate competition do you suggest they join?
  7. The game in Manchester was against Uruguay, which they won 60-3 and this came about after England had already been knocked out in the group stages of their home World Cup. This was 6 years ago now with no real follow up - no England games played in the North. After the 2003 World Cup in Union, my local rugby club had a ton of new youth players - I think it increased number of players by around 1/3. I have seen from experience and therefore believe that an England RLWC win will do a huge amount of the game at the community level and will increase the interest in the game. However, it will
  8. I think RL's best chance of getting into the Olympics would be through Wheelchair RL in the Paralympics. I watched a handful of games to see what it was like ahead of the World Cup and it was actually pretty enjoyable. It helped that the rules made it somewhat recognisable to the 13-a-side version (although this wouldn't be a concern for the Olympic Committee - just my own personal enjoyment). If you're thinking path of least resistance, that's where I would be focusing. The fact that it is similar to the other versions of the sport would mean that countries who invested into Wheelchair R
  9. To do the professional side of it would cost a lot of money. Recreating some of the grassroots stuff they've done wouldn't cost anywhere near as much - that would be more about assessing the demand, generating some interest and setting up with a long-term structure in mind (e.g. you need 4-6 junior clubs to run a local league etc). I also think that if "the game" (I use the term loosely, it could be RFL-driven or just randomly pop up based on keen volunteers) developed more areas in this way, we'd see longer-term growth in the pro game as well - it would hopefully generate new supporters as we
  10. Yeah, agree on this - would be good to see a charge down not reset the tackle count.
  11. I chose West Wales emotionally in the hope that they get a moral victory. The truth is that Widnes should be too good for them. It's the only game I'm interested in for this round because of Chase and Henson though so will be cheering on West Wales.
  12. Was looking at BBC sport earlier and Big Gav is in 3 of the top 5 RL stories. It's funny how a lot of people have said that they'd love to see more "names" in the sport - people who achieve wider recognition outside of the regular fanbase. You've now got someone who's brought interest to a bottom-of-the-table League 1 side, and yet some people are upset because... increased interest in the sport is a bad thing? Gavin Henson is not the right sort of person for rugby league traditionalists? I don't get it. When was the last time you saw BBC Sport writing about League 1 sides? It even got me
  13. Why don't they just do the international competition and skip the combination league?
  14. You understand what "long-term aspiration" means, right? The number of French players in their current squad would be irrelevant in 10/20/30 years, if the FFR built up Elite 1 to be a fully professional league that Catalans/Toulouse would want to join. Having a 8/10/12 team professional league in France would produce more French players than having 1 or 2 teams in Super League/Championship and a semi pro comp domestically.
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