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  1. The financial organisation,commencing in the sixties,was always a topic of conversation. They had a very good following, home and away, organised lotteries and other financial off-shoots and the monies must have been rolling in but as years progressed, the echelons changed, the coffers were slowly drained. It has been a constant struggle ever since.
  2. Worked underground with quite a few of the team in the early sixties. Attendances around 9,,000 on a regular basis.
  3. Thas more chance o" platting soot
  4. Not disputing about the size of the city or the population, but there is a noticeable absence of support on the terraces and playing staff from the City itself.
  5. Well said,gingerjon. They train hard and play hard, but there is an undertone of needless stupid violence creeping into the game. No encouragement for the young lads wishing to take up the official side of the game.
  6. Why on earth do the officials allow the "flop" tackle?. The main culprit being Mr. Casiano of the Catalans. It is not enough that his two team mates have grounded the opposition but there he goes, all 17 stones launching himself on top of the pile. Injuries waiting to happen. I thought that such "tackles" were deemed illegal.
  7. Dont lets kid ourselves gazza. In todays economic climate its going to be well into the future. No doubt clubs of all strengths are finding it hard.
  8. Could this decision have anything to do with the Inland Revenue?
  9. We are slowly turning the world of sport into a political and moral shambles.
  10. A drawback throughout, is the fact, IMO, that the world is overwhelmed with choice, be it food, cars, clothing and of course, sport. The fact that the game was no great shakes did not help the cause.
  11. Where on earth has my Rugby League Express paper got to?. Been round every S.Market and corner shop in the Wakefield area but without success. I know the rail workers are on strike plus the Wakefield bus crews but this is ridiculous.
  12. Whilst being a Fev fan, I wish to state that I do not wear rose tinted spectacles and can appreciate good rugby from whichever source. To put it bluntly, Fev, apart from a few flashes of brilliance, were outplayed and out muscled throughout the game. Our forwards lack size and created nothing for the halves. The signing of Ford has been discussed so I will not comment further. Much work to do IMO.
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