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  1. If they were truly all about RL they’d carry on with local development they promised as a community outfit. They came across as just wanting to cash in on the 70k or so per season from the RFL. They didn’t want to put the hard work in
  2. Any aspiring pro club should follow Coventry’s model. They were embedded in the community well before any notion of going pro. The Rangers offering was nowhere near them. Yes they played in a shiny new stadium - but like I said foundations built on sand where are they now?
  3. Most community leagues are open now. Why you’d pay anybody on those leagues is another debate
  4. I’ll give you Leigh. Widnes are firmly a Championship club now
  5. I think it’s just the story name for this 6 episode stint
  6. While I agree, the predicament is though Wakey & Cas should be booted out also SL have made a rod for their own back now and won't make the tough calls
  7. What's this fictitious league halfway between SL & Championship?
  8. Yep know volunteers are not the answer. I’m a bit interested in the other £500k that’s required on top of the £200k in salaries. For the most part running sports league is labour costs to manage administration of it. clubs pay for kits, pitches, training, referees, insurance etc IT infrastructure would be one thing, but as this is shared with the pro game - has this been shared out accordingly?
  9. Yep. There’s a feeling they’re trying to get more money in than will go out. Hence the worry it’s a subsidy for the administration of the pro game
  10. The RFL could have used the money they got from the SL to cover the costs of the community game first before giving out cash to the Championship & League One. The vast majority of players at SL Academies are provided to them by community clubs after 10 years development The RFL up to now have not disclosed how much it was costing to run the community game - community clubs simply don’t trust them
  11. It’s all relative. The pro game are having funding cuts. The community game and having extra charges imposed
  12. That’s ultimately the case. The RFL have to balance the books, the general feeling is they’re doing this via the community game and not the pros I know all of the clubs are having funding cuts, for community clubs they weren’t getting direct funding per say but now have significantly increased league fees I’m not against fees, but what we’re seeing here is a cost of around £150 rising to £1500 per team - it should have been much more gradual. The RFL are trying to list discounted tickets and the like as a benefit for individuals - they’re not winning people over
  13. This is one of the main stumbling blocks the teams are raising. In the presentation it mentions clubs may be able to pay centrally. But no detail yet on how this will work. Like everything the devil is in the detail and there isn’t enough in the public domain yet
  14. Players currently pay around £200 per year in subs to their respective clubs. This is on top of that
  15. http://staging.rugby-league.com/uploads/docs/Club - OL Active Presentation October 2021.pdf The RFL document that has been published
  16. 2013 @ Warrington. Well that was my highlight
  17. It’s an annual payment, it’s something new and the clubs are wary of its intentions. It looks to be making up a shortfall in the professional game. It will hit struggling teams. Say you have people who fill in now and again to help out, now they’ll have a to pay £24 for the privilege.
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