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  1. It locked Sky in at a rate which was above market value at a time of quickly changing media trends. If, as expected, the next deal is for less per year then it will have proven to have been a good move.
  2. TV revenues haven't fallen. Lenagan's only direct involvement with TV is that he voted for the last deal then said it was terrible and he should have voted against. A deal which, in hindsight, was an excellent one.
  3. Huge risk, salary cap wise, for Leeds if he's going to get over his injury. Sinfield will have been tearing his hair out at some of the half back play he's seen since he came back and Agar made some particularly cutting comments about the half back options in his press conference after Friday. But the move for Connor made me a bit wary of what Sinfield was thinking as I'm not sure he's what the club needed - a real controlling half back that we've not had since his own retirement (McGuire did a bit of this towards the end). The pack the current half backs have been playing behind hasn't exactly been great either but it may have got to the stage that Myler has run out of chances. Clearly if Gale comes in Myler will be out, although I imagine there would be clubs interested in him. He's got a year left on his contract so would need a bit of persuasion to make the exit or Leeds will be stuck with another problem.
  4. Not for the first time, across myriad topics, I've no idea what you're talking about. Well he's not in the UK rich list which goes down to £120m. I'm sure he's comfortable but he's not got limitless funds. Ahh so you have a conspiracy theory? Cool, I prefer to just look at the facts shown in club accounts. But let's just puncture the "successful businessmen" myth. I've worked for and with people richer than Lenagan and they knew and know their businesses inside out. The thought of some of them running a Rugby League club though is vaguely terrifying because it's totally outside the regular scope of both their business and business generally. These aren't easily transferrable skills, as we seem time and time again with club owners. On the flip side I wouldn't want Hetherington to run a software development firm because he's made all his money from the business of Rugby League and wouldn't know where to start.
  5. Has he ever stated that he's willing to plough unlimited funds into the RL club? He's not exactly lie wealthiest of club owners. The bigger concern looking at it from a business is that under his ownership attendances have fallen, sponsorship retention looks appalling (the names on the Wigan shirt seem to change almost every year?) and losses have deepened. As said before, he should have got his own house in order before shouting how badly the wider game was being run and that he and others could do better.
  6. I see lots of Wigan fans challenging facts. It's like a mass delusion - the club has shed fans at an almost unprecedented rate and has racked up genuine cash losses. The very fact that they are scrambling at last to build their own base tells you that perhaps they have twigged what we've been saying and they've been denying for years about their lack of owned infrastructure and the limitations it has placed on their ability to compete financially without outside support.
  7. This was exactly the point some of us was making last year. A lot of the clubs, but especially Wigan who have the raw materials in terms of player strength and local support, deliver frankly appalling results by lots of off-field metrics. The idea that they should take control away from the RFL was laughable if it hadn't been lapped up by so many people.
  8. This is the first time I've seen one of the big SL clubs have their auditors draw attention to concerns about going concern in their audit report (although audit reports have evolved a bit in the past year or so, this is still pretty striking) - Wigan Today has more details of the specifics behind why 2018 was such a loss making year, but we've discussed on this board before that the Wigan club is in a very difficult position financially, operating out of its depth a bit against Leeds, Warrington and Saints (although the latter are loss making the losses are in large but not total part driven by depreciation of the stadium, so they aren't haemorrhaging cash in quite the same way as Wigan). Ian Lenagan is happy to continue support them of course, like the owners of London and Huddersfield etc but this isn't a healthy position for one of the larger clubs in the game. Operationally it may have implications to credit insurers and to trade creditors who pick up on this from rating agencies. https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/why-wigan-warriors-lost-1-4m-last-year-1-9981170
  9. Said it before and will say it again, no matter what you tinfoil hatters believe, Sky don't care what Rugby League decides to do, as long as it isn't crazy. As for dismissing winning from fifth - just look back and work out how hard that was to do and then you realise why no-one else has done it, or will do it again any time soon. That was a champion team digging themselves out of a hole, like champion teams do (St Helens take note).
  10. This happened in 2015 and was appropriately feted. It didn't need the removal of the Grand Final to make it compelling.
  11. If a team can't win in the most pressurised environment they don't deserve to be called champions. Saints so far haven't displayed all the qualities champions need to display - they've looked like they may crumble when the pressure is really on. If they can overcome their flakiness to win the Grand Final then they will be absolutely worthy champions. If they can't (as it looks like from Wembley and McManus's petrified ranting) then their weaknesses will have been exposed and they will have to go away, address them, come back and win when it matters before being worthy of claiming the ultimate prize. FWIW while I'm here, and I know there is one poster who is obsessed with this, but the Grand Final is nothing to do with Sky; the execs in Isleworth really don't spend their time running our sport.
  12. We need to play a long game. Four coaches in seventeen years followed by four coaches in ten months has been an unprecedented period of instability for Hetherington-era Leeds and we need to use next season and probably the one after to build a young team into challengers. Agar needs to fill the role Powell did in '01 to '03.
  13. Ben Fogle Shane Richie Chris Cillizza Ari Melber Sue Barker Karun Chandhok Inverdale, of course In Rugby League Phil Caplan, Alex Simmons, Ray Hadley
  14. The pressure is off and that's when I expect this Leeds team to perform at their best; notwithstanding a well coached and talented Salford side I hope Leeds will sign off with two wins. I also would be happy for Agar to be coach for another year. We need stability to oversee the transition, not another new coach coming in with ideas at this stage.
  15. The difference between the two is that the band at Leeds can be heard so clearly because the band are loud. The cowbell at Huddersfield can be heard so clearly because the crowd are quiet.
  16. There are two problems with this - the acoustics of the new South Stand have been quite expensively worked out so that the sound from the centre is retained as best it can be. And they've moved the TV gantry from above the roof to below it, directly above the centre of the noise. I've grown used to the drum now so don't really mind it but I have to admit that when we were seated in the South Stand upper level earlier this season before the North Stand was open, even though we were towards the eastern end it was moderately annoying that close up. I stood in the South Stand for around a decade, after me and my brother graduated from the end terraces in 1992 until about 2002 when a seat became free next to my dad in the North Stand. I'm therefore inevitably biased towards the days when the people in the stand dictated what was being sung rather than the band. But I don't imagine they are going anywhere.
  17. I've finally placed him on ignore. I was just scrolling past them in the end anyway, absolutely pointless reading that stuff.
  18. I have to say I've gone from hoping Saints win as a fair reflection of how they have dominated the last couple of seasons to starting to hope they get what's coming to them. My feelings are irrelevant but as a club they have generally, at least since the Millward days, been held in pretty high regard in the game and it's a shame they are going through the gutter now.
  19. Good decision to send Thaler to this game. He's not going to take any ###### from the players.
  20. This awful, awful system. Absolutely awful. That decision was based on a guess from the touch judge 20m away because the video ref couldn't give the logical decision to give the try.
  21. Ahem. Leeds will make an official complaint to the Rugby Football League about the refereeing of Russell Smith in the Powergen Challenge Cup final...
  22. Until now I had McManus down as one of the few adults in the room amongst the SL bosses. I know how losing cup final frustration can linger but this is just embarrasing. Even if you accept that Hicks made a mistake in that one incident, the argument seems to be that for the remainder of the match Saints were so overwhelmed by one thing early on that they were totally unable to get back in the game so they ended up losing decisively. Which is pretty damning of his players. Champion teams overcome adverstity, they don't shrink from it and I'm worried that this is a bit of an insight into the mentality of the Saints club at the moment. And worried that, again, I'm going to find myself at a Grand Final where it's them vs Wigan and I know I'm backing a team which just doesn't have what it takes. I'm reminded of what Keiron Cunningham had to say about infinitely more controversial incidents which played much more significant roles in much closer matches, like the 1999 Grand Final.
  23. Saints using EBITDA as a metric rather than net profit or profit before tax is probably not unreasonable given the items below that line (depreciation, interest etc) are almost irrelevant to them as they mostly relate to Langtree Park - and they're never going to come close to paying for that so it's easiest to just ignore them. EBITDA is a metric lots of companies and analysts use and it has its uses. But I prefer profit before tax as, for most businesses, you can't just ignore financing and capital costs - in the long run you need to pay for your assets and pay the interest on your borrowings. But we also can be pretty certain that Saints choose the figure which looks least bad and claiming profits year after year gives their fans a warm and fuzzy feeling even if it's not the full story.
  24. You might want to look behind what McManus is saying rather than lapping it all up as fact.
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