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  1. Quiet on here for a game day! Hope the lads can get a win under their belts and the confidence that will bring. I know this comp doesn't mean much but maybe a little run can generate some more cash. UTT!
  2. Yeah that's right. I can remember him being challenged at the time to publish some kind of stress test that he said was used to test the figures. Although he said he would do it he never did, but it didn't matter because he just kept repeating that it it would cost 90 million and that made the headlines and what people believed. I won't break the confidence of someone who told me, but the figures were sound and it was purely a political decision. Its history now but it seems like a huge opportunity that was missed. I know I made a joke of Parker and his 8k capacity, but I would rather more money was initially spent if it meant it was a 1st class facility. I'm sure it isn't beyond the realms of an architect to design a modular type stadium where the foundation is in place and capacity could be increased at minimal cost should one or both of the teams require it. Look at what they did and are repeating at Anfield where they basically build around and above the existing stand. I know its a completely different budget, but the principle where a new stand is extended with a bolt on design must be relatively easy to work out.
  3. Stop using logic in your argument It has to be 8k, so go big or Parker will take his ball yam.
  4. I remember that, he was going to fill the Town end with corporate boxes and all sorts. Seems like he's just never had any money to back his big ideas up. Wasn't the that owned rangers sniffing around at one time too?
  5. During summer on low tides you can sometimes see people digging into the banks of the river by the old training pitch looking for treasure as it was a tip in the victorian era.
  6. What and you expect the reds to go with that? They are accessing a lot of funding through the FA. DP is way past its sell by date, it's just not realistic.
  7. I'm sorry but we all knew the forecast yesterday, why has the safety officer left it so late for the Halifax fans? I completely agree that it should be called off but the way it has been done seems a bit strange. Why didn't the safety officer make the decision at the same time as the pitch inspection at the very latest. It would have saved the "its on - oh no it isn't " scenario. Surely our caterer will have made food and everything by now!?
  8. Hmmm yeah OK, I think you are pushing it a bit there. It is small with a push to be called a function room, more of a lounge. It is "nice" but nothing more, and I would doubt if you can see water from the club house. Just replying......
  9. It baffles me too, anyone working morning shift can't get there in time for the 2pm start. I wonder how many the earlier start has attracted?
  10. We will just have to wait and see what transpires. If it is led by both clubs rather than ABC then they will make sure that they can make money out of it or it's pointless going ahead. My only fear is that its done on the cheap and we end up with an ugly bus shelter, that is just barely fit for purpose and can't generate its own income. There's a huge opportunity to incorporate 1st class facilities that the town doesn't have, like a nice function room with outdoor space overlooking the river that could be booked out every weekend. Let's face it the trades hall, station Rd, the legion etc are all the same sort of thing. Fingers crossed both clubs strive for something a bit special instead of making do.
  11. Yeah that's exactly the point isn't it, being promoted to the division, no wealthy owner etc, we are already miles behind financially in building a team on our budget in comparison with the bigger teams like yourselves. Then we get the RFL fixture genius hatcheting any marketing we can gain from away fans making a weekend of it in the lakes and making the game during the holiday season. But don't get us started on the RFL........ Good luck for the season and hope you get a much deserved crack at SL.
  12. Looking forward to all the games this weekend, some interesting additions in SL and Looking forward to see the channel 4 coverage. In the Championship we have to defend much better than last week to even make the score look respectable never mind cause what would be a huge shock. Elsewhere our Cumbrian neighbours will both have big games that they would expect to get results from. Can't wait! UTT.
  13. Yeah, I heard that it is at the architect stage and they think they will be about 1.5 million short once all grants are received, which Allerdale is trying to fund.
  14. Watching the "highlights" I think there will be plenty of tackling practice this week. If we tackle like that every week we won't win a game all season, but it's something that can be fixed and I'm sure Chris will be on it.
  15. There are always those who are overly optimistic & pessimistic, and this is magnified in sports supporters. We needed to have a very good day & they have a bad day for us to have a chance today. But it's disappointing none the less that we conceded so many points and made so many mistakes. You can't defend like we did and expect to win no matter who the halves are. Next week will be even tougher, so the lads need to get their chins up and have a real dig next week. Its not a throw away game against Fev as us fans expect them to give 100%. If we are beaten by a better team and the lads have left it all out there, then we will get behind them and clap them off. Fingers crossed we play better than this week.
  16. Widnes must have a serious team if Brad can't get a game just through having players in front of him.
  17. It's not like he is reinventing rugby league though is it? We definitely don't have the biggest props in the league, and that may cause is some issues getting up field in this league if we play into the opposition hands by constantly playing that way. But scrums no longer need big props, and with summer rugby a more expansive game was born. Haven have a big pack, Riley, Walker, etc ran hard at us but we handled it and competed on a sticky pitch. Time will tell if he is right or wrong but we are in for an entertaining season for sure, I think our young lads will surprise a few and with luck on the injury front we will more than hold our own. UTT
  18. What a shame for the lad, gutted for him that he's had to end his career like this. An absolute joy to watch in his pomp and rightly a fans favourite. Hope he gets to walk out on the pitch one last time this weekend so we cane sing his song for him again. Good luck for the future marra UTT!!
  19. Really!?!? Is it more disrespectful than the Whitehaven fans verbally abusing the police at the train station on the way home?
  20. Clutching at straws now marra. Next you'll be telling me he was kissing it too!
  21. Was the laal 23 i think it was a new player? He looks handy with good kicks today. Thought you were fairly wooden today, which is bound to change but you are only a fortnight off the first game so you had better get a better mentality than you had today. Will Newts be in your 17 every week? Listen marra, you are on a Town forum so getting your back up over some posts ain't gonna get you anywhere. We are relegation favourites with probably the lowest budget in the league by a mile. Everyone is telling us about how we are getting mullered every week. So to see a lot of young lads play for their shirt and compete like they did regardless of whether it is a pre season game or not is good to see. We were expecting big things from the Haven super squad but some of your players looked a mile off for the start of the season. Some did look handy too but I don't think I can remember a line break. Was there? If we hadn't scored at the end I think Chris would still have been the happier of the two coaches.
  22. The pedantic ref tried to spoil the game as a spectacle. But despite being down to 12 for a quarter of the game the lads dug deep and got their rewards. Enjoyed the game with all the new lads showing up well, particularly Walker who deserved his mom. Although rusty we look good down the spine with good options. I think we wanted it more in the end, and I'd be disappointed with some of my team if I'd come from the Jam to watch them after Jonty was blabbering on about respecting the Ike. Tom walker played well, as did their 23 & 30 both the props are big units who ran it in well and got them rolling a couple of times. I laughed at Brui being called Elton John by the popular side, thats some haircut But what's happened to Callum? He was a shadow of the player he once was. Didn't look interested considering who he was playing against. Thought we looked fitter and defended very well considering our squad is so inferior to the Haven superstars. Our lads showed a real desire which was good to see and its great to have it back again UTT!
  23. Good luck lads, even though its a friendly I've still got butterflies. UTT!
  24. Well £2 gate aside its gonna be a good game for the first Eh Classico of the season. I cant wait! During the week the Haven fans were saying Jonty had rang Chris asking for a 17 man squad as he was low on numbers and didn't want to play folk who weren't ready, but Chris knocked him back as its a pre season. So jonty is now saying its to respect the Ike game - bit sly getting a dig in over that if true imo. But the lads midweek were also saying Nikau was a no show and wouldn't be coming so maybe its duff info!
  25. Let's hope he has the key to open defences then! ......... I'll get my coat.
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