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  1. Me and my wife have the Meerkat 2 for 1 card and decided to make sure we use it every week without fail. We started in the first week in January and have only missed one week so far. Best so far - Three Billboards, but A Quiet Place was unexpectedly watchable, as were Isle of Dogs and a strange Japanese film called The Third Murder! Most disappointing - Downsizing. Least enjoyable - The Greatest Showman. It was our first, and I had no idea it was a musical until we sat down and my wife decided to inform me then! Incidentally, while working in my current profession for 30 years, I have never gone out midweek when I had work the next day! This was a huge culture change for us, and we make a real night of it, meal, cinema, coffee somewhere after! Loving it!
  2. Signed up, bought two CD's and 8p went to BISSA! Now just need Mrs Distantdog to get into the habit and we will be buying out Manchester United by the end of the year!
  3. Am not sure if this episode was the best thing ever seen on TV or the worst! Am going to give it a second viewing tonight to try to make some sense of it. It was utterly visually beautiful though!
  4. Underdogs - By Tony Hannan. The story of Batley's incredible season just gone! A great read and really feel part of it!
  5. Indeed! Made me turn to Jethro Tull, Live,Bursting Out! Ian Anderson at his best as a front man!
  6. Back to Neil Young after unexpectedly getting to see him live at the O2 on Saturday! Awesome!
  7. Oh indeed, a rare indulgence for me, and I rather like Roger Waters Film version of Comfortably Numb on his recent Wall tour - gives the song some context!
  8. more four l think. Need to check with Mrs DD as she recorded it.
  9. Just finished watching the last episode of series two of 'Les Revenants.' Loved every minute, even if the second series was a bit complicated. And as with the first series, great soundtrack by Mogwai.
  10. Could it have been a comma would have made all the difference?
  11. I lived there for three years, and never had a bad meal out!
  12. Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King, not for the supernatural stuff, but for the way he has captured the essence of lost childhood and of growing older. It becomes more relevant the older I get! (I have read it umpteen times)
  13. Of course, just editing the original post of winners as Hunslet were missed off.
  14. As a Batley supporter, I too am amazed that Rooney is in the team. It seems to me that Briggs should be there as he has had an outstanding season it would seem. I also think that Thackray and Handforth have been outstanding in this position this year.
  15. Featherstone finished top of an 11 team league where each team played each other home and away in all conditions and only lost two games. The play off is a handicapped 6 team competition with everything going in certain teams favour. To me, as a Batley supporter, Featherstone Rovers are the CC Champions for 2010, regardless of what the RFL decree or what happens in the play-offs. I hope you win the Play-offs, pocket the money and walk away as overall champions which you rightly are.
  16. Batley V Dewsbury Right, no more discussion needed. Close the thread.
  17. I don't think this is right. The groups of 4 play the teams in their group, in a round robin format. The two groups of 3 play teams from both mini leagues. This makes up, in effect, 4 mini leagues. That is my understanding, but of course could be completely wrong.
  18. I absolutely agree Robin, but it isn't as cut and dried as everyone would believe. I would fancy our chances against anyone from our division at home, and I bet Sheffield would think the same. As usual in our division, anything can and usually does happen.
  19. Stop your whinging! What exactly is unfair about it? There are 5 other teams still in this competition besides the two you mentioned, who might have a say in it. Enjoy your time at the top of the division, hope it continues.
  20. Indeed we were. They really are a massive side. Thomas Bosc would be a hard running second rower in any other teams. It was always likely to be tough, but moreso with their huge guys running at us for the final 20 minutes downhill. Still, as a Batley supporter, it was great to have a real mix of supporters up at the Mount, and thanks for coming.
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