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  1. I don't like the criticism of some of the fans on here who are genuine life long supporters, we are all gutted at whats happened this season and we all want what's best for the club and im sure we will all get behind the club. I'm sure all the fans are appreciative of the efforts of everyone that is involved with the club and its a thankless task, but they do have the right to ask questions about whats going on UTT
  2. Great effort Town, thought we competed well
  3. Thought it was another gutless performance again, too many players going through the motions, I'm very disappointed, ill be there next week but i dread to think what the score will be if we play like that.
  4. Not the ones stood by me in the popular side you troglodyte
  5. I didnt see many town fans leaving early you half wit, would like to see how many Barrow fans would have been there at the end if the boot was on the other foot
  6. That was embarrassing, not good enough, some players weren't trying second half, feel sorry for Fitzy, Cus and Caine who gave everything for 80 minutes.
  7. Brilliant today, Marcus O'Brien, what a legend, proud of them all, UTT
  8. Not good enough I'm afraid, too many missed tackles especially after getting back in the game, need 3 or 4 signings asap or we are as good as down. Thought York's travelling support was pathetic.
  9. I thought Halifax looked a really good team, strong and quick. Some poor tackling from us in the first half but I thought we stuck at it and kept going in the second half when heads could have easily dropped. It was always going to be tough this season but we really need to strengthen the squad and bring in some quality if we are going to stand a chance of surviving. Think the fans have been really patient and supportive so far this season but we need something back in terms of signings to keep the support and good will going. Thought the referee was superb, wish we could have him every week UTT
  10. It's an absolute joke, somebody on the RFL disciplinary must really have it in it for us
  11. Best performance for a long time, defended really well and looked dangerous in attack, thought Dec, Walker, Fitzy and Jammer were outstanding today
  12. He's an absolute tool David, wouldn't take any notice of him, he should comment on some of Bradford's antics over recent years instead of criticising us
  13. Fantastic effort by Town today, couldn't be more proud, well done
  14. You were rumbled a long time ago Billy Bob you sad jameating troll.
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