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  1. I was a bit suspicious as no data or ranking accompanied it. I was mainly interested as Wigan was listed, as that is where my office is located and they were considering opening it up for returning back office staff
  2. My company were just about to mobilise our field force in Leicester - that's now been pushed back 4 weeks in the hope its sorted by then. I saw an article that there's 35 potential towns next on the list - not sure how close they are to Leicester's numbers though
  3. I’m guessing here but in a normal track and trace situation the others that would be promoted to self isolate wouldn’t have been tested. In view of the footballer they’re all getting regular tests - that may have something to do with it
  4. Quoting myself as I like the emoji has gone ginger on the forum even though I’ve not got it on my phone ?
  5. I really don’t know how to react to that ?
  6. Back to work with a bang today. No more furlough. 10 weeks off was too much for me.
  7. Yup.. there are a few constraints - access is one
  8. Looks so good without all of the tourists who are normally there, like me ??
  9. Well 14 days in prison is the going rate for being caught short nowadays ?
  10. It was effectively a cost breakdown but also included account numbers for payment, as described in an article I read it was a bit shoddy on how it was outlined
  11. I’d recommend if there are any of these in your town they are removed
  12. Ahh. That’s what the attachments are for, when you’re follically challenged you forget about them ?
  13. Received this email today. Found it very weird indeed, obviously some substance to it. Don’t remember receiving anything for any other event or holiday Posted here as didn’t know where else would be revelvant
  14. I want it to be good too but that made me a bit cringey.
  15. My preference would be to alter the age rating on such shows. There’s plenty of warnings about sex, violence etc maybe this would be the “grown up” thing to do
  16. To really cement 2020 as the year of madness Godzilla has arrived
  17. I doubt there’s any controversy with this one in Warrington
  18. https://miami.cbslocal.com/2019/04/11/florida-man-threatens-destruction-army-of-turtles/amp/ Turtle Power ??
  19. I’ve always liked the thought of having nice watches. But I don’t generally wear one. I got a Tissot one for my 21st birthday which I wear whenever dressed up. Still going strong xx years later (It’s the same model as one of the ones given to MOM on sky back in the day)
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