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  1. JK in Widnes mode making him unavailable for Wire
  2. in regards to academies. A decision needs to be made about regional or club academies. I don’t think a mix works. It’s an either or decision
  3. Actually sausage & cheese oatcakes are the best
  4. Man of steel is voted for by the players - I’d trust their judgement over anybody
  5. I doubt you will able to be an Cat A SL Club without a Cat A Academy for starters
  6. When you get around to it, can you do the same to the Samoan & Tongan squad?
  7. Who are you counting as the only Irish Player in the Irish squad?
  8. One issue I've got is I bought Cat C tickets for the Warrington games (18 months ago) They've landed and I've been put on the end of a side, probably due to being classed as better seats, even though I wanted behind the sticks I wrote to them on email, and they said there were no Cat C tickets behind the sticks and offered me standing (even though I sent them a screen shot of the stadium layout to begin with) So knowledge at the customer service team is lacking Now if I was able to select the seats, or even the block at time of booking none of this would be happening.
  9. Or Wigan in 1980. Any self respecting RL fan should know that at least
  10. Worries me that our journos don’t know basic facts about our games history
  11. I think you’ve got KR instead of FC there
  12. Think that’s fine over time. There was a point about getting this done by 2026, bit soon isn’t it?
  13. And that begs the question if not the broncos (or skolars) how a brand new club could attain a Grade A status?
  14. Thanks but that doesn’t say much about Leigh being an A, more about Cas & Wakey being a B. An A is possibly a place in SL for life. I’m not sure Leigh should be given that opportunity yet (neither should Cas or Wakey)
  15. The remaining 6 EuroLeague places are held by 6 associated clubs that have annual licences, of which one has two-year wild card, three have one-year wild-cards and two are the finalists of the previous season's 2nd-tier European competition, the EuroCup. From the 2020/21 season, however, if the better of the two teams from the EuroCup makes it to the playoffs, it keeps the place for the following year.[14] Got this from wiki
  16. Yup. Devil is in the detail, i suppose when things come out we’ll have a better idea. The cynic in me doesn’t see anything too different to what’s been done before, and in practice lower teams replacing SL teams will probably still be settled on the field, as has been stated it’s improbably a Champ club could outscore an incumbent any other way (guessing on the criteria of course)
  17. All I said is I’d be surprised if it’s not the incumbents. I’m not expecting some big shake up initially, which may have to potential of not actually making a difference
  18. Maybe not being in SL to begin with would put pressure on them to actually finish the job
  19. As long as there are genuine minimum standards for our elite division that’s fine by me. I’d be annoyed if we accept simply promises from the first round of applications
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