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  1. Me neither. I had absolutely no idea that they even play the game there. I am really surprised by this.
  2. Aye. Right enough... Doesn't matter where they are from. In fact maybe a few more no-name towns could really propel the League forward. Imagine the publicity we could get if Workington were playing Featherstone in the live Friday night game. The glamour!!! (Kevin Sinfield might even have stayed in the game if we had got a few more "local" teams in). And why would we want another French team anyway? TV companies over there will be happy to pay top dollar for Les Cats and nobody else.
  3. I had not seen the date on the post. Apologies. I thought it was more recent. CGAF about Danny Brough TBF. Nobody in Scotland is remotely interested in a bunch of Yorkshiremen pretending to be Scottish. There are more interesting teams in the World Cup to follow.
  4. Not only because they are French though. The fact that they are another fully professional team in the game (when the sport in Europe is struggling to support fully pro squads) makes them attractive too. They add a huge amount of credibility to the game - a well known city name in a league which is full of unknown towns. Seeing them on the horizons of Super League gives the game a boost IMO, in that we will hopefully having another well known location on the Super League map, instead of a third Wakefield team, or another club from Wigan (for example).
  5. Can I just ask how old you are please? I think that you have been told before on here that the country is not called that, yet you persist in calling it that. It is the sort of name that old pensioners (or those stuck in the past) are likely to use, yet is completely inappropriate in the modern era. And noobiefana is correct - the Rugby League World Cup will make zero impact in Ireland. The exact same can be said for Scotland. (Where I disagree with him is however, I believe the RLWC is still a very worthwhile event. Just not in countries like Ireland or Scotland where n
  6. They had a host of guys from teams like Barrow, Doncaster, Carcassonne, Townsville Blackhawks, Wynum Manly etc etc. As well as a few from PNG Hunters. Basically a rag tag bunch of part time misfits. They absolutely hammered the English though. It was becoming a complete rout by the end. Really embarrassing performance from them.
  7. A horrible, horrible loss to the sport. The one recognisable face the game in the UK has, outside of the Rugby League fanbase. Someone mentioned a PR coup for union, but I think it is a much bigger PR blow for Rugby League. From performance director for the RFL.... To assistant coach at a union club. I think the game as a whole in the UK needs to take a serious look at itself.
  8. Aye - no worries Herbert, it's just one guy. Nothing to worry about.
  9. This is appalling One guy in the whole of the UK who is involved in Rugby League, is known for it, and recognisable to the non-Rugby League public.... And the sport cannot even retain him anywhere in the game. Either the game wakes up, or it slowly dies as a viable professional sport.
  10. is there anything to even remotely suggest that either of these clubs will somehow miraculously reappear? Or is this just some sort of fantasy dream that you have decided to post?
  11. Well.... Maybe someone who needs to stay fit to maximise his earnings, and whose national team plays on a fairly crappy little rugby union ground, and don't pay their players?
  12. It would be an absolute crime if this guy is allowed to leave Rugby League. FFS... The sport must keep hold of him. He is simply a splendid ambassador for the game.
  13. I guess we'll see where the players end up. Talented athletes... Will they be playing curtain raisers in stadiums prior to Super Rugby games, or will they be playing park footy women's RL? Time will tell.
  14. It annoyed you so much, you decided to resurrect a thread from 2019 to talk about it?
  15. I think I might have mentioned once before, that it seems that some posters on here really are stuck in the past...
  16. Not love rugby league, I thought The Rugby Paper was.
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