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  1. Ex-coach watch: Ryan Carr favourite for Leeds' coaching job
  2. Funnily enough we were discussing the very same before the game last week - I'm sure you remember the time when it seemed the only way we could score was through David Hobbs on the crash ball
  3. Didn't Leeds' current decline begin when he first became involved with recruitment?
  4. Yep, it's not like they haven't had time to sort it........
  5. Would appear not. Their website records signing 16 players* and they've only recently advertised for a physio. Still plenty of work to be done with only 2 weeks to their first game. *not sure how well each position is covered
  6. A fallout between the owners of SUFC, one of whom was Ken McCabe who happens to be the owner of the Scarborough Group. Was pretty acrimonious and ended up going the the High Court with McCabe losing.
  7. Sheffield are tenants and have a 5 year agreement to play at the OLP. The Scarborough Group have responsibility for developing and managing the stadium and understandably will only build more if they can return a profit. The primary driving force for the new build is the business and conference space contained within not a spectator stand per se. There was more chance of further development happening when Sheff Utd ladies' team played there but following the fall outs around the football club they've now moved to Chesterfield.
  8. 3900 is for the stadium with concrete terracing - something that won't be in place for some time. I'd be surprised if a safety officer would sign off for over 3k standing on grass banks. If you've ever been to the OLP just think what it was with the temporary stand replaced by that shown in the photo above.
  9. Yep. Even if 'free' folk will stop using it if/when it becomes more of a struggle or annoyance than it's worth to use. I used to be on a gardening forum that was v useful for sharing info and experience, swapping seeds etc but the pop up adverts killed it off within a few months of being introduced. Admittedly they were more intrusive than on here but...
  10. Teams will have no more than 4 home games televised. Reported that there is a 'basic' fee paid by PS (to cover such as fireworks and subsidised away travel) and then there is a bonus payable if/when production costs have been covered through subscriptions - possibly with a club's bonus determined by how many subscribers they bring to the party.
  11. Not only smell it can't move for it (Thought you'd realise what my comment was aimed at)
  12. Hopefully someone will take pictures to show the approx size of the crowd this time.......
  13. Moors went off in the 2nd half after taking a knock and didn't return, although the physio gave a thumbs up after treatment.
  14. How can you have Academy lads if you're not allowed to run an Academy
  15. Always thought Scott Gibbs was a better signing than I'd expected
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