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  1. I think what Friday evening showed was that we are nowhere near the top of SL. It had no bearing on our place in the Championship at all.
  2. Thanks. Woods looked similar to when he limped off at Sheffield and then missed the next few games. Let's hope it doesn't go down to drop goal territory!
  3. Buchanan - didn't look out of place at this level MacGowan - solid all evening Campbell - looked like he was playing to stay in the Championship and not to be loaned out to L1 Thought Reilly and White were OK too.
  4. Well, HKR were good! Despite missing a few players they still had a decent SL side out. They played at a pace beyond that which we are used to, and a physically dominated us like we dominate teams in the Championship. That said, we improved somewhat in the second half so there was something to clutch at as we left. The injuries were a worry though. I know they were mentioned by Phil above, but can anyone provide some details. The most worrying were Flynn and Woods it seemed.
  5. Agree with the above. Go to win (why not?) but get through it with no injuries. The SB game against Halifax is really important and we need to be at full strength.
  6. It was. There were still times when he struggled in attack it is clear his partnership with White is developing, but his quality shows more each game.
  7. £15. I have just bought 2, but couldn't work a way to buy them in the Batley end on their website, so might have to try to bed my way into our end!
  8. One of the best days up at the Mount for a long time. I was impressed by Toulouse. They were strong, pacey and skillful. It just makes our win over them even more satisfying. Towards the end of the first half l thought we looked knackered and could have buckled but our defence was incredible, especially our goal line defence. What a team!
  9. 1. White 2. Walshaw 3. Macgowan No weak links in the team so could have been anyone really.
  10. Both teams really good this afternoon. Batley dug in deep after playing Widnes on Monday but defended like demons against a good, physical side. Woods proving the value of a drop goal yet again.
  11. Wakefield were awful. Barely looked like scoring and have lost 12 in a row. It looks like they might be relying on Luke Gale to save them.
  12. I take it you didn't see Wakefield tonight then.
  13. Yes. I think he has looked good so far this season, and seems to have found an extra level of aggression this season.
  14. Cheers, only seen the news on twitter and TRL. Will head over to the website now!
  15. ...... and a decent replacement coach!
  16. Bit of a bummer, but you can hardly blame him! What now for us?
  17. Woods Flynn Morton As above, could have chosen any three really. No one took a backward step. White and Woods really developing an effective partnership.
  18. This! It certainly lifted the Batley supporters for the last 5 or so.
  19. I'd be amazed if he played.
  20. I stand corrected, but we did lose a few in a row after didn't we? Or lost to Widnes and Barrow and drew with Whitehaven. Anyway, if we did win ten in a row, then lost to Widnes, that constitutes a rut in my view.
  21. I think last season you were just improving when you played us and we were in a bit of a rut. I wouldn't be surprised if you turned us over again, but don't see either of the teams running away with it.
  22. Since losing to Fax in March, Batley have won six of their last seven. Granted two of those were against two (good) amateur teams but they have been steadily improving for some time now. Still, one score in it.
  23. Sorry but l'll always disagree with you on DR! Just because everyone else is using it (and l don't think everyone is) doesn't mean we have to.
  24. Close. I will make my predictable prediction of 1 score between the teams. Batley are looking something like they did last season, only problem with that is Widnes beat us at home last season!
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