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  1. They also lost a few of their better players who didn't want FT
  2. They'll need them - not only do you possibly have to persuade current PT players to give up their day job but also to relocate
  3. I was sort of replying to those on this thread who believe Newcastle simply going FT will make them one of the top Championship teams next season. 12 good Championship players is probably the absolute minimum to push top 4 and even then they will need to be lucky with injuries - at least 2 of the players linked to them haven't exactly got glowing recent injury records
  4. Or even top end Championship. I'd reckon they need a dozen+ good signings
  5. From at least one video angle there was no clear proof that his hand hadn't remained in contact with the ball until it touched the ground. Therefore the video ref goes by the on field decision. Tries like that are given almost every week in SL. The fact that none of us on here would have given it is irrelevant as we're a tad biased.
  6. There is nothing in the laws of the game about 'control' in the act of scoring a try. As I've said elsewhere if it had gone up as no try it would have likely been disallowed.
  7. If the tries had gone up as 'no try' they possibly wouldn't have been given but without conclusive evidence in the replay to disallow then will always be given.
  8. I thought they were wobbling at one point (match fitness?) and if we'd pulled back to 1 score it could have been interesting, but we made unforced mistakes at crucial times. As you say the best team by some way won
  9. It's touch and go as to whether that would actually give me more pleasure than the win itself.
  10. Not much in the way of suitable flights by late in the week (although still 3 seats on Friday's 18.45 from Stanstead at 4pm) but by train would have been possible leaving as late as Saturday afternoon.
  11. Yes, absolutely. Not sure how it compares to TO's normal admission prices? The 2019 final was essentially normal TWP match price.
  12. I think the €9 tickets are actually full price for the East Stand with (possibly) a promotional web rate of €4 available? https://billetterie.to13.com/fr/meeting/311/finale/stade-ernest-wallon-toulouse/10-10-2021/19h00
  13. He sent it off weeks ago and it's now 'lost' in the system. There was a similar story a couple of weeks ago about one of GB's Down Syndrome junior swimming team members who was going to miss out on a trip to Italy.
  14. Saw something a couple of weeks ago with a similar story about one of GB's Down Syndrome junior swimmers who looked as though she was going to miss out on a trip to Italy because of passport delays.
  15. That means Toulouse’s home fixtures against Featherstone Rovers and Widnes Vikings, scheduled for May 1 and 8 respectively, will be postponed That looks like effectively not sanctioned to me
  16. They possibly could have gone although probably not as the Governing body weren't authorising the games. The RFL had said games in France weren't going ahead for PT clubs so they would not have supplied match officials and any game would have probably led to sanctions against the clubs involved.
  17. You'd need a circle ca7 miles in diameter to fit in Cas, Fev and Wake and same for St Helens, Warrington and Widnes.
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