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  1. I thought Leatherbarrow had been a key player in the last few games.
  2. Missing out on Sammut doesn't bother me. Like somebody already pointed out, he'd be taking a hell of a chunk of our 2016 pot for very little time in 2015.
  3. Or maybe it was exactly that....a rumour? Some players won't sign unless they know who's going to be coaching them.
  4. James Brown signed up for 2016. I'm pleasantly suprised by this one. Fantastic signing for us as I'm sure he must've been on the radar of a few clubs. Rowey and Campbell next please.
  5. Thackray is more than capable of stepping in IMO.
  6. :-) I'd renew Lee's contract off that alone.
  7. Don't the club have the car boot sale anymore? Bobbed up earlier to have a look for some golf bits and bobs but there were nowt there.
  8. I know what you're saying and I'm not going to argue otherwise but I think the job was always done by an elderly volunteer (correct me if I'm wrong if anyone knows) so there may be a reason he's not managed it this time round. Do the club know?
  9. Also, the marketing team was never tasked with that job. By the sound of it, plenty of you pass by these banners. Why not put your hand up to change them?
  10. I can't find confirmation of this anywhere. Is it a 100% done deal?
  11. George is down at Hemel (on loan/DR?). Could we use him at 9, freeing up Leak longer term to carry on at stand off?
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