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  1. Sorry if the full article hasn't shown. Not an expert on doing attachments.
  2. Article in the Sydney Morning Herald about Mose Masoe and his move back to Australia. Sad to hear that he has been refused state medical aid for the next 10 years.
  3. Always used to like just the one semi final on the day, the excitement of going a neutral ground and mixing with the other teams supporters. One of my particular memories is the 20th of April, 1963, my team Hull Kingston Rovers v Wigan semi final of the Challenge Cup at Headingley. I was 13yrs old and went with my Dad and Grandad. Before the game we had gone into Leeds for something to eat and went into a Chinese restaurant, my Dad had served in the Royal Navy during the 2nd World War out in the Far East and had picked up a taste for curries and spicier food and had got me onto them but not his Dad. We are sat in this restaurant, Dad and me had a curry but Grandad wasn't eating that muck, as he sat there, flat cap on, shirt sleeves and braces, wide leather belt around his trousers and a fag end stuck out of the side of his mouth. He finished up with some meat, Beef ?? and chips. Onto the ground, such excitement, what an atmosphere but the mighty Wigan of that time beat us 18 - 4 and the horrible disappointment walking away but great memories.
  4. Been going to Hull K R since 1960. Met my future Wife through a joint love of Rugby League, she also used to go with her pals from 1960 and our first date was the Hull Derby in 1966. It's also the same people who you have grown older with, who stand in the same area and some who you only know during the season. They start to bring their children and Grandchildren and you see the new generation of supporters standing along side you, our eldest Granddaughter goes with us and she knows the supporters that we have known all those years. The final whistle has been blown for quite of our rugby league family but we know that when the whistle is blown for us, their will be someone in the same spot, watching those lads and lasses on the pitch, that is the rugby league family we love and admire.
  5. Excellent game York v Newcastle. The ground looks great. Kyle Amor is a very good summariser.
  6. An absolute legend here in Hull. Our Grandson played for the the City of Hull Academy and other clubs and he said that Johnny was usually around watching and encouraging the young players. We are an Hull KR family but on this day it's not about clubs, it's about who the person was and Johnny was a wonderful gentleman and who was always a pleasure to talk to. RIP to a great rugby league player and a great person.
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