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  1. I had a drink today with a guy who knew the shanty town that was The Willows, he said, & I quote from my notes, the North Stand should've been made all seater, but the yobs disagreed, the shed, Weaste Road side could be demolished, and a new stand & changing rooms, and spectacular Eastern Stand, from Willows Road to join North Stand could be built, without inflicting on residents light, while changing rooms would be one season in a portacabin, then destroy the Kennedy Road Stand, and build a two tier, low tier Stand, 10 meters forward, and leave the Variety club end for 5 more years, as it was the only place you could get a beer, it wasn't making any money, so demolish & build a new covered Stand. There were no houses overlooking to complain about Planning Regs. A huge 4 sided stadium, would've looked lovely according to Hags. From the top of the Nirth Stand he said you could see Wales.
  2. ITV used to rival BBC Match of the Day, by broadcasting some lower division games, could some Dave or Quest be persuaded to show Championsip and League 1 games on a Wednesday after all the teams camcorder stuff has been sent in? Via YouTube
  3. Australia and New Zealand to turn up with full strength squads, and we see 16 squads of the best in the world playing for the Premier World Cup. Someone other the Saints, Leeds or Wigan, winning something. An even competitive league, from top to bottom.
  4. I am not in possession of a copy right now, but if anyone is feeling low, read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, a very dark start leads to an enlightened ending.
  5. I was up until all hours, mainly because I got a touch of the trots, I ended up at 4am with a seat shaped ring on my bum, and the thought that I had spent more time in 2022 in the bog than the bedroom. I finally got half an hours sleep, approx 0600. Still it gave me time to evaluate League 1 teams chances.
  6. Be nice says my Spanish friend. Happy New Year, & good luck, even to other League 1 clubs.
  7. Un muy feliz año nuevo para todos los idiotas de aquí, que piensan que atarse los cordones es una victoria.
  8. Alphabetically: Cornwall: If we get some decent players from local Union sides who fancy trying League, we may surprise some teams who bother to make the journey, and not use Covid as an excuse. We are an untried team, we may well be rubbish in our first games, but we will build. Doncaster: Still regarded as an expansionist club by some M62'ers, but they have a good stadium, better than some higher divisional teams (Rhubarb triangle take note), although they don't own it they have stability, and could be a force. Hunslet: I wouldn't call these a sleeping giant anymore, more a sleeping rabbit, living within the shadow of the big boys at Headingly must upset them. They claim to have made some good signings (Haven't they all), but I think 2022 is the year the Myrtles go down in Flames. Keighley: Always under the shadow of Bradford, I am not sure anymore. I think it is time for a reawakening of COUGARMANIA! Didn't do as well as they would've liked in 21, but with a solid start, they could upset the cart. London Skolars: Many years ago I lived in London, and travelled to Wood Green, and was always disappointed by the atmosphere, teams, hospitality, facilities, they were always an amateur side, even Hemel were better serviced, they will struggle as Broncos have stolen their better players for 22. Midlands Hurricanes: Improving year on year, I think this may be their breakthrough season, if the relegated clubs don't get in their way. North Wales Crusaders: Colwyn Bay, and Rhyl, just down the coast was always considered by my Chester living Nan, as Liverpool-by-the-Sea, and despite the Welsh RU playing some lower National level teams there, RL might have a chance, It is easy enough, and pleasant enough a journey to Erias Park for most M62'ers, who could make a day-trip by rail. Play-offs beckon. Oldham: Oh dear. What can I say about this fallen giant? Not a lot really, some awful signings last year led to relegation, hopefully in 2022 they can pull their financial strings together, and get a decent, loca, affordable ground share. Rochdale: We are getting to the point where I repeat my School Report, Could do better. I feel for the Hornets fans, like so many peripheral Manchester Clubs, they had to sell their stadia, without considering an alternative, that didn't include bankruptcy, (See Below), the local community league teams are always very strong, and should provide enough players with pride to return the Hornets to stinging level. Swinton Lions: Last season, the Lion without the roar, until they sacked their coach, then they picked up points too late. Signed some above average players during the off season, and may make some impact on this League. West Wales Raiders: Another work in progress. However the work they are doing in the valleys will surely reap some rewards soon. Llanelli, may well see another successful Rugby team in the area, it may take another 10 years, but we are in it for the long term, Yes? Yes. Good Luck, and a Strong and Covid-Safe 2022 to all the teams. Cornwall v Toulouse at Wembley/Old Trafford in 2030
  9. 6/15 this week https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2022/jan/01/lagomorphs-are-hares-rabbits-and-which-other-animal-the-saturday-quiz
  10. Were you on the BBC? On what programme? Eggheads, oh, that is C5 now, ah, Pointless? Or Radio5 Live as a summeriser?
  11. Corrected for grammar and punctuation. Mainly because they shut down "Sport" , except footbladder, over Xmas, & Union, you may have noticed not even the Hamilton/F1 page has been updated, neither has Murray/Radicanu pages. Horse Racing is updated daily, even on the TV Text service, which has been run down for years. Many of us still use the text service in conjunction with Interwebby stuff.
  12. Interesting stat feed: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/59825697
  13. On my 50th birthday I took my then GF to Lands End, now its 10 years later & for my 60th I want to go to Jon o'Groats in June, if travel restrictions allow. 4 day trip, 16 hour train journey.
  14. Yeah, fair enough, nobody would notice the difference anyway.
  15. Fred presents local news in the South East on ITV apparently, did until 16 Dec 2021. How?
  16. And then spend another 12 months complaining how they were cheated out of it.
  17. But how do we detect real zombies from politicians?
  18. I am 60 next June, & if I promise never to work for the NHS again, I am due a NHS Pension. Thailand & Vietnam here I come.
  19. More & more covid variations, and variable restrictions, so we don't know wtf we are supposed to do, then the government will blame all the chaos on us. Weather to become more extreme, such as sunny days up north. Cornwall RL to win La Liga, Featherstone to fail to gain promotion, yet again, again, again. Saints to win everything as usual, then complain about midweek covid rearranged games. BoJo to lose his job & his seat. Winter Olympics & RL WC to be abandoned. France to declare war on UK, or the other way around, with UK asking asylum seekers to prove themselves by joining the UK Forces. Football: England to get knocked out in the 1/8th finals. Scotland v Wales in the Final in Qatar, and no one mentions human rights. Pep complains that no one gives City a threat, despite the £1000m that's been thrown at the club by a company that ignores women's, and refugees, and workers rights. Ed Sheeran to be exposed as the fraud that the talentless Ginger he is, same as talentless Adele. NZ have banned the sale of Tobacco, buy now smokers, and alkies, because BoJo kneejerk reactionary will ban everything, unless its at Downing St., then he will be told how much tax income he has lost the treasury, and reverses it 3 weeks later. Cornwall, Devon & Somerset will be offered devolved nation status, along the lines of Wales, then we join the EU, & you will need a visa for away games.
  20. Jumanji with Robin Williams, released 1995, 26 years ago. His character was held in the game for.... 26 years. Channel 5
  21. From 2013. Any updates, apart from Newcastle?
  22. How many points have Derby been deducted? If they had them returned, would that make them safe (for now)?
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