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  1. At no point did I claim otherwise. I was just going off my own experience. I've got some good mates who are Jambos and enjoy the banter with them, but with cheaper entry scheme on the proviso that you will spend more behind the bar is a recipe for trouble.
  2. I think most on here are still with Chris, but some things are wearing my patience. We have all known Stevie & Dave were long term absences and although we have had other injuries, we have always been light at prop. I get he has a tactic of a mobile pack but it just isn't working, he says his phone is red hot at the minute, but this hasn't been a problem of just the last fortnight. I feel for poor Fitzy putting big minutes in and getting smashed every week while other lads like Hutchins get 10 mins at the end yesterday when the lad clearly tries or Clarke who gets more game time but just isn't putting enough in IMO. I also know the team is low on confidence getting mullered every week, and as long as the lads try most of us will still support them. I'm still with Chris but I expect at a minimum if my team is losing every week and I'm paying to watch it that they all leave it all out on the pitch, are we running harder than the opposition every week? Also that it looks like we are trying to adapt tactics to the opposition, and work on our pathetic defence or we will never win a game. Einstein's quote about the definition of insanity springs to mind. It was good to see the interview with Chris the other day, he's an honest lad and he has a lot of credit still in the bank for me. He's wise enough to realise there is frustration on the terraces, and he spoke to address them. Lets just hope we get no more bans or injuries for the jam game. There were tip tackles & a possible late hit yesterday so who knows. Then fingers crossed the red hot phone turns up some new players. The way we are playing I'm struggling to bring myself to pay 20 quid to our noisy neighbours to get covered in dark fruits and offered out for a fight. 7pm on a bank holiday isn't gonna end well with some of their fans from experience, and its on telly. UTT
  3. I'm so pleased I wasn't the only geek that noticed the time of our only offload David When we are getting smashed up the middle & struggling to make yards every game, I really don't know (especially when you are chasing the game) why it isn't a thing for us. We need points, and we are not even dangerous in getting any up to press playing the same way every week. It can't be that hard to practice can it? We can't defend for toffee so we have to take risks to score points. We also tried the high balls to big Alex in the first half, and they caused a bit of chaos for them. At least they were attacking kicks, just a bit more practice with the center backing up for a pat down or a clean catch by the defender and it will be a useful weapon.
  4. Well I'm pleased whatever Chris said at half time got them going a bit, the first have was the usual passive rugby paying the opposition too much respect. At least we had a go in the second half. Our defence is terrible at times, it must be so easy for opposition coaches, just run hard and straight at their line. Also what's the point of subs if you're not gonna play them? Hutchins gets 10mins at the end even though we were struggling with injuries, did singleton even get on as im sure he was announced on the tannoy? On the positive side, Matty took his tries well, tried kicking to young and got a repeat set on the first attempt, and we had a bit of a go second half. That's it.
  5. Agree, as the current tactics clearly aren't working or we would have won a game before now. A few well timed off loads, high kicks to the tallest winger in the league. Just something different.
  6. Aye ok, so by putting an alleged rumour on here that you didn't believe you weren't trying to stir it up? By taking credit for the Miller retirement you were trying to validate the rumour as true, right up until you were called out then you did the U turn. Put the big spoon away eh!
  7. Bit of a major U turn there, cocky confidence to back pedalling in no time at all
  8. Aye we've both had some gems from the southern hemisphere but also had some tatie hash, so its always a gamble.
  9. Oh the drama! I can't be bothered, crack on pal.
  10. Who are you aiming this at?
  11. Every week our opposition are bigger, stronger & play faster than we do. First half was dire, running every last tackle instead of looking for repeat sets. Kick offs had no variation landing on the same player every time, we played in front of them again, no line speed in defence, no enthusiasm, and some of the tackling was pathetic. Pez had a mare, and not playing with any specialist centres at centre baffles me. We are way too lightweight in defence and no threat in attack. Second half was much better for enthusiasm but Halifax took their foot off the last 20 mins. And low and behold on the last play of the match we only went and put a high kick up to the tallest winger in the league! Ok he was given off side but surely it should be a given that we utilise his height especially if defenders are looking into the sun - right? If we are to scrape some wins and survive we need new players as unfortunately the travelling players just aren't good enough to give the lads we are developing from the community clubs the time they need. On the plus side Hutchins & Broadbent played well, as did Teare until he got injured, fingers crossed it isn't bad, as hes our only threat on the flanks. I'll still be there every week but my expectations have lowered dramatically since the start of the season.
  12. The tries are on the RFL facebook page.
  13. I thought for what it's worth that the ref wasn't great, and the dodgy decisions that went against us hurt us. But it does my head in when people are shouting every tackle when we are struggling to make ground for off side. I'm not saying for one minute that sometimes they weren't off side, as they were, but so were we when we were defending. But once one person starts, the mob mentality takes over and lots of folk are howling for a pen all the time....but only if the opposition is off side. Then calling the ref names started and as we all know that works every time to get the ref on your side!!! It's when the refs are inconsistent with the policing of it that bugs me, and IMO yesterday it wasn't so much the 10m but the six again where I thought he was particularly inconsistent between the teams. Was it because we were losing the ruck too often? The touch judges didn't help him either as there were a few things they missed ( in particular one forward pass that was hard to miss) which when you are without a win always seem to go against you. I don't think we got many fifty fifties, and got some bad calls from this weeks ref. But a certain Mr Crashley is still fresh in my mind and I never want town to bv reffed by that clown again as he has cost us games in the past.
  14. Felt a bit frustrated walking out today, the lads really gave it a go but we just aren't good enough for 80 mins to win. Ref was poor but he didn't make the difference. We played almost the whole game in front of Bradford, the only time we broke their line was Jammer for the try. Our forwards just didn't bend their line enough or get a quick play the ball to get them on the back foot. Generally pretty sound defensively but there were a couple of soft tries on last tackle. Why Teare is on the wing when we have a winger in Clegg playing centre is baffling to me. I feel for Fitzy really doing it tough putting big minutes in every week in the hardest position with no reward. Bradford did what they had to but I thought we weren't that far away. Let's hope we can build on the last couple of weeks. UTT!
  15. Great effort from the lads today but like every year for the last 5 we have ran out of players with players playing out of position and playing with injuries which cost us. Just never learn. We all know what Sammut and Miloudi can do and they were the difference today. Disappointed to see the somersault from Sammut though. Good luck to Barrow in the next round. Think we could have some bans looming so next week will be interesting. Some outstanding performances from our lads up against the odds. Least I won something with our 32 start on the coupon. UTT
  16. Great first half, but we are up against it with injuries. The lads that are out there are giving it everything just hope we can keep it going.
  17. Quiet on here! I'm sure we will give barrow a game today as there has to be a reaction from the disappointment of last week. Hopefully Dec & Walker will be extra eager to put wrongs right. The wind might make things interesting, but we know how they play and who the danger men are, although it's difficult to plan for the off the cuff stuff that Sammut & Miloudi play so need to shut them down early. Forster comes alive 10 yards of our line, and Tee can't run with no room. We have shown we can compete, and hopefully get a half decent ref this time. We have our own threats and they will undoubtedly target Jammer but he will be right up for it too. I know it's against popular belief but I think it will be tight with both teams going for it on telly. Heart says 20 - 24, head says other way round. No bans or injuries please and I'm going with my heart! UTT
  18. No not at all, some of my favourite players over the years have been from the other side of the world.
  19. He's still Australian though isn't he? Just because a kangaroo lives in a stable doesn't make it a horse......
  20. I was going to make the trip, but not bothering now. I'll just watch on the telly given the performance in the last game.
  21. Stop stirring it, wishful thinking on your part.
  22. Without over reacting and saying all the players & Chris are @#£%, I think we were just lazy & lethargic, especially in defence today. Sheffield are a very sharp team that are well coached and play nice rugby. But we let them dictate to us, and we were very naiive, slow, and ponderous in everything we did today. It doesn't help when the ref let's them ref the game for him, but let's not pretend he made a difference to who won. Their halves were excellent in both set plays and off the cuff stuff, but we stood off them and have them all the freedom they needed, and in contrast with the sun in their eyes in the second half we persisted kicking to the left away from the direct sun. We were way too weak in defence, and no matter whether Fitzy can play 80 mins maybe he just needs not to. Hopefully the lesson can be learned of what standard of energy & enthusiasm we need to at least match. I fear it's gonna be a long season for us all but I'm not gonna call the lads and Chris, just hope they can put it right quickly. UTT.
  23. But he isn't making the decision alone is he? He is part of a group of like minded people that will all want the very best opportunity to have a facility that can generate money for both clubs to thrive. Can't you just lay the predictions of the apocalypse to one side until you do know what the plans actually are?
  24. While I agree with you just doing one stand up and not touching the rest is a poor effort, I can't believe that will happen. It just says that's what the cash with ABC adding a million will fund. Rather than chucking all your toys out of the pram now, why don't you wait until the full plan is published then we can all make our judgements based on facts and not just assumptions? I'd be gutted if we end up a ground that looks like a bus shelter looking at the undeveloped Borough Park existing stands, but both teams boards are involved so I'm cautiously optimistic it won't be that. Dave Bowden didn't do a lot wrong when he was at Town and our BOD are doing a good job so why would they settle for something not fit for purpose especially when it means us leaving our home ground?
  25. Rugby League Daily had a post on claiming that Kevin Sinfield was signing for us and that he was a hooker, strangely seems to have been deleted now. They also had a post predicting Ford & Gelling were signing for Barrow which again seems to have disappeared.
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